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C20 You Have a Fever

Fu Nuan had no time to think about other people's thoughts. She gritted her teeth and said, "Thank you, Prof. Rong. " She took two steps back and turned around to leave in a hurry.

She held the notebook in her hands and went back to the office. She sat in front of the desk and took two breaths. She felt dizzy and uncomfortable all over.

Most of the teachers around went to class. The atmosphere gradually quieted down. Fu Nuan propped her head up and unknowingly fell asleep on the desk.

It was only when night fell did she wake up from the cold wind. She subconsciously shivered and opened her eyes to look at the empty office around her. It seemed that she had gotten off work, so she slept really soundly.

After tidying up, she dragged her tired footsteps and left.

The road to the parking lot would pass through a rather hidden forest. There were a few sparse long benches outside. At this moment, the sky was completely covered by the darkening sky.

Fu Nuan raised her hand to rub between her eyebrows as she walked towards the car park with soft footsteps. She inadvertently swept a glance at the small forest beside her. Borrowing the weak moonlight, she seemed to see a figure with his back facing her and disappearing into the shadows of the trees.

She originally did not care, but there was a slight sound coming from the forest.

It was like the sound of a cat.

Fu Nuan stopped walking and then changed her direction. Step by step, she walked past the bench on the periphery and gradually walked towards the depths of the forest.

The cat's cry became clearer and clearer, but it went against the light. She could not see clearly.

Fu Nuan only felt that her head was getting more and more painful at the same time, even her eyes became blurred. But the flash of light not far away and the sound of the kitten's breathing gradually became faint, making her look at the scene in front of her in disbelief.

A figure with his back to her, one hand holding the kitten in his hand and the other hand fiercely cut open the cat's belly with a sharp knife!

In her shock, Fu Nuan's entire body trembled, and the nerves in her brain immediately woke up. She subconsciously covered her mouth and turned around to run.

In the darkness, there was no longer the sound of cats crying, only the sound of high heels stepping on the ground.

She was very afraid.

She panted and Fu Nuan kept looking back to see if there was anyone chasing after her. It seemed that the air could still smell the faint smell of blood.

In her panic, she suddenly bumped into a person. She instinctively screamed, thinking that it was that person who had caught up to her.

Just as she was about to trip over, a pair of hands pressed against her back to support her.

Fu Nuan saw the man in front of her clearly. That familiar facial features made her feel an unprecedented sense of security in a moment.

Even though she did not realize it herself.

"What's wrong?"

Rong Yu saw Fu Nuan running from the other side of the road in a panic, as if there was a ferocious beast chasing after her.

He furrowed his brows and his eyes were heavy. He deeply saw Fu Nuan's frightened face.

When he opened his mouth, Fu Nuan found that her throat was dry and sore. She could not even make a sound and could only stare at him. Seeing his face and his hand, her cold palm touched her forehead that was slightly sweating.

Her ears rang with his deep voice, "You have a fever. "

At this moment, Fu Nuan's mind was blank and she did not even have time to recover before she was lifted by the man and stuffed into the car behind him.

After Rong Yu got into the car, he cast a sidelong glance at the woman beside him. Without saying anything, he drove her to the hospital.

His thin lips pursed into a line. He thought of her pale face during the meeting. At that time, he had already noticed that something was wrong with her.

Along the way, he frowned.

Fu Nuan was blown by the heating in the car, and she no longer had the fear from before. After a moment, she carefully glanced at Rong Yu who was driving. She had some hope in her heart. Fortunately, she had just met him.

After a long time, she bit her lip and said, "I think I saw someone holding a knife to kill a cat just now. "

After she said those words that even she was not sure, Fu Nuan clenched her hands that were hanging by her sides. It was as if the emotions at that moment were rolling over again.

Hearing that, Rong Yu's black pupils were covered with a layer of gloominess. He asked softly, "It seems like?"

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