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C3 No growing love

In the apartment.

Rong Yu pressed Fu Nuan on the sofa, "I hate trouble. If you are a trouble maker , I will stop immediately. "

When Fu Nuan heard that, she couldn't help but argue back. "I was afraid that you would get entangled with me. "

Fu Nuan had never been so close to anyone. So what if Jiang Yucheng dumped her? Didn't she just break up and meet this handsome guy?

"Aren't you afraid that you will fall in love with me?"

"That will take a long time. I'm just afraid that you don't have the ability!"

Rong Yu smiled very secretively.

"Is this your first time?"

Fu Nuan nodded, then hugged Rong Yu's shoulder tightly and buried her head in Rong Yu's chest. This was the only exception in her planned life.

"Don't you regret it?" Rong Yu was a little surprised.

"If you are not powerful and can't make me feel comfortable, I might regret."

Hearing this, Rong Yu smiled and said, "You will regret for this sentence. "

Fu Nuan indeed regretted it.

From the sofa to the bedroom to the bathroom, Fu Nuan did not know how long she had been tormented by Rong Yu.

The phone on the bedside that had been charged rang. It was already late at night.

Rong Yu looked at the sleeping woman on the bed. When his eyes swept across the marks on her white neck, he paused for a while before getting up and going outside.

"Young master, it has been an entire day. You are finally willing to turn it on!" The voice on the other end of the phone sounded a little resentful.

Rong Yu leaned against the window and lit a cigarette. "It's not that I'm not turning it on, it's that the phone is out of battery. "

"We agreed that you would come back today. You still don't want people to come and pick you up. Young master, do you know how much anger from the old lady we suffered tonight? Young master, where's the trust between people? "

Rong Yu flicked the ash off his cigarette and said slowly, "What do you mean? Are you blaming me?"

That person wanted to cry but had no tears. "How could I dare?"

When he heard this, Rong Yu lightly laughed. "Alright, I'll give you the address. Come and pick me up. "


After hanging up the phone, Rong Yu got up and picked up his coat. He bent over and picked up the document that had fallen to the ground. He looked at it and found it interesting.

Egret City University, Fu Nuan.

The next day, Fu Nuan was quarreled by Fu Zhao's phone call. Fu Nuan suddenly sat up and felt sore all over her body.

Fu Nuan's face was hot and everything that happened yesterday flashed across her mind.

Fu Nuan picked up the phone, "Dad, what's wrong?"

"Why is your voice so hoarse? Are you sick?"

Fu Nuan felt guilty and quickly changed the topic. "It's nothing. Maybe I was caught in the rain. I broke up with Jiang Yucheng. "

Fu Zhao was silent for a moment and asked, "Are you okay?"

"Of course, I am fine. "

Who hasn't broken up? Fu Nuan had cried before, so it was over.

"Oh right, Nuan, what did you mean by you said to me yesterday? What happened between you and Auntie Lin? Didn't you say you don't hate her?"

Fu Nuan's heart sank," Do you like Auntie Lin? "

"If you like her, I like her. "

Fu Nuan's nose was a little sour. Fu Zhao had always been thinking about her. " It's okay. I don't hate Auntie Lin. If you like her, then get married. But Lin Sirou can't. I don't want her to come to our house. "

" Isn't it good for Sirou to be your younger sister? You know, Auntie Lin only has one daughter. " Fu Zhao still wanted to persuade Fu Nuan.

"I broke up with Jiang Yucheng because he cheated on Lin Sirou. "

After Fu Nuan finished speaking, Fu Zhao was silent for a long time before he opened his mouth again. Fu Zhao's voice was a little heavy, "Is this true?"

"It's true. "

" Alright, I understand. "

Fu Zhao's attitude was very obvious. Fu Nuan did not want to say more. She felt a little happier in her heart. She seemed to be able to imagine Jiang Yucheng's expression after knowing the truth.

That must be an embarrassed expression.

Fu Zhao still wanted to say something, but was interrupted by his assistant who rushed over. Fu Nuan could only vaguely hear the words Rong Group project. Fu Nuan knew that Fu Zhao was busy, so she did not say anything else and hung up the phone.

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