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C4 The New Leader

Fu Nuan selectively forgot about the ridiculous thing that happened that night. A week had passed since then, and Fu Nuan had been harassed by Jiang Yucheng's text message for a week.

For example, Fu Nuan was sitting in a group of teachers waiting for a meeting. Fu Nuan's phone kept vibrating.

[Jiang Yucheng: Fu Nuan, I didn't expect you to be such a person. I made it very clear at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau that I don't love you. ]

[Jiang Yucheng: Now Sirou doesn't pick up my phone anymore. Sirou said she was sorry to you and Sirou doesn't want to be with me. Fu Nuan, the wrong person is me. Don't bully Sirou. ]

[Jiang Yucheng: I really don't understand. You and Sirou are sisters. ] Why is the gap between you two so big?

Fu Nuan replied to this. [That's right. How can Sirou be my younger sister?] Si Rou and I. . . They didn't come from the same place. Didn't Sirou tell you?]

Seeing this, Jiang Yucheng seemed to be a little anxious. Jiang Yucheng quickly replied: What exactly do you mean? Speak clearly.

Fu Nuan ignored Jiang Yucheng and turned off her phone.

There was still some time before the meeting, and the female teachers were all discussing.

"I heard that director will be coming soon. He is only thirty years old and is very handsome. "

"I also heard that the new director is a handsome man. The key is that he is still single!" Ann Zhu was a gossiping king king. Ann Zhu nudged Fu Nuan and said, "Ms Fu, the Head of Department will be here soon. Are you not interested?"

"I heard that he is only 30 years old. "

"Don't look down on the new director. Although he is young, he is already a professor and his resume is extremely rich. There are also rumors that his background is very powerful. " Ann Zhu had a look of infatuation on her face.

Fu Nuan's mouth twitched and she said, "Teacher Ann, the new director is the leader. Your Man Alliance all look like you want to fall in love with the leader. "

"Ms Fu, the new director is very aloof and there are many female teachers who want to date the new director. It is not my turn at all. "

Just as Ann Zhu finished speaking, someone said, "The dean and New director are here. "

The discussion instantly quietened down.

Fu Nuan did not take it seriously.

It was not that Fu Nuan had never seen handsome men before. Last week, Fu Nuan had even hooked up with a handsome man. When Fu Nuan thought of that day, her face turned red. Just as Fu Nuan was trying hard to drive those scenes out of her head, she met the eyes of the new director.

Fu Nuan's eyes froze.

The dean's voice sounded at the right time, "Let me introduce everyone. This is Prof. Rong, who just came back from abroad. "

Fu Nuan suddenly got up and stared at Prof. Rong.

Prof. Rong, who had a perfect figure, appeared at the door. He was still wearing a white shirt, but he was not in a bad shape like the other day. Instead, it made his skin look cleaner. He was holding a stack of teaching plans in his hands. His deep eyes were fixed on Fu Nuan.

"Ms Fu knows Prof. Rong?" The dean asked.

Fu Nuan's face turned red. Fu Nuan not only knew Prof. Rong, but she also had sex with him.

"I don't know her. "

Prof. Rong said faintly.

Fu Nuan felt a little embarrassed. She said, "Sorry, I got the wrong person. "

Fu Nuan sat down embarrassingly and felt very awkward.

Fu Nuan was no longer in the mood to care about the content of the meeting. Her mind was in a mess.

The person Fu Nuan had sex with last week was actually her new leader, Prof. Rong.

From now on, Fu Nuan still had to work with Prof. Rong.

Fu Nuan did not dare to look at Rong Yu. Fu Nuan only felt that she was getting along with Rong Yu. In the same room, she felt like she was suffocating. Fu Nuan could only hope that this meeting would end quickly.

"Who is Ms. Fu?" A low and pleasant male voice sounded.

Fu Nuan had yet to recover from her shock when she had already become the focus of the meeting. Fu Nuan turned her head to look at Ann Zhu who was at the side and Fu Nuan asked, What is it?" What is it?"

Without waiting for Ann Zhu to speak, Rong Yu glanced at Fu Nuan. Rong Yu slowly said. "Ms Fu will be in my group for this semester. "

Rong Yu stared at Fu Nuan and his eyebrows slightly raised. He said, "Do you have a problem?"

Fu Nuan looked at Rong Yu's calm and handsome face and said, "Can you consider changing people?"

After Fu Nuan finished speaking, Ann Zhu kicked Fu Nuan under the table. Ann Zhu felt that Fu Nuan might have gone crazy.

Hearing this, Rong Yu narrowed his eyes.

"What is your reason?"

"My qualifications are too shallow. I'm afraid I'll be a burden to you. "

After Fu Nuan finished speaking, Fu Nuan did not dare to look at Rong Yu anymore. Fu Nuan felt that Rong Yu's gaze was somewhat fierce.

Rong Yu's eyes were calm and deep. He said, "Let's not talk about whether you drag me down or not. If your work is also so negative, you don't need to comment on your excellence at the end of the year. Sit down. "

Fu Nuan stood for a long time and could only say dryly, "Yes. "

All the teachers felt that New director was so scary.

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