Love Affair: Professor's Hard To Please/C5 He Was Threatening Her
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Love Affair: Professor's Hard To Please/C5 He Was Threatening Her
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C5 He Was Threatening Her

Fu Nuan was helpless and could only swallow her anger. After that, during the entire meeting, she felt as if she was sitting on pins and needles.

It was not easy for her to endure until the end of the meeting and she had yet to return to the office. Someone rushed over to look for her. "Ms Fu, director asked you to go over. "

Fu Nuan's footsteps paused when she heard this, and she looked embarrassed.

"What is it?"

"I don't know. Director didn't tell me. "

Ten minutes later, Fu Nuan stood outside the office door. She stared at Rong Yu's nameplate on the door and didn't dare to knock.

First of all, she had never thought of meeting her one-night stand partner again.

Secondly, this person's current identity was her leader.

Although he had said that he did not know her anymore. . . However, there were so many people at that time. Now, there were only the two of them. Should she pretend to not remember what happened that day?

Furthermore, how would she get along with him after she went in?

When she thought of this, Fu Nuan's mind was in a mess. She was extremely vexed.

"Ms Fu, why aren't you coming in?" Suddenly, a cool male voice sounded behind Fu Nuan.

Fu Nuan's body stiffened.

She slowly turned her head and saw a man in straight clothes leaning against the wall. He had one hand in his pocket and his gaze was on her.

"Why are you here. . . "

"I can't be here?"

"No, what I mean is, director, when did you come? "

Fu Nuan realized that she had said the wrong thing. She was a little annoyed and quickly changed her words.

What did he just say?

Six minutes and thirty seconds?

In other words, he had been here since six minutes ago? And he had been standing behind and looking at her?

Rong Yu did not say anything. He cast a sidelong glance at her and steadily walked in. He sat behind the table and saw that she was still stunned at the door. He frowned slightly and said, "Why aren't you coming in yet? Wait for me to invite you in?"

Fu Nuan took a deep breath and did not move. "director, if you have anything to say, just say it. "

"You are so against me because you mind what happened that night?"

His words were very straightforward. Fu Nuan was stunned. His words were clearly calm and not ambiguous at all, but she felt her heart beat faster. As expected, he still remembered her.

He was right, she was a bit embarrassed. She denied it. "No, I have a class later. As a teacher, I can't delay my students' time"

Hearing this, the man behind the table narrowed his eyes and said coldly, "As far as I know, you've just been hired as a lecturer for less than a semester, right? If at this time, I submit the reason that your teaching attitude is not serious and your way of thinking is not proper, can you still be a teacher? "

"You. . . "

Is he threatening her?

"Chairman Rong, when the Lu University hired you, why didn't they let you be the dean? This way, not only will you make things difficult for a teacher in my department, the whole academy will be at your mercy!" She gritted her teeth and mocked.

"You think I'm making things difficult for you?" He raised his eyebrows.

"Don't tell me you're not making things difficult for me?"

"Heh, looks like you still remember that I'm your leader. If you make the leader unhappy, your life will only get worse. Come in. " There was a smile on his lips, but it was a bit cold.

When Fu Nuan reluctantly walked in, he threw a file bag on the table and recovered his stern and indifferent gaze. "This is something that will be used in the next department meeting. Hand it over to me within three days. "

This was an order.

She stared at him for a few seconds before finally looking at the file bag, feeling somewhat aggrieved.

She discovered that she seemed to be the only one feeling awkward. He didn't seem to feel awkward at all? Furthermore, that was her first time.

Fu Nuan did not dare to offend the leader and could only accept it with hatred.

She did not leave and just stared at the man behind the table. The warm sunlight from outside the window shone on him.

"You're still not leaving?"

Fu Nuan opened her mouth and hesitated. In the end, she gritted her teeth and asked, "director, didn't we agree on this before? So, didn't you think of avoiding arousing suspicion?"

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