Love Affair: Professor's Hard To Please/C7 The President of the Rong Corporation
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Love Affair: Professor's Hard To Please/C7 The President of the Rong Corporation
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C7 The President of the Rong Corporation

Lin Yung was pregnant?

When Fu Nuan heard this news, she was speechless and did not know what to say.

If she heard this news a week ago, perhaps she would give her best wishes. But now, after experiencing Lin Sirou and Jiang Yucheng's matter, she really didn't have this kind of magnanimity.

"Nuan, what do you think?"

Hearing this, Fu Nuan instantly felt a little sad. Can she say her real thoughts? But when she heard her father's cautious tone, she could not say anything. She knew that her father liked Lin Yung quite a bit.

After a long while, she opened her mouth to speak. "Give birth if you want. But Lin Sirou cannot enter our house. "

"Okay, the pre-marriage agreement will be written clearly. I will not let you suffer. " Fu Zhao's voice was a little excited, and his promise was also a little heavier.

After hanging up the phone, Fu Nuan's heart was not as relaxed as she said. She directly threw away the already soaked noodles and went to bed, but she did not sleep well all night.

The next day.

Fu Nuan was originally going to be late. Just as she parked the car at the Heron Gate, a petite figure stopped her in front of the car. It was Lin Sirou.

"Sister, let's talk. "

Fu Nuan heard her call her elder sister and felt as uncomfortable as if she had swallowed a fly, "Why don't you go and find 'brother-in-law' to talk about love, why are you looking for 'elder sister' to talk about?"

Lin Sirou stood in front of the window with a pitiful look. No matter how ear-piercing Fu Nuan's words fell, she choked and said, "Sister, I know you are still angry, but I have already broken up with Jiang Yucheng. "

After hearing her words, Fu Nuan's heart was stunned but her face was full of ridicule, "Your matter has nothing to do with me. I don't want to hear about it. "

After saying that, Fu Nuan tightened her grip on the steering wheel, as if she wanted to leave.

Seeing this, Lin Sirou urgently said, "Older sister, listen to me explain. The matter is not as simple as you think. Do you know that something happened to Uncle Fu's company? I broke up with Jiang Yucheng to help Uncle Fu find someone useful to build a relationship with!"

Find someone useful to build a relationship with?

Fu Nuan was full of suspicion when she heard that. She slowly gave Lin Sirou a look of charity," So? "

"Sister, don't you care about your father's company?"

Fu Nuan narrowed her eyes. If her father's company was in danger, why did her father call her last night but not tell her?

"Uncle Fu's company is about to go bankrupt because of the failure in his business. He could only save the company if he had connections with Rong Group. The Rong Group is currently the leader in the economic market. There are many people who want to build connections with them. I heard that the CEO of the Rong Group is very fierce. He has no humanity and is cruel, and no woman dares to get close to him. But for the sake of the Fu family. . . I'm willing to sacrifice myself to help Uncle Fu get through this! "

Lin Sirou finished speaking with a face full of deep affection, and Fu Nuan also understood what she meant.

So, she was going to sacrifice herself? Would Lin Sirou be the person who would give herself up like this?

Sure enough, Lin Sirou revealed her purpose in the next second.

"I have been thinking for the Fu family like this. If you don't even let me enter the Fu family's main gate, and you don't even want to give me a family name, it wouldn't be appropriate for you to do this, right?"

It was rare for Lin Sirou to have such a threatening attitude, but Fu Nuan heard it and started to sneer. She turned her head to face Lin Sirou's disgusting distorted face and Fu Nuan said in disdain, "You don't need to find an excuse for yourself. What is the situation of dad's company and it is not up to you to interfere. "

After saying that, she did not want to hear any more nonsense from Lin Sirou and stepped on the accelerator to leave. She need to immediately go back and ask about the matter.

Fu Nuan's brows tightly knitted as she stared at the woman in the rearview mirror walking further and further away. The doubt in her heart gradually dissipated.

It turned out that her father's company was already facing such a huge crisis.

She never asked about her father's company. She had her own business, so she didn't need to rely on her family. But her father was in trouble now, so she naturally could not stand idly by. It was also not Lin Sirou's turn to "sacrifice herself for justice. "

But trouble had to be solved.

Twenty minutes later.


Fu Nuan rushed into the house and saw her father sitting on the sofa in the living room. He was touching Lin Yung's belly lovingly.

Even though Lin Yung's lower abdomen was still flat, her father's joy was filled with the corners of his eyes.

"Nuan, why are you back?"

Fu Zhao did not expect his daughter to come back at this time. Shouldn't she go to the Lu University to work at this time?

"Dad, I have something to talk to you about. "

Fu Nuan looked at Lin Yung who was on the sofa and tried her best to swallow the emotions in her heart. This stiff tone made Fu Zhao stunned for a moment, and then he came back to his senses.

"Okay, let's go to the study room. "

After saying that, Fu Zhao brought her upstairs and into the study room. When they were about to close the door, Fu Nuan could still see Lin Yung looking at them in the living room.

"Dad, did something happen to your company?"

Hearing this, Fu Zhao's face slightly changed and his brows slightly knitted. He asked her how she knew.

"Lin Sirou went to look for me. "

After Fu Zhao heard it, he subconsciously avoided his daughter's questioning gaze. He hesitated for a moment and sighed helplessly. "Nuan, I originally did not want you to know about these things. "

"Father. "

When Fu Nuan heard these words, she knew that Lin Sirou's words were true.

"I have been doing business outside these few years and it is somewhat troublesome. Now, I really need someone to help me clear my relationship. But I don't want you to be wronged. Now, Sirou is willing to sacrifice herself for this family. "

Fu Nuan did not need her father to say the rest of the words.

Of course Lin Yung would seek justice for her daughter's sacrifice and this was indeed the case. Fu Nuan thought that if she insisted on her own opinion, it would make things difficult for her father on both sides.

Fu Nuan saw that her father was thinking for her and she could not be willful.

"Dad, don't say anymore. I agree with Lin Sirou to enter the Fu family. "

"Nuan, if you are unhappy in your heart, I will not force you. "

"No. " Fu Nuan immediately denied it. She slowly turned her back and covered the dimness in her eyes and repeated it clearly again.

"I agree to let Lin Sirou take the surname Fu. "

On the other side, in the black car.

The assistant handed a document to Rong Yu. "President, this is the information about the lady you asked for. She seems to be Manager Fu's daughter. "

Hearing this, the man's dark eyes darkened.

He opened the document and saw the woman's name. His dark eyes narrowed.

So it was her!

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