Love Affair: Professor's Hard To Please/C8 It Was Urgent Director Rong Was Furious
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Love Affair: Professor's Hard To Please/C8 It Was Urgent Director Rong Was Furious
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C8 It Was Urgent Director Rong Was Furious

Rong Yu's lips curved into a smile. It seemed like he was really fated to meet this woman.

He arrived at the Lu University and walked straight to the teacher's office. However, he did not expect that on the first day of his new director's inspection, he would discover that someone seemed to have skipped work.

"Where's Ms. Fu?"

Rong Yu did not need to look at the register in his hand. He looked at the crowd and did not find Fu Nuan.

"Ms. Fu. "

Ann Zhu wanted to smooth things over but was swept by Rong Yu's fierce eyes and immediately fell silent.

She could only listen to his questioning.

"She didn't ask for leave from me and directly didn't come to work. So the Lu University's atmosphere is so bad that even teachers can skip classes at will. Doesn't that mean that students can skip classes at will? "

In the huge office, rows of teachers were taught a lesson by Rong Yu and did not dare to make a sound. Ann Zhu boldly sent a message to Fu Nuan under the table and secretly begged her to find a good excuse to come again.

At this moment, Fu Nuan was still in the study with all sorts of feelings mixed in. The phone in her pocket vibrated.

Fu Nuan unconsciously glanced at the phone but was shocked by the message "Urgent matter, Chairman Rong's anger" on the top.

Only then did she realize that she seemed to have accidentally skipped her shift!

And it was the first day of New director's work?

Oh my god.

"Dad, I have something to do at school. I'll be leaving first. "

Fu Nuan saw her father nod, turned around and quickly rushed out of the house. Lin Yung, who was waiting in the living room, saw what happened and her heart beat faster.

She stepped on the accelerator quickly and rushed back to the Lu University within 20 minutes.

Fu Nuan panted and stood outside director's office. She did not think much and knocked on the door.

When she went in, she saw that the man sitting in the office chair seemed very calm.

"Sorry, I have some matters at home that have been delayed. Sorry. "

She panted as she finished speaking. On the way here, Fu Nuan had thought of some good excuses, but when she thought of Rong Yu's character, she might as well be honest.


Rong Yu did not even frown when she pushed the door open and walked in until she finished talking, let alone give her a look. His eyes had been staring at the documents in his hands the whole time. His expression was serious, which made Fu Nuan a little dumbfounded.

Ann Zhu had said in the SMS that Rong Yu was angry, but she felt that it was not.

Could it be that there was a mistake in her understanding?

While Fu Nuan was hesitating, Rong Yu, who was at the desk, acted as if there was no one else around.

She stared at Rong Yu who was working seriously in front of her and pursed her lips to look at him for a long time. Rong Yu looked really good. He looked even better when he was working seriously.

"Have you seen enough?"

"No. "

After answering subconsciously, she almost bit her tongue and secretly pinched her palm to force herself to stay awake. However, a figure had already bent over in front of her.

The powerful pressure that he brought caused Fu Nuan to tremble. When she looked up and saw his deep black eyes, the corner of her mouth twitched, "director?"

"You even know that I am director. It seems like you are doing this on purpose?"


Fu Nuan did not understand what Rong Yu meant. She blinked and felt that his handsome and flawless face was very attractive to women.

"You are going against me on purpose? You challenged my authority on my first day of work. Are you dissatisfied with me?"

However, Rong Yu's serious words made Fu Nuan swallow her saliva. She shook her head in fear. "Of course not. "

Rong Yu's eyes paused. He seemed to like seeing her reserved and uneasy expression. He raised his eyebrows and straightened his body.

Fu Nuan saw that his expression was slightly cold and could only quickly lower her head and admit her mistake, "director, it was my fault. I am willing to accept all the punishments. "

She felt that the punishment was merely to cancel her month-old bonus. She spoke very quickly.

"All punishments? You will do anything I say?"

As Rong Yu spoke, he got up and walked to Fu Nuan's back. He deliberately tilted his head, and his warm breath sprayed on her ears.

Fu Nuan's entire body trembled. It was completely out of instinct that she turned her head around. Her lips accidentally brushed past his face.

In an instant, she widened her eyes and looked at the handsome face that was close to her. She even held her breath.

Their eyes met and Fu Nuan did not know when Rong Yu had bent down. Her lips were facing his thin lips and it seemed like she was asking him to kiss her.

Fu Nuan retreated in panic, but her footsteps were unstable and she almost tripped. In a split second, the arm that wrapped around her waist forcefully pulled her back into his embrace.

"Looks like you have already thought of what punishment you will be punished for. "

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