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C9 A Letter of Fear

Fu Nuan's mind went blank when she saw Rong Yu's deep black eyes. The next second, Rong Yu let go of the hand on her waist and she came back to her senses. Fu Nuan heard Rong Yu's low and hoarse voice.

"As the director, I need to let you know when to go to work and when to get off work. From today onwards, I will ask you to come and pick me up. "

Rong Yu said it casually, but Fu Nuan was a little stunned when she heard it.

"Chairman Rong, it is wrong for me to be late for work, but this is still school business. It is too unfair for me to pick you up and send you to work. "

Of course, Fu Nuan lowered her voice and said the last sentence. She did not dare to look Rong Yu in the eyes.

Rong Yu suddenly narrowed his eyes and asked in return: "This is not fair? Then I would like to ask you, how should we deal with the students of the Lu University who are absent from class?"

Fu Nuan was startled when she heard this. She replied in a righteous manner, "We should punish them!"

The corner of Rong Yu's mouth curled up. "Then what about the teacher skipping class?"

Fu Nuan was speechless.

This time, Rong Yu crossed his arms and leaned against the desk behind him. He looked down at Fu Nuan's pretty face in front of him. He saw Fu Nuan's expression clearly.

Rong Yu looked at Fu Nuan's speechless but helpless little face. Her heart was in a final struggle.

After a while, Rong Yu heard a whisper from Fu Nuan.

"Chairman Rong, do you not have a car?"

Rong Yu's pretty eyes narrowed. Fu Nuan still dared to argue with him?

"My car is broken. "

Rong Yu's expression did not change as he found an excuse to "take a vacation" for the Maserati in the garage. Rong Yu did not wait for Fu Nuan to speak. He repeated again, "For a week, you need to pick me up every day. Do you have any objections to this punishment?"

Fu Nuan felt that Rong Yu's tone was unquestionable. Fu Nuan only complained in her heart, Is Rong Yu's car really broken?

But at this moment, other than nodding her head, what else could Fu Nuan say?

"No, Chairman Rong. "

Fu Nuan gritted her teeth and said the last three words. Her face looked terrible. When she left director's office, she was like a deflated ball.

After Fu Nuan left, Rong Yu's thin lips curved up in an evil smile.

In the teacher's office.

Fu Nuan sat in front of her desk and sighed in melancholy. Obviously, she was very helpless towards this kind of "punishment. "

However, before Fu Nuan could adjust the expression on her face in time, Ann Zhu secretly glanced at the other teachers around her and leaned her head over.

"How is it? What did director say?"

Fu Nuan, who was already weak, only lazily glanced at Ann Zhu's gossipy expression. But she did not want to say anything and shook her head. This made Ann Zhu more and more curious.

Just as Ann Zhu wanted to get closer to ask, there was a knock on the door.

A female student stood in front of the office door and hesitated for a moment before she walked in.

Fu Nuan gave Ann Zhu a different look and immediately sat up straight. Fu Nuan looked at the girl who came in and she recognized that it was Yao Shujia from her class.

"Yao Shujia, why are you looking for me?"

Fu Nuan knew that this student was usually very quiet and gentle and when she opened her mouth to ask, her tone was also as gentle as possible.

But Yao Shujia had a timid look on her face and from time to time, her hands would grab onto the sides of her clothes and lower her head so that people could not see the expression on her face. She just stood there for a while before looking around and softly said, "Ms Fu, I have something that I want to talk to you in private. "

When Fu Nuan heard the last three words, a trace of doubt flashed across her eyes. She quickly got up and brought Yao Shujia out of the teacher's office and the two of them walked towards the school garden.

The garden was where the students usually read and chat. At this moment Fu Nuan pulled Yao Shujia and sat on a bench behind a patch of grass. She asked in a gentle tone, "What do you want to say to me?"

Along the way, Yao Shujia was silent. At this moment she was sitting beside Fu Nuan feeling very uneasy and even her hands that were on her knees were twisted together.

Fu Nuan knew that this matter was definitely unusual and she patiently waited for the student in front of her to tell her about this matter.

Finally, Yao Shujia took out a letter from the pocket of her jacket. After clenching it in her palm, she handed it to Fu Nuan beside her. She did not raise her head during the entire process.

"What is this?"

Fu Nuan reached out to take it and opened the envelope. The contents of the letter made Fu Nuan's heart tremble and she frowned even more.

This was actually a threatening letter!

Fu Nuan looked back and forth several times and the letter was filled with insulting and threatening words. Fu Nuan slowly held Yao Shujia's trembling shoulders and asked in a deep voice. "Where did this come from? Who gave it to you?"

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