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C4 Desafio



Translation: Challenge

Origin: Portuguese/Spanish


I wore his frat shirt on me and folded my wet shirt and my sweater. It was so loose on me and I wanted to go out right away about then I didn't. I decided to try to take a look around his room. Even though it was boring here, it was still a little bit interesting. There was no picture frames either but there's just a table, a lampshade, a bed and a fridge next to it. The room is really so dull. The walls were off white and there's just nothing around here.

I hear a knock by the door, "What's taking you so long?"

"Almost done." I lied.

I fixed my hair and felt the ends of it were wet with the drink. I headed to the door and opened it. I found him standing right outside the room with a beer on his hand. His smoldering winter blue eyes looked at me and I finally stepped out of his room.

"Thanks. For this." I said while closing the door behind me.

"Tracy's looking for you." He said while he heads down the staircase. I followed him and I walked back to the couch.

"Where were you? I got so worried when I couldn't find you here. I thought..." Tracy trailed off while she examines my shirt.

"Is that my brother's--"

"Don't ask. Some drunk dude crashed onto me that made me spill my drink." I said.

She smiled while she keeps looking at Nick who was sitting down on the couch. He looks back at her. "What?" He spit.

"First time in eight years." She said to him.

He rolled his eyes at her and takes a drink from his bottle. He looks annoyed by what she said and I don't really get what she told him too. It's like brother-sister thing. Tracy looks back at me and pulled me down the couch. Romeo was calling some people to join us and I don't know what they're planning now.

"They're about to play truth or dare." Tracy whispers to me.

"I'll pass." I said.

"Better. These guys gives out worst dares ever. Nick never allows me to join."

I hear a clap from Romeo and got my attention so did with the others, there was eleven of us on the two long couches opposite to each other and Nick was sitting right across me but he never looks at me. Penny was beside Nick, Megan was in between two other guys and I don't know the others anymore.

"So who's this newbie?" Another girl with a very long ombré hair, asked while she arched her eyebrow at me.

"This is Savannah." Tracy saves me.

I tried to smile.

"She's my roommate." she eyes Nick.

Nick didn't even look at me. I feel the others were laughing secretly but then I really didn't care. Penny makes it even worst when she made fun of what I wore a while ago before my drink got spilled on me. They kept laughing and making jokes and I wanted to leave the couch already.

"Where's your ugly sweater Jamie Sullivan?" Penny continues.

The rest of them laughs with her.

Tracy shakes her head. "Can you just start with your game? Enough with the making fun you guys. She's new."

I smiled at Tracy thanking her and she smiled back at me.

"Are you playing this time Trace?" Romeo asked while spinning the bottle.

"No she's not." Nick quickly said.

The guys from the table whines about it. Well, it's obvious that Tracy is a hot babe and they want her to play so much.

"So you're letting your new friend will play then? You always need a sub." One man asked out.

"She's not playing too." Tracy blurted.

Nick glared at me.

"Well someone from the two of you needs to play or else we won't start. You know we always play tens." Penny says.

"I'll play." I said out.

Everyone from the table cheered on and obviously they were making fun of me.

"Are you sure?" Tracy asked.

I nod. "Yeah. It's just truth or dare."

"Never choose dare." Tracy warns me as she says it underneath her breath.

Romeo started spinning the bottle and I was wishing on my seat that it won't point on me. The dares were outrageous that it wanted me to back out! The first was to order a takeout delivery to a next door neighbor, one woman had to take off her bra and show off her boobs to everyone in the circle, the next one was swapping clothes including boxers to someone in the circle in front of us, one couple had to dry hump before us, there was one guy who had to walk around the party with his bum hanging out, one woman had to pretend she's having an orgasm and only one was truth from this guy named Alec. Everyone was so on for the game and most of her chose dare. A few spins have done, Nick and I were the only ones left who hasn't been pointed out yet.

Shit it landed on me.

"Finally!" Penny exclaims.

Romeo smiled at me. "Truth or dare?"

"Truth." I say as I gaze at Tracy.

She smiled at me while Penny rolled her eyes at me while she continues to smoke.

"I'll ask her." Penny volunteers as she raise her arm up.

God I hate her.

"You'll get your turn, Penny. I was the last one who spun the bottle. I'll get to ask her." Alec, the guy with a striking blond hair and green eyes smiled at me. He was sitting beside Megan.

"Are you still a virgin?" Alec asked.

Penny laughs. "What kind of question is that Alec? Obviously she is. She's the Jamie Sullivan reincarnate."

"Penny I think you've had too many drinks." Tracy blurted out.

"What the f--"

"No. I'm no longer a virgin." I admitted, cutting off Penny.

They looked shocked with my answer but Nick was just looking at me impassively. He was the first one who I turned my head to after I answered that question and I don't know why I did that but then I looked away when Alec handed me a shot.

"What's that?" I asked.

"A shot of three kind of tequilas mixed into one." Alec answers.

"Why are you giving me a shot?" I asked once again.

"Because you're not telling the truth. That's the consequence. That's our game rules." Alec said grins at me.

"Im not gonna take that shot. I'm not even lying. Just because I look innocent doesn't mean I am. I lost it when I was seventeen." I blurted. God why did I just say out loud when was my first sex?

"With who?" Nick asked out and it was the first time I heard him speak since the game started.

I slightly gaped. "It's not necessary for me to be spilling out his personal information. It's not part of the game."

"Guys I think you've had enough of truth or dare." I hear Tracy speaking.

"What the fuck is your problem Tracy? You've been looking after this bitch since you got into the car!" Penny throws a fit.

"What the fuck is wrong with being nice Penny? You're the one who's acting like a super bitch." Tracy blurted out.

The rest starts to crack a laugh and I was even smiling because Penny's face was epic.

"That's enough." Nick gave an eye to Penny and she got quiet right away.

Romeo clears his throat. "Since Nick is the only one who didn't get to play, how about you end the game man. Truth or dare?"

All of us turned our attention to him.

"Dare." Nick says surely.

"What's your dare for our dearest friend Nick, Savannah?" Alec asked.

"Huh?" I snapped.

"You're the one who got to play before Nick. So you tell him his dare."

I was quiet for a while since I was unsure if I wanted to give him a dare. I don't know what to dare to give him as well.

"I'll let Tracy give him the dare. It's the last one anyways." I answer.

Penny raised her eyebrow at me and she was unhappy by what I did. Nobody complained about what I suggested and Nick didn't disagree too.

"Well then, I dare you Nick to take Savannah up to your room and lock yourselves up there for five minutes." Tracy blurted out.

I turned my head to her with my eyes went wide open. She winked at me and my jaws slightly dropped. What the fuck, I mouth to her but she just giggled inwardly. I notice Nick standing up on his feet and I looked up to him.

"You heard the dare." He says.

He walks away from the couch and I shyly pulled myself up to follow him. Penny was still giving me the eye and I think she's into Nick. I think she likes him, I could tell by the way she looks at me, full of loathe. Nick walks up the stairs ahead of me and I was just following him like I was a lost puppy. He opens on his bedroom door for me, as I gazed at them over my shoulder, they were still looking. He walks inside the bedroom and I did too. Nick closes the door and walks to the bed silently. He sits on the edge and stares at me.

"So..." I blurted.

"So we wait for five goddamn minutes."


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