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C8 Sirsnība



Translation: Sincerity

Origin: Latvian



Around two in the afternoon, I was inside a coffee shop reading this new novel that I borrowed from the library. Then I saw Billy on the same coffee shop, looking for a table.

"Billy!" I called out to him.

He turned to me and waved then started walking towards the table. Billy reminds me of my gay best friend Kurt who was always been bullied because he was gay. Kurt was also a nerd and wore glasses like him. He was older than me and Billy exactly resembled Kurt. And I always feel sorry for nerds who gets bullied just because of how they look. People in high school and in college are always so judgmental.

"Hi. How are you?" I asked.

"Great." He answers, wiping the sweat on his forehead.

"No frat guys that are haunting down your ass?" I asked before taking a sip from my frappe.

He pulled out a long list. "Nope. But they've asked me to buy them frappes on my own expense."

I gaped. "No they didn't?"

He nods. "It's okay. Today's the last day anyways. And tomorrow's the final day."

"This... I-Week you're telling me. What do they make you do?"

"It's some mental games and physical activities for five days of hell before the real initiation." He says.

"Like what?" God I'm so curious.

He exhales. "Some late night work sessions, servitude, demeaning remarks and yelling, there were some surprise requirements too, and some kangaroo courts. I had to memorize long stupid poems and I had to recite the Greek alphabet backwards and forwards before the match burned my finger."

I was appalled when he showed his finger. It was a little reddish.

"I had to face the spotlight by 2AM standing stone-faced while getting cursed by the wimpiest guy in the chapter who was inebriated by them. I always had to say yes sir to the brothers. I had to eat horrible foods. I gave up sleep and lived in squalor. And I have to continue carrying items around the campus for them." He continues.

I shake my head, flattered by what he just said. "Why... why do you want this?"

"Because I've never had friends in high school. I was a sore loser and nobody would want to be my friend because my older brother Kurt is gay." He says.

My eyes narrowed. "Kurt Kingsgrove?"

He nods. "Do you know Kurt?"

"Yeah. He's like my best friend. But I didn't see you in my school. I didn't even know he had a brother."

"I went to a different high school so people in school won't know he's my brother. When the entire school found out, I felt like his shadow was following me everywhere I go. I'm embarrassed that he's gay. That my brother is gay. I never asked about his friends too so I didn't know you know him. Sorry."

"It's fine." I say softly. He's embarrassed that his brother is gay. Kurt is a fun man and he doesn't really look gayish when you stare at him. He doesn't even dress and try to act like a woman.

"I wanna be cool. I wanna have cool friends so girls will like me. I wanna prove to those who bullied me that I'm not like Kurt, that I'm not gay. If I'll join this fraternity, I'll be one of them and I'll gain brothers. I want to join the Spring Pledge Class someday so I'll be allowed to haze the next men who'll join next years for Phi Delta Theta." He said so proudly of himself.

"Hazing?" I asked in disbelief.

He nods. "Hazing is prohibited in the chapter. It's printed right in the Phikeia Manual."

"When is this hazing going to happen?"

He sighed heavily. "Tomorrow. By 1AM I think. Based on my research, lots of recruits like me will be forced to do calisthenics, or maybe dropped off somewhere blindfolded and had to walk backwards then we have to consume massive amounts of alcohol before we'll get paddled."

I couldn't believe this. I thought things like that only happens in movies. He's so thin and I don't think his body can take being paddled long enough by those heartless guys. Looks like this is so important to him and he's so eager to join it. He's so eager to get initiated. Why did I have to ask him about this anyways? Now I feel like it's my responsibility if he'll get into critical condition after hazing. The barista called out his name and his orders were ready.

"I gotta go now. Wish me luck for tomorrow. Don't tell Kurt about this. I don't want his gay ass to show up anywhere near me." He smiled.

I smiled at him ruefully. "Good luck."

I watch him as he walks away from me. I pity him. He's Kurt's brother and I feel really bad right now. I really feel bad for him. He doesn't need to join some fraternity to gain friends and just to prove to them that he's different than Kurt. I'm sure there are other ways to be cool but some college women always gets interested to men who are badass and cool. I just don't know why.


"Stay away from Aries." Tracy says as she starts to rub her wet hair with her towel.

I popped my head up from my laptop and stared at her. "Why? He seems nice."

"Yeah right." She sits on her bed.

"He's a big time flirt Savannah. He flirts with every new girl he sees. Nick hates him because I was one of those women he played with. Aries is the type of man that will just lead you on." She added.

I just nodded.

"Aries is nice but he just loves to flirt. It goes nowhere. Actually I haven't seen him being with the same woman longer than one month. And be careful around those women he used to see, because they'll hate you to death. They don't want to see Aries being with another woman. Trust me. I've been there." she continues.

"Thanks for the warning Trace. I'll try to stay away from him." I smiled.

Then Billy came to my mind. "Tracy do you know where they usually initiate the recruits?"

She was surprised by my question and she just told me she's not allowed to tell because Nick will kill her.

The following morning, I headed out of my class and took a hold of my books on my arms. It was around lunch and I'm already starving. I wonder where's some good hotspot for lunch around here in WSU. As I kept walking, I see Nick and Alec together with these other two men, heading to a car while talking and laughing, then there's Billy behind them. He was bringing loads of stuff again on his arms. I see one guy who intentionally blocked his foot and made Billy fall front on the ground.

I gasped inwardly. "What the hell."

All of the people around him started laughing and his glasses fell on the ground too. I hurriedly ran towards him when some men who were passing by were kicking him. They were just looking at him too and how helpless he looked.

"Stop that. Can't you see he's helpless already?" I spit at them.

I tried picking up all of the stuff that were scattered on the ground and helped Billy. I could see he's holding back he's tears and didn't want to cry. Why did he even sign up for this torture? And these heartless frat men with Nick were still secretly laughing.

"It's you again. Thanks." Billy muffles.

"No problem." I said while reaching for the book away from me.

I pulled my head up and Alec was already picking some of the stuff too. He walked up to me and grabbed the stuff from my hand. Billy quickly grabbed it from Alec as if he was scared to let Alec bring it.

"Savannah what are you doing?" Alec asked.

"I'm helping him. Did you see the way those kids kick him like he's some kind of dog?" I said out while I feel Nick's eyes darting straight to me.

"I know he's on I-Week but that doesn't mean other kids can bully him too. Do you even see how he's so scared of you guys? Isn't that enough that he's suffering?" I asked.

"It's called I-Week because it's torture for a week, genius." One frat man answered me while smirking.

I rolled my eyes at him.

"Savannah, you're like my friend already because you're friends with Tracy. But please be careful around other frat men of Phi Delta Theta, you're not allowed to help the recruits like that. And no one would dare to help the recruits." Alec explains to me.

"Aren't you gonna do anything about this Nick?" The other one asked.

I moved my head to Nick who just stood there and didn't do anything at all. His eyes looking right at me and I think Alec was waiting for him to speak too. I turned away and faced Billy. "I hope you're okay. Are you hurt somewhere?"

He smiles. "I'm fine Savannah. Thanks again for helping."

"Let's get going." I hear Nick say.

Ugh, he's such an asshole.

"See you around Savannah." Alec says to me as he follows the other two who were also following Nick.

Later that night, while Tracy was out of the room, I was left inside because I was studying for my upcoming lessons next week. We didn't really have any exams but I think I was just used to reading notes in advance. My dad taught me to be like that since I was a kid and now I'm bringing the habit with me. All of a sudden my phone was ringing from my side table drawer.

"Hello. Missed me?" I greeted.

Cameron laughed softly. "Hey little sis. Had eaten dinner already?"

"If I'll say no, will you drop by here and bring me my favorite steak on that upscale restaurant you took me?"

"No can do baby sis."

I pout. "I haven't had dinner yet but I'll get myself some a little later."

"Don't starve yourself. I'm actually on my way for a meeting with dad and some clients." He said boastfully.

Same old Cameron.

But I was surprised. Dad never takes him to meetings. "Wow. That's an upgrade."

"I know. Next week I'll be president."

I laughed. "Dream on Ron."

"You'll just wait and see. By the way, It's Friday tomorrow. Wanna spend the weekend with me? Ingrid's been forcing me to visit you."

"Awwwwe you really did miss me."

"Save it. So, pick you up there tomorrow around seven in the evening?"

"How about Saturday? Saturday morning will be fine. I'm sure Ingrid still have classes tomorrow." I said.

"Alright. Saturday. 8AM."

"Okay. I missed you."

"Missed you too pain in the butt."

I smiled.

"I gotta now, just arrived at the restaurant. Wish me luck." He says.

"Good luck! Hope you won't piss in front of your guests." I snorted.

"Ha-ha. Very hilarious Anna."

I giggled. "I love you!"

"Love you too. Later baby sis."

I hang up right away. "Wow. I didn't know you had a boyfriend."

I turned my head around and saw Tracy entering the room with Clyde.

"My older brother." I said.

"You have an older brother? That's really cool." Clyde asked.

I nod.

"We're heading out for dinner Savannah. Wanna come with us?" Tracy asked.

"Sure. I haven't had my dinner yet. Oh Trace, could you give this shirt back to Nick? He said he needs to use this tomorrow." I handed her the shirt.

"Bring it with us then, Nick's going to be joining us for dinner anyways." Tracy said.

I really wanted to say I don't want to go anymore because he's going to be there on one table with us but then I am really starving and I need foods now.

I followed Tracy and Clyde out of the room. Once we reached outside the dorm, I see Nick's car parked. Tracy grabbed my hand and smiled at me. We walked together and she opened the passenger door for me. Nick's cold blue eyes stared at me and he looked away. I see Tracy and Clyde getting inside the backseat. I really don't want to sit beside him. It's like he's a virus I need to avoid.

"Getting in or not?" Nick asked me.

I hopped inside anyways without a words and shut the door close. The whole drive was full of talks between Tracy and Clyde. Nick and I barely talked to each other. We were both quiet and I just hate him every time he's near me. I could still remember what he said to and how he said it. Finally, I feel the car parks while Tracy and Clyde quickly hopped off. I unbuckle my seatbelt and handed him the shirt on my hand.

"Thanks." He said while throwing it to the backseat.

I reached for the door and was about to open. "I'm sorry."

I froze.

He just apologized.

I moved my head to him and he was looking at me seriously. Goodness those eyes are so sexy and so cold.

"I'm sorry for what I said before." he added then finally opens his door and hops out of the car.

He looks at me.

"Let's go." He said.

I stepped of the car and for that quick second, I felt his sincerity when he told me he was sorry. I followed Tracy and Clyde while I was walking together with Nick right next to me but he was just a little distant. He opened the restaurant door and Tracy was the first one to step inside then Clyde and I was followed right away. He was walking right behind me.

I see Tracy and Clyde sitting down on one table and of course I had to sit down right next to Nick. It's not that I have a problem with Nick but he's the one who has a problem with me and he's hard to deal with. I'm sure as hell any minute from now, he'll explode and get mad at me for some reason he only knows. He's actually got a problem with rich people.

And I don't know why.



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