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The four great villas of the martial arts world: Iron Sword Villa, Edge Villa, Watermoon Villa, and Lianyun Mountain Villa.

There seemed to be some sort of joyous event happening in the Iron Sword Villa today. It was unexpectedly lively and bustling, and the entire Villa was filled with a festive atmosphere.

That's right, this was the tenth birthday banquet for the young master of the Lin Clan, Lin Feng. Lin Shicheng naturally had to celebrate. Although it was a birthday banquet, it was only for children. He only invited some close friends from the martial arts world, Ren Yuhua from the other three villages, and Zhao Zixuan from Shuiyue.

As the name implied, the Iron Sword was well-known for its swordsmanship, and Lin Shicheng's Lin Family's sword art had already reached a level of perfection; the sharp blade was famous for its quality, Ren Yuhua not only had excellent knife skills, but also had many treasured blades hidden in the manor; Shuiyue's medical skills and hidden weapons were rarely seen in the martial arts world, and Lian Yun Xiu was famous for her.

The reason why Lin Shicheng didn't invite Lian Yunshan's Xing Tianlei was because the three villages were at odds with each other. There was also a period of emotional entanglement: Zhao Zixuan, the owner of Water Moon Villa, had a very beautiful younger sister named Zhao Yuqian. Xing Tianlei liked Zhao Yuqian.

Perhaps it was the will of the heavens that made Zhao Yuqian fall in love with the man who already had a wife, Lin Shicheng, but because Lin Shi had never had a son since his marriage, coupled with Zhao Yuqian's intelligence and charm, Lin Shicheng gradually fell in love with her, and with the consent of his brother, Zhao Zixuan, they married each other.

Guan Yulian was a good girl to begin with. Plus, she didn't give birth to a man and a woman for Lin Shicheng. She felt guilty, so she didn't object.

This action had angered Xing Tianlei, and had also caused trouble at their wedding banquet. However, at that time, he had not been Lin Shicheng's match and had returned after a great defeat, but from then on, the two clans had formed a tacit enmity to each other, and because Zhao Zixuan refused to betroth his sister to him, he had been added to their list of enemies. As for Ren Yuhua, he had been sworn brothers with Lin Shicheng, and had naturally treated Xing Tianlei as his enemy.

One year after their marriage, Zhao Yuqian gave birth to a daughter during a snowstorm and was named Xiang Xue. The next year, the two ladies were pregnant at the same time, which made Lin Shicheng happy, because he had always wanted a son.

But what made Lin Shicheng disappointed was that the two of them were actually daughters. Disappointed, he named his two daughters Xiang Nan and Nian Nan respectively, meaning to have a boy and to miss a boy. It could be said that he had put a lot of effort into this!

He looked forward to the stars, looked forward to the moon, and finally, after three years, a son arrived — Lin Feng.

Coincidentally, Ren Yuhua's wife was pregnant at the same time as Zhao Yuqian, so they were betrothed to each other before they were born. If it was a man and a woman, they would be married.

Today, the Iron Sword Villa was bustling with noise and excitement, the servants and servants bustling about, serving dishes and wine were bustling with joy.

On the other side, Lin Shicheng was standing at the door, welcoming guests from afar. Suddenly, the sounds of many horse hooves could be heard. He looked up and smiled. The guest was the one he had been waiting for.

He quickly went up and smiled: "Strange, how did you guys get together? I thought I would get two batches and invite you guys in. Now, it's settled."

It was Ren Yuhua, Zhao Zixuan, and the others.

"What's so strange about that? We ran into each other on the way here, so we came together." Zhao Zi's Ma Lai asked again, "Shicheng, how is my sister?"

"Good, it's all good." Lin Shicheng's face was full of smiles as he glanced behind Ren Yuhua. "Why is my future daughter-in-law so shy? Why did she hide so well? Haha!"

Ren Youxuan, who was standing behind Ren Yuhua, lowered her head even more. Her face was as red as an apple.

Ren Yuhua hurriedly helped her daughter out, patting her little daughter behind her as she laughed, "I say, little brother, this girl is very shy. Be careful when you speak in the future, don't scare my family's baby, hahaha."

Then he said to the juniors beside him, "Get off your horses and greet the elders."

"Yes, Father." He saw Ren Yunfei, Ren Yunxiang, Ren Qiuyue, and the shy Ren Youxuan dismount, followed by Zhao Yuqing and Zhao Lanxin. They all greeted Lin Shicheng.

"Hur hur, get up." With a face full of smiles, Lin Shicheng called out to them, "Why aren't there any Wenqing or Wuqing?"

Before Zhao Zixuan could answer, Zhao Lanxin interrupted, "My big brother and second brother both have a crush on them. They're so busy now, how can they spare the time to come over? Hehe!"

"Really?" Lin Shicheng was pleasantly surprised, "It's all there, that's true. We're all in our twenties now, so it's time to look for him. Hehe! Oh right, Yuqing's health is still well. Are you sick?"

"No," Zhao Yuqing gratefully smiled and said, "Thank you for your concern, Uncle. Where's Feng? Let's go and play with him."

Lin Shicheng slapped his forehead and said, "Look, they're too busy talking. They haven't let you in yet, and Feng'er and the others are already worried. Come, let's go in quickly."

Walking to the door, he handed everyone's horses over to the servants and led them in while chatting and laughing.

"Feng'er, Xue'er, Xiang Nan, Nian Nan, come out quickly, your uncles and uncles are here!" As soon as Lin Shicheng entered the courtyard, he shouted, "Your little friends are here as well."

"Rising." The sound of footsteps came up, and a pretty little boy ran over from behind. When he revealed his head, he shouted, "Wa, uncle, uncle, you finally came, making me wait. Brother Yun Fei, why did you guys come so late? "Oh!"

The little boy was so excited that his face was flushed red and he was jumping around unhappily. The other kids around his age also joined him. They held hands and walked around the adults in a circle.

"Don't ruin the courtyard." Following the voice, two beautiful women walked in followed by three pretty girls. They were probably the three young misses.

When Zhao Yuqian saw that Lin Feng was still jumping, she laughed and said, "Look at you, what are you so happy for? Be more honest and stop falling." He then said to Zhao Zixuan, "Big brother, you've come. Is everyone in the family well?"

Zhao Zixuan nodded his head and said that everything was fine. Zhao Yuqian also asked about Wen Ren and Wu Dai. The answers she got were the same as Lin Shicheng's. Following that, it was the routine for juniors to pay respects to their elders.

After they were done with their business, Lin Feng impatiently invited his companions to the backyard, which was a place they often went to. The adults seemed to have something to discuss, so they didn't object.

Zhao Yuqian spoke first, "I would like to take this opportunity to tell everyone something about the children." "Sister Qian, what is it that I don't know about?" Lin Shicheng asked doubtfully.

Zhao Yuqian looked at Guan Yulian who was blinking at her and smiled, "It's about Xue Er's marriage. The result of our discussion is that Yun Fei is about the same age as her, so we want to ask for Brother Ren's opinion."

"Oh, this matter," Ren Yuhua slapped his thigh and said happily, "Actually, I've been worrying about Yun Fei these past few days, I have no objection to this proposal, haha."

"That's great." The group of people could not help but laugh. They had already completed another wish.

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