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As he sprinted, he let out an excited whistle, and Cheng Ran also felt the joy in his good friend's heart, as he also crazily echoed them. If someone showed up at this time, they would probably think they were crazy.

The two of them madly ran, and in a short period of time, they arrived at a lively town. The town seemed to be in the middle of a bazaar, bustling with people, and the two had no choice but to dismount and walk.

He had never seen so many people before. He looked left and right, like Grandma Liu who entered the Grand View Garden, full of curiosity about everything. He walked all the way down, whether it was useful or not, and bought a bunch of things and put them all on the horse.

"I'm thirsty. Come, let's have a cup of tea." Cheng Ran brought Lin Feng to a small teahouse and sat down, ordering some cool tea to drink. Lin Feng downed a cup of tea in one go, then said with a smile, "It's so good to be free and unfettered. Ran, where should we go next?"

Cheng Ran took a sip of his tea and said leisurely, "Of course I'm going to Shi Jinshan. Aren't you curious about that place? Let's go roaming around the martial arts world when we know about it, okay?"

"Of course." Lin Feng nodded his head. "How far is it from the mountain? Do we have to prepare something else? Something to eat or drink, for example."

Cheng Ran glanced over and said, "You've already bought a bunch of food, what else do you want to buy? Speaking of preparation, you should bring some on the river. It would be even better if there was some wine, hehe!"

Upon hearing his words, Lin Feng nodded his head and stood up, "Then wait for me here. I will be right back." Without waiting for Cheng Ran to react, he dived into the crowd and disappeared.

Before he could stop her, Lin Feng had already disappeared. He stood up and anxiously looked towards the crowd, grumbling: "This idiot Ah Feng, why is he running so fast, why are you running blindly? If something happens, I won't be able to take responsibility."

After looking for a long time, he still could not find Lin Feng. He could only helplessly shake his head and uneasily sat on the stool, continuously looking into the crowd, hoping that Lin Feng would appear soon.

Finally, Lin Feng appeared in Cheng Ran's line of sight. He hurriedly stood up and greeted him, giving him a punch while complaining, "Where did you run off to, make me worry for half a day." What are you running around for? "

"Who said I had nothing to do?" Lin Feng stared at him, he then walked to the stool and sat down, drank a cup of tea to moisten his throat, then took out two gourds from his back, threw one of them to Cheng Ran and said: "Here, the thing you want."

"What the heck is this?" He was startled for a moment and was suddenly touched. He did not expect that Lin Feng had gone out to buy him wine, while he himself would only grumble about it. He had a bad taste in his heart as he slowly walked to Lin Feng's side and sat down, apologetically saying, "Feng, thank you."

Lin Feng glanced at him awkwardly and scolded with a smile, "Fuck you, don't put on such an expression. What's there to thank me for? If you don't tell me I ran off blindly, then." Cheng Ran was momentarily at a loss for words. Then, he smiled and said, "I was just worried for you. If Uncle Lin gives you to me, then I will be in charge of your safety."

"I know." Lin Feng sighed lightly and turned his head. He said to the waiter: "Help me fill this gourd with water. It's water, not tea, do you understand?"

Cheng Ran, on the other hand, was holding the gourd and gulping down a mouthful of wine. Lin Feng glanced at him and said leisurely: "If you finish it now, when you're thirsty and don't have anything to drink, I won't give you any water to drink."

Cheng Ran muttered to himself, "Stingy." He then closed the lid reluctantly, and took the gourd from the waiter. After settling the bill, the two continued on their way.

In the blink of an eye, it was already noon. The weather was originally cool in the morning, but now there was a burning sun in the sky. The temperature suddenly rose, and even the air was filled with hot air currents.

Lin Feng and Cheng Ran had already left the lively town, and now they were walking on a deserted road. Due to the heat of the day, they didn't even seem to be in the mood to ride a horse.

Cheng Ran cast a sidelong glance at Lin Feng, who was currently covering his face from left to right, and lazily said, "Feng, stop looking for him. I told you that this section is all bare mountains. There's no shade for you to rest in."

When Lin Feng heard this, he could not help but complain. Cheng Ran took a glance at the calm and composed Lin Feng and said unhappily, "This is really weird, I am already so hot, yet you don't even have a drop of sweat. What else do you have to complain about? I really don't know what you grew up on.

"Take some medicine." "Hahaha!" Lin Feng half-jokingly smiled. He took out a small bottle from his bosom and handed it over, saying, "Here, take this and keep it in your bosom."

"What is it?" Cheng Ran curiously took it, and as soon as he held it in his hand, he felt a cold sensation penetrating his heart, which gave him an indescribable feeling of comfort. He quickly opened it, and saw that it was actually a Snow ginseng pill, and said in surprise, "This pill has such an effect, no wonder you are so relaxed, but you gave it to me, what are you going to do?"

Lin Feng laughed complacently, "I still have a lot of them. Since I came out to play, I naturally have to be more prepared." With that said, he took out a bottle, poured out a single pill, and started chewing on it like he was eating sugar beans.

Cheng Ran threw him a dissatisfied look, and put the bottle away in his pocket. He said snappily, "If you have such a treasure, why didn't you take it out earlier and let me suffer for so long? Why are you still looking for some shade to rest in? I don't think you're tired at all."

After Lin Feng heard this, he glared back and imitated his tone, "You keep saying that you're very strong, how would I know that you're hot? Besides, I'm looking for a place in the shade to rest the horses. When did I ever say that I'm tired?

"What, let the horses rest?" Cheng Ran rolled his eyes and said, not knowing whether to laugh or to cry, "Please, young master, is the man more important or the horse more important? If you keep looking for us, don't say that the horse can't rest, we will all be dried out by the sun."

"Then …" Lin Feng looked at the empty land again, but it was still a barren land. He had no choice but to give up that idea, and said helplessly: "Alright, I won't look for you anymore. How far away are we from Shi Jinshan?"

Cheng Ran looked at the sky and shook his head. "We won't go even if we can. It's too hot for us. There's a small village not far ahead. Let's spend the night first and go on our way another day."

"Alright." "Lin Feng has no objection." "Giddap!" The two men grabbed the horses, and the horses galloped away.

This village was called Little Chen Zhuang and there were only a dozen or so families. Because this place was in a wasteland, every family lived a relatively poor life.

The two of them walked around the entire village, and finally stopped at a relatively wealthy family house. The bamboo fence and gate, they could clearly see the scene inside the house, and there were only two simple and crude thatched cottages with many vegetables and some unknown flowers. It seemed like the owner of the house was rather bored and relaxed.

This village was indeed poor, and in such a situation, it could be said that it was rich. Its wealth was naturally built on the foundations of other families. From this, it could be seen how poor the villagers were.

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