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As the leader spoke, he took out his single blade. Lin Feng smiled and said, "Do you want to kill me? That's easy. It's easy to get rid of someone as weak as me. Come, come."

He was so unafraid of death that the leader didn't dare to act rashly. He still didn't know the background of these two teenagers and what their cultivations were, so he didn't dare to act rashly.

He also understood that there was too much of a disparity between the two sides, so he had no choice but to set up a suspicious formation to let the other side not know what had happened to them. It would be best if they could let them know and retreat, although it was a little unlikely, but at the very least, they could only make a big fight, but he still hoped that Big Sis and the rest could arrive in time.

It wasn't easy to stabilize the other party, but Liu Jianmin suddenly jumped out and shouted, "If you want to touch him, do you still need to ask if I agree to the whip?"

Originally the leader was hesitant, but now he was sure that these two teenagers didn't have much ability. Otherwise, they wouldn't be protected by a girl, so he smiled and said: "Little girl, if you don't let me touch him, then I'll come and touch you today." As he spoke, he prepared to pounce on her.

Unexpectedly, before he even arrived, he heard a heavy slap on his face, causing him to feel faint pain. When he regained his senses, he immediately cursed, "Damn it, you stinking woman. If you refuse to drink, you will be punished. See how I deal with you."

As the word 'you' came out, the leader had already swung his blade, without any trace of mercy. Liu Xie Min was not flustered at all, and unexpectedly crossed the whip with the single blade. It was strange, but the whip was ordinary, but it could not be chopped down, causing the leader to cry out in anger.

Cheng Ran praised her and said, "Little Min looks extremely weak. I didn't expect her to have such a strong martial arts. Who do you think she learned it from in this wilderness?"

Lin Feng bitterly laughed, "At this time, you still have the heart to think about this, and I finally managed to stabilize them. Ah, this girl, she has caused so much trouble for me."

Cheng Ran did not seem to mind, "What are you afraid of? Look at him, he can't even harm a single hair on Little Min's head. What's more, don't you see that there's still me?

Lin Feng said in a bad mood, "Can you protect Little Min and me after fighting around ten people?" Only then did Cheng Ran realize the danger. He said in surprise, "Aiya, that's right. The enemy has so many people. This time, it's going to be quite troublesome!"

Lin Feng did not forget to mock him, "What? Even after you became the second young master, you still knew the danger. It's rare." Cheng Ran said anxiously: "Don't joke around anymore, hurry up and think of something, what do we do?"

"Make it cold." Lin Feng said leisurely. Hearing this, Cheng Ran could not help but smile bitterly.

At this moment, the leader screamed, "All of you are dead! I was beaten up, but you didn't come over to help, wow …" In his state of distraction, he was whipped again. Not only was his face blood-red, even his clothes were being whipped. Compared to a beggar, he was not much worse off. No wonder he was howling like a pig.

As for the remaining eight to nine people, they rushed towards Lin Feng, and Cheng Ran nervously took a few steps back, pulling out a soft sword from his waist to block a large blade, and then several weapons from his waist, grabbing Lin Feng and climbing up to the roof. He then took out a dagger from his boots and said, "Feng, if anyone comes up, kill him while he's not prepared, do you understand?"

Lin Feng replied with an "En" sound. He took the dagger and said, "Be careful." Cheng Ran replied, "Got it." Thus, he flew down from the roof. Relying on his agile movement technique, he was able to deal with these bandits easily. In a short while, he had killed one of them.

Although Cheng Ran and Liu Jianmin had dealt with a portion of the enemy, but there were still a lot of people who were unable to join in the fight. These people then moved their target to Lin Feng, who was on the rooftop.

Little did he know that before he could even stand properly, Lin Feng's dagger had already pierced into his chest. He let out a pitiful cry as he fell to the ground, twitching a few times before dying.

Lin Feng wiped the blood off his hand and mumbled, "Amitabha, sin, sin, this is my first time killing someone." The hand holding the dagger could not help but tremble, but he did not have time to think about it, because not only did the person who fell down did not make the bandits retreat, but instead caused their killing intent. These desperate people jumped onto the house from all directions, looking as if they were going to kill the enemy.

Lin Feng had never seen such a scene before. His voice trembled slightly as he said, "Don't come over here, or else I will be ruthless." He brandished the dagger in his hand as a threat.

However, the bandits remained unmoved. They gradually surrounded Lin Feng with sinister smiles on their faces. Lin Feng instinctively retreated step by step. Suddenly, one of his feet sank into a hole and he fell down.

One of them saw that the opportunity was not to be missed, so he hastily chopped down with his blade. Lin Feng hastily used his dagger to block, but unexpectedly, that person only used a feint, his blade suddenly became a sweeping slash, slashing through Lin Feng's arm.

Lin Feng was in great pain as his dagger fell onto the straw. The other person smiled cruelly as he swept his dagger towards Lin Feng's head. The dazzling light from the dagger gradually grew bigger and bigger in Lin Feng's eyes. He could even feel the approach of death.

Perhaps it was unwillingness or the desire to live, but just as the blade was about to hit Lin Feng, he suddenly grabbed the dagger on the ground and threw it at that person with all his might.

A strange thing happened. The person who was about to slash at Lin Feng suddenly dropped his saber, covered his eyes and cried out in pain, "Ah, my eyes, my eyes are hurting, my eyes, wow …" The man lost his balance and fell down heavily. Fortunately, the house was not very tall, so he was able to avoid the bad luck of being killed. However, he covered his eyes and cried out in pain.

Although the people on the ground did not know what had happened, they did not stop because of this. Cheng Ran and Liu Jianmin had already killed some of the enemies, which made them slightly more relaxed. Cheng Ran leaned forward and shouted: "Feng, are you still alive?"

Lin Feng smiled and shouted to the crowd below, "I'm doing pretty well. Don't worry, I'll just have a good fight with you."

The group of thieves were stunned. In such an important life or death situation, the two of them could still chat and laugh like this. They didn't know if there was something wrong with their brains or if they took their lives too lightly.

But thinking about it, there was still work to be done. Someone on the roof angrily said, "Brat, what kind of projectile did you use? What did you do to my brother? You're tired of living, how dare you use a projectile to injure my brother's eyes."

"Hidden weapons?" Lin Feng's heart skipped a beat as he nodded his head and said, "That's right, I did use a concealed weapon. It's a very, very small type of needle. It's called … It's called the Ice Soul, and it only hits people's eyes. If you don't want to become blind, then obediently don't move, or else, don't blame me for being ruthless. " After he had finished, he raised his hand in a threatening manner, but he was laughing in his heart.

"You …" It seemed like Lin Feng's threat had worked. The bandits did not dare to move and Lin Feng was also relieved. He tore off a piece of cloth and slowly wrapped the wound. However, he was confused about the pain in his brother's eyes. What exactly was going on?

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