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Adde still maintained the movement of raising his blade, but he slowly fell down. And as he fell, a strange smile actually appeared on Lin Feng's face.

Everyone stared blankly at him, and discovered that there was a golden needle stuck in his throat, and it was still trembling, and the other fatal wound on his chest had a throwing knife. The knife had no hilt, and on the handle was a word — Knife.

Clearly, this Addie must have died from one of these two hidden weapons, but in the end, perhaps even Adai himself didn't know which one it was. He didn't even understand why he suddenly died, not even a hint of warning.

The bandits were not spared, the hidden weapons were all aimed at their acupoints, causing them to temporarily lose their ability to move, it was obvious that the person who used the hidden weapons did not want to kill anyone.

With the bandits under control, Lin Feng suddenly shouted, "The two on the roof, you can get down now." It turned out that they were two elegant and beautiful young girls. The green-clothed woman laughed and said, "No wonder you were not the least bit afraid when that person wanted to kill you. So it turns out that you had already expected that we would save you, haha!"

Just then, Cheng Ran walked over with a surprised look on his face, "Why are you two here? Feng is really good, he actually called you guys over, it's really weird how he did it! "

The purple-clothed girl teased, "You should be glad that we came. Otherwise, it would have been so dangerous just now." Cheng Ran nodded fearfully and said: "Right, right, right, it was really thrilling just now, it almost scared my soul out of me. If there really is something good about Ah Feng, then I don't think I will live long and be skinned alive by the Lin Family."

Lin Feng laughed as he complained, "Didn't I just give you a look? I told you not to worry, you guys actually didn't understand my look."

Cheng Ran rolled his eyes and said, "Please, big brother, in such an urgent situation, how would we know the meaning behind your eyes? I thought you were saying goodbye to us. However, to be honest, how exactly did you transmit the news to me? Don't keep holding me in, okay?

Lin Feng let out a sigh and said, "Since you were nervous about me just now, let me tell you. Actually, you should know that my father wouldn't be able to trust me when I run out. Naturally, he would send people to keep an eye on me, so I found him and told him to go back and find someone. "Young Master Cheng."

"Oh, it's like that. It's that simple? I thought there was some sort of secret technique." Cheng Ran lowered his head in disappointment and went back to his thoughts. Lin Feng hurriedly asked, "How come there's only the two of you? Where's the rest?"

The green clothed lady laughed: "Sister Xuan and I have not come to play with you for a long time, and Yufu said that you have a very important matter to attend to, so we anxiously ran over. It's just that Sister Xue and the others are a little too slow, and someone especially misses someone, so we hurried over." As he spoke, he glanced meaningfully at the purple-clothed girl and Lin Feng.

At this point, the purple-clothed girl's cheeks reddened as she scolded with a smile, "Damned Sister Lan, you really dare to scold me? Who said that you could quickly leave and give Brother Feng a surprise? Now you're blaming me again."

The girl in cyan smiled and said, "Look, you admitted to it without even fighting. I didn't mention your name just now. I had that thought in my mind, so why did you keep it hidden!" After saying that, he couldn't help but laugh.

Only then did the purple-clothed girl realize that she was being toyed with. Her face immediately blushed even more, like a ripe apple. She coquettishly scolded, "Damn girl, I'm ignoring you. You only know how to bully others."

"Okay, I won't tease you, okay? Let's get back to business. " The girl in green cleared her throat and said, "That's right, I did say that, let's go quickly so that Big Brother Feng can meet Big Sister Xuan as soon as possible. Hehe, so we came earlier, but fortunately, we arrived in time and felt that something was wrong, so we jumped onto the roof to take a look. When we saw that person wanted to kill Big Brother Feng, we made our move.

At this time, Cheng Ran raised his head again and said with a puzzled expression, "Hey, Feng, I didn't notice them at all, how did you notice them?" Lin Feng said, "Actually, ever since the bandits arrived, I had been counting on elder sister and the rest to hurry over, so I had been paying close attention to the movements in the surroundings. When you guys jumped up, I heard some noises and caught a glimpse of you guys."

Cheng Ran quickly dug his ears and said, "Hey, could it be that my ears were blocked by earwax, I couldn't even hear it!" Lin Feng laughed, "That's because you were worried about me back then. What did you mean by being blocked by earwax? Hur Hur, go back and let your mother dig it out for you."

Cheng Ran laughed and shook his head, "I might not be able to hear it even if I dig it out. It seems like my hearing has not reached that level yet." The green-robed girl explained, "That's right. Actually, the reason Big Brother Feng heard about it was because he ate too many elixirs and medicines from childhood. Therefore, even though he has never practiced martial arts, his senses are still much sharper than others.

Lin Feng gave a faint smile and nodded his head. However, Cheng Ran seemed to have thought of something and suddenly said: "Oh right, Xiaolan, did you bring any medicine for me?"

The girl nodded. "Yes, why? Are you hurt?" Cheng Ran said joyfully, "It's good that you brought it with you. It's not that I'm injured, but your Feng brother is."

"Ah? Big Brother Feng is injured?" The purple-clothed girl exclaimed and looked worriedly at Lin Feng, "Where are your injuries? Quick, let me take a look."

However, Lin Feng laughed and said, "Don't make such a big fuss over nothing. There is nothing left to do now, so there is no need to look at it." How can that be? " Cheng Ran gently grabbed Lin Feng's hand and said, "Oh, it's this arm. Aiya, why is it soaked again?"

With a pained heart, the purple-clothed girl gently took off the wet clothes. The green-clothed girl quickly took out a bottle of medicine and poured some of the black powder all around the wound. Strangely enough, the wound that was still bleeding had already closed up.

Cheng Ran was completely speechless. He had spent so much effort just now and yet the seemingly unremarkable black powder had such an effect. This was truly infuriating.

After the wound closed, the green-clad girl tore out a piece of plaster from somewhere and pasted it on the wound. Looking at the wound, it was a success, Lin Feng shook his arm and said satisfied, "Yes, it's cool and refreshing, it's very comfortable. My cousin's medical skills are getting better and better."

At this time, Liu Jianmin and the old man walked over to express their gratitude. Cheng Ran hurriedly introduced the four to him, "This old man is the master here, and this young lady is his granddaughter. You can just call her Little Min." He then continued, "Grandpa, Little Min, these two girls are Feng's relatives." He pointed at the girl in green and said, "This is Feng's cousin, Zhao Lan Xin. You can call her Little Blue. This is!"

He let out a light cough and gave an ambiguous smile, "It's that guy from A Feng, Ren You Xuan. Of course, you can just call her Little Xuan, hur hur." Even though he hadn't said it out loud, looking at Ren Youxuan's bashful expression, he could guess the relationship between the two of them.

After chatting for a while, the sounds of horse hooves could be heard again. Liu Jianmin turned pale with fright. "There can't be another group of robbers coming, right?" However, Zhao Lan Xin smiled and said, "Little Min, don't be afraid. It must be Sister Xue and the rest. Let's go to the door and pick them up."

"Alright." They nodded and ran to the door. Not long after, many horses had stopped in front of them. Lin Xiangxue was the first to dismount, "So you're here. Little brother, why did you call us here?"

Lin Feng did not answer and instead asked, "Why don't we meet the two cousins Wen Qing and Wu Qing? Hmm, there are actually a few unfamiliar faces. Let's introduce them to each other first!"

Yun Xiang pointed at Lin Feng's forehead and said: "They are extremely busy all day long, they will not care about your business, only we idiots will let you do whatever you want, and call for us honestly. Why did you get Yu Fu to find us, my good brothers have come, if your matter is not urgent, I will not let you off."

Yun Fei also said, "That's right, Feng. My good friend is also here. You must not let us down." Lin Feng cast a sidelong glance at them and said unhappily, "If it was a small matter, would I bother to work you two? "Since we have a new friend, isn't it too ungrateful not to introduce us?"

Yun Fei laughed, "Good, good, let me introduce you." He pointed to the two men on his left and said, "These two are my good friends. They are brothers, brother's name is Peng Jifeng and brother's name is Peng Jingyun." He then pointed to an 18-19 year old man on the right side and said: "This is your Brother Yun Xiang's sworn brother, Cui Wenhao."

Lin Feng nodded his head and said, "I, Lin Feng, greet the three brothers. Thank you for your help first." The three of them hurriedly smiled and said, "Brother Lin, you are too polite."

Lin Feng pulled Lin Xiangxue by the corner of her clothes and said, "Big sis, these two young misses should give us a chance to get to know each other." Saying up to here, the two girls who seemed very curious winked mischievously, causing the two girls to laugh incessantly.

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