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Lin Xiangxue glanced at the two women and said with a smile, "They were brought here by Autumn Moon. You should ask her." Without waiting for Lin Feng to speak, Ren Qiuyue pointed at the woman in red and said, "Feng, this is my sworn sister, Luo Meiyun. When Sister Xue went to find us, Sister Yun coincidentally came to my house to play. Didn't you say that the more people there are, the better?"

He pointed to another girl who was dressed in a snow-white robe. She was about fifteen to sixteen years old and looked very pretty and cute as she said, "This is Sister Yun's distant cousin, Xiao Yi, and her father is the famous Wiping Sun Sword King Xiao Han. He is very powerful, even though Xiao Yi is still young, he has been in and out of the lake with Uncle Wang many times.

Looking at the pleased expression on her face, Lin Feng suddenly had the urge to tease her. He lightly coughed and frowned for a bit before asking without thinking, "Wang Xiaoyi? Do you have a sister? " Wang Xiaoyi was stunned. She shook her head and said, "I don't have a sister. I have a brother. Why are you asking this?"

Lin Feng smiled and said in all seriousness, "That's weird, since you don't have a sister, then whose sister-in-law are you going to be?" After Lin Feng said this, he laughed. He was using Wang Xiaoyi's name as an example.

Everyone heard her laugh and covered their mouths. As she was a girl, they did not dare to laugh out loud. Wang Xiaoyi frowned, blinked her clear eyes, and said with a faint smile: "You are called Lin Feng, right? "Hur hur, then let me ask you, are you sure there's nothing wrong with your head?"

Lin Feng was at a loss and said, "My mind is fine, but my name doesn't seem to be a problem. What do you mean, little sister-in-law?"

Wang Xiaoyi lightly covered her red lips and smiled. She then clasped her hands behind her back, and imitated Lin Feng as she said in all seriousness, "If there's nothing wrong with your head, then why are you calling me a little crazy?"

"Hee hee …" Laughter rang out, the crowd did not give any face to Lin Feng, Luo Meiyun laughed so merrily she said, "Sir Lin, this cousin of mine is very eloquent, you are the one who will suffer a huge loss when you compare words with her, haha!"

Lin Feng did not mind at all and laughed: "So what if you're a little crazy, it's better than not having a big sister yet being called little sister-in-law. Moreover, even if you're called little crazy, I'm not necessarily a crazy person, hehe!"

Wang Xiaoyi put her hands on her waist and said angrily, "Hey, little lunatic, I'm here to help you. How can you treat your customers like this?" Lin Feng restrained his smile and said seriously, "I am very grateful that you've come to help me, but this is a very dangerous matter. If you don't have a solid foundation, it's best not to participate."

Wang Xiaoyi glanced at him and said, "So you thought I was young and worried that my martial arts wouldn't work, but Little Xuan and I are around the same age, so why aren't you worried about them?" There was a hint of bitterness in his tone.

Lin Feng glanced at Ren You Xuan and Zhao Lan Xin, smiled lightly and said, "Because we grew up together, I know them very well, and besides," he chuckled, "we are relatives, it is only right that we help each other, and you, we are not familiar with each other yet, so you don't need to take the risk."

Wang Xiaoyi pondered for a moment and suddenly revealed a strange smile, "You are worried about my safety. So you are not that annoying. Do you suspect that I do not have the ability to protect myself?" "Why not, I'll let you experience it."

Without any warning, Wang Xiaoyi unsheathed her sword and stabbed towards the defenseless Lin Feng. The strength was both yin and yang, and it was also incomparably fast.

Everyone was shocked and shouted, "Be careful — —" Fortunately, Lin Xiangxue was very close. With a flash, she appeared in front of Lin Feng and slashed out with her treasured sword to deflect Wang Xiaoyi's attack.

Lin Feng took the opportunity to retreat to the side and looked at the two of them with interest, "This Wang Xiaoyi is really amazing. She's actually able to share her beauty with Big Sis. She is indeed not simple." She was appreciative of Wang Xiaoyi's kung fu and felt extremely regretful for not being able to practice martial arts.

While they were fighting to their heart's content, Wang Xiaoyi caught a glimpse of Lin Feng happily watching the fight at the side. She couldn't help but feel annoyed as she suddenly abandoned her opponent and began using the martial arts she was most proficient in — Floating steps. In an instant, she had thrown Lin Xiangxue behind her and attacked Lin Feng with a remnant shadow.

Lin Xiangxue felt her vision blur. Her opponent had actually disappeared. She thought to herself, "Not good." She hurriedly tried to save Wang Xiaoyi, but it was too late. She could only watch as Wang Xiaoyi's sword drew closer and closer to her lackeys. As for the others, they were too far away, they were unable to do anything.

Lin Feng did not move, and his sword also stopped an inch away from his chest.

"Why are you neither attacking nor dodging? Are you looking down on me? Or are you disdaining to fight me?" Wang Xiaoyi coldly stared at Lin Feng.

"Because I know that you don't really want to kill me, so I don't try to hide. Even if I want to hide, I can't do so, there's no need for me to waste so much effort in trying to hide."

Lin Xiangxue walked over and brushed away her sword. With a slightly unhappy expression, she said, "Lady Wang, please do whatever you want in the future. If my little brother hurts your hand, I won't be polite to you!"

Ren Qiuyue quickly pulled Wang Xiaoyi aside and said apologetically, "I'm sorry Sister Xue, I forgot to tell Little Yi that Ah Feng doesn't know martial arts. It's all my fault for being careless."

Wang Xiaoyi, who was unhappy at first, exclaimed after hearing Ren Qiu Yue's words, "What? You don't even know martial arts, and you still dare to come running around in the martial arts world. Are you crazy? "

Lin Feng cast her a sidelong glance and smiled, "Did I tell you that I'm out on a road? Ah Ran and I were out on a sightseeing trip, and we only happened to encounter some things that we don't like, which is why I called you here. Right, I haven't even introduced you to the owner of this place yet. "

"My name is Cheng Ran, I'm a good friend of Ah Feng." Cheng Ran tried to help Lin Feng make introductions.

Wang Xiaoyi said, "After talking for half a day, what kind of unpleasant things did you encounter? Quickly tell us about it." Old Man Liu seemed to have understood everything, and said: "Miss, Feng and Ran are both good kids, and when they heard that there are bandits here, they invited you guys over. They were hiding this from me at first, but as soon as you arrived, I understood what was going on."

Lin Feng laughed, "Grandpa, you are really smart. You guessed correctly." Old Man Liu was extremely grateful. "Feng, this old man believes you. You will definitely bring good news to our little Chen Zhuang."

However, Lin Feng turned his gaze onto the crowd that they had gathered, his eyes filled with determination, "I also believe that they have the ability to do so." Liu Jianmin bowed to everyone and said, "On behalf of the people of Little Chen Zhuang, I thank all of you." Cheng Ran quickly supported her, saying, "Little Min, don't be so polite."

Yun Fei walked in front of Lin Feng and asked, "So you want us to do a good deed for you. Tell me, which bandit's nest do you want us to flatten? Where is that bandit's nest?"

"I don't know." Lin Feng laughed as he shrugged his shoulders.

"What?" "You don't know?" Yun Fei said with a wry smile, "Then how do you want us to even the mountain? We can't possibly be allowed to roam the entire mountain, can we?"

"Of course not," Lin Feng waved his hand and said, "You guys came earlier than you did, but there are a lot of bandits lying in the yard, and there are a few living ones. We'll ask them later."

Yun Fei was puzzled, "Why are there a few bandits in the courtyard?" Because just now, we had a fight with them. If not for Little Xuan and Little Blue's timely arrival, the consequences would truly be unimaginable. " Cheng Ran forced a smile and twitched his mouth.

Lin Xiangxue cast an inquiring glance at Xiaolan, only to hear her say, "That's right, when we arrived, that leader was just about to execute Big Brother Feng without mercy. He was saved by us, but Big Brother Feng still …"

"Xiaolan." Before she could finish speaking, Lin Feng glanced at her with an almost imperceptible expression. He smiled and said, "It's just that I'm safe. I'm fine now, so there's no need to make such a big fuss."

But Lin Xiangxue was not so stupid. How could someone as shrewd as her not see Lin Feng's gaze? She smiled and gently said, "Come, little brother, let elder sister see if you're injured."

"No, no." Lin Feng shook his head like a rattle.

"Is that so?" Lin Xiangxue was still smiling innocently. She slowly walked towards Lin Feng and stretched out her hand, grabbing the hand that he had been carrying behind his back at an astonishing speed.

Lin Xiangxue's willow-shaped eyebrows also furrowed. When she looked carefully, she could see that Lin Feng's entire sleeve had been drenched in blood, no wonder he had been carrying it on his back all this time. With a pained heart, she shouted, "Is he alright? You said you lost so much blood that you're fine? "

Lin Feng lowered his head and replied in a low voice, "It's really nothing, just a small wound."

Lin Niannan also came over and sized him up, then angrily said, "Which one of you is the one that doesn't care for his life? Let's see if I peel his skin off or not!" Lin Xiangnan was also extremely concerned.

He tried his best to hold back his tears as he forced a smile and said, "Big Sis, Second Sis, Third Sis, I'm really fine. Xiaolan has already applied the medicine for me, you see, there's no more blood and it doesn't hurt anymore. Don't worry."

Lin Nian Nan suddenly pointed her spear at Cheng Ran, and asked while pointing at his shoulder: "How did you promise to protect my little brother before you left, is this how you protect him?" Facing Lin Nian Nan's questioning, Cheng Ran could only smile bitterly.

Lin Feng hurriedly said, "Third sister, you can't blame Ah Ran for this, this was something we did not expect, and it was I who proposed to stay, it has nothing to do with him. Besides, there are so many bandits, how can he handle this alone, please don't blame him, okay?"

Lin Nian Nan glared at Cheng Ran again and said, "For my little brother's sake, I won't bother with you anymore. Let's go take a look at those bandits first, I still have to teach them a lesson."

"Wait, Elder Cousin Yuqing, you're here." Lin Feng pulled Zhao Yuqing over and whispered, "Did you bring any good stuff over?"

"Good stuff?" Zhao Yuqing froze for a moment, then nodded in understanding and said: "Yes, yes. You found so many people. I think something big must have happened, so I brought a few more. I just don't know if they can be used. I even helped you prepare a small concealed weapon."

"That's great, we can definitely use them. Haha, let's go and take a look at those bandits!" Lin Feng beamed as he pulled Zhao Yuqing into the courtyard. The others, on the other hand, were confused by his actions. They didn't know what he was up to.

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