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Seeing these bandits again, they were all lying motionless on the ground. Lin Feng was surprised and hurriedly went forward to inspect them one by one.

"No wonder I haven't heard their voices for a long time. They're actually all dead." Lin Feng muttered to himself and turned around, "Little Xuan, Xiaolan, is your hidden weapon poisonous? How could they all be dead? "

Zhao Lanxin and Ren Youxuan looked at each other and shook their heads, "Big Brother Feng, you know about this. We have never looked down on poisons."

"Let me see." Zhao Yuqing walked up to a few people and said, "They died while gnashing their teeth. It seems that this mountain stronghold isn't just any ordinary bandit's nest. This clue is broken."

"How could this be?" Lin Feng furrowed his brows in anger, suddenly, he thought of something and said: "Oh right, there is still one more possibility that he might not die!"

Yun Xiang smacked him on the head and said snappily: "Are you mad? These people are all dead and lifeless, there's no one left alive."

Lin Feng held his head and glared at him. He walked to the side of the person who was hit by his "Ice Soul" secret weapon. He called Zhao Yuqing and said: "Elder Cousin Yuqing, come and take a look at this living man." After saying that, he glared at Yun Xiang provocatively.

"Oh, okay." Zhao Yuqing responded and walked over. He bent over to take a look and nodded: "Indeed, he's alive. What's going on?" He used his eyes to ask Lin Feng.

When everyone heard this, they broke out into a cold sweat. In fact, Cheng Ran did not know what happened on the roof at all, and now that he thought about it, he was even more afraid.

Lin Nian Nan glared at him again, as if to say, you dare to put my little brother on the roof alone. Luckily, nothing happened, otherwise I would have to ask you a question. Cheng Ran could only bitterly smile.

A peculiar expression flashed across Zhao Yuqing's face. He hurriedly checked the other person's situation again. After a while, he stood up with a grave expression, as if he wanted to say something but was hesitant to do so.

Lin Feng looked at him suspiciously, but after mumbling for a long time, he could not give himself an answer. He could not help but say anxiously, "I say, Brother Yuqing, tell me what happened. I can tell that you know the reason.

"This …" Zhao Yuqing was at a loss. "Yes, I know the reason, but I don't know how to explain it to you guys. Sigh!"

Lin Feng replied angrily, "Since you know the reason, then why not tell us? I think you are deliberately trying to make us angry, you... "Ugh!" Suddenly, he felt a wave of disgust as he quickly covered his mouth.

"Feng, what happened to you?" Looking at Lin Feng's face instantly turning pale, Zhao Yuqing worriedly grabbed his arm.

A sickly flush suddenly flashed across Lin Feng's face as he felt a sweetness in his throat as he vomited out a mouthful of blood. It was as if all the strength in his body had been sucked out as well before he collapsed.

"What's going on?" Lin Xiangxue hurried forward to support him. With a worried expression, she asked, "Don't tell me he was injured internally. A Ran, what else happened?"

Lin Feng clutched his chest in pain and groaned, "Big sister, it hurts …" Cheng Ran was suddenly alarmed, hurriedly took out some Snow Ginseng Pills and put them into Lin Feng's mouth. The effects of the pills had an effect, and Lin Feng weakly fell into a deep sleep.

"What is going on?" Lin Xiangxue looked at Cheng Ran in confusion.

"We've been surrounded for so long, Feng might not have taken any medicine for so long." This was the only answer that Cheng Ran could think of, but even he himself felt that the credibility of this answer was very low.

She frowned and pursed her lips, seeming to want to say something. However, Zhao Yuqing suddenly interrupted her and said in an astonishing tone, "What A Ran said makes a lot of sense. The reason must definitely be because of this Snow Ginseng Pill."

"What do you mean?" Lin Xiangxue looked at him in confusion.

Zhao Yuqing slowly said, "During this time, A Feng has been eating Snow ginseng pills, so the toxicity of the Heavenly Caterpillar Heart-Eroding Grass has been restricted by the coldness of the pills. Since A Feng neglected the time when he ate the pills, after the effects of the pill, the Heavenly Caterpillar Heart-Eroding Grass finally found an opportunity.

"So that's how it is." Lin Xiangxue heaved a sigh of relief, and everyone else nodded as if they had just come to a sudden realization. Only these few newcomers seemed like ducks listening to thunder, but they didn't understand.

Lin Xiangxue could also see the doubt in their eyes, but she did not express anything. She passed Lin Feng to Yun Fei and said, "Yuqing, did you say something just now that was difficult to say in front of your little brother? It must be related to my little brother's poison, right?"

Seeing Zhao Yuqing nod, she said with a serious expression: "Okay, tell us about it. Grandpa Liu, can I borrow your place?"

Old Man Liu quickly said, "Of course you can. If you don't mind, let's talk inside. Also, let Ah Feng have a good rest."

Liu Jianmin said, "Then what do we do about these dead people? We can't let them lie in the yard. If the neighbors see us, they'll be scared."

Lin Xiangxue said, "Let's dig a hole and bury them. As for this person, bring him back to the house first. Grandpa Liu doesn't mind, right?"

Old man Liu shook his head and said to Yun Fei, "Young master, Feng has been living in that house the entire time. Just let him go there." Yun Fei nodded and walked over with Lin Feng in his arms while the rest of the group started to settle the dead bodies.

At this moment, a group of people were sitting in Old Man Liu's room. The room was a bit small and a little crowded, and the only living thing was placed in a corner, with several golden needles stuck into his body. Needless to say, it was definitely Zhao Yuqing's masterpiece.

Lin Xiangxue looked at the confused people and slowly said, "I think you all must have a lot of questions. Since we're all friends, there's no harm in telling you all about this. But before I tell you the truth, I must understand what happened today. Yuqing …"

Zhao Yuqing understood. He nodded and glanced at the man lying in the corner. His face was full of pity as he said, "This man's eyes were poisoned by the Insect Eclipse Heart Grass. He will forever be blind."

"What?" Other than Wang Xiaoyi and the rest, all of them were shocked and had an unbelievable look on their faces.

Zhao Yueqing continued, "I'm not lying to you. The Heaven Eclipse Heart Grass is a very special poison, and Feng is one of those situations. Once you use this poison on a person's body, that's another.

"Why did he get infected by this poison too …" This was what everyone was puzzled about.

"I just checked this person's eyes and found a little blood stains in his eyes. According to my guess, when Ah Feng threw out his dagger, it coincidentally splashed into his eyes and also saved Ah Feng's life." Zhao Yuqing slowly spoke out his thoughts.

Everyone was silent. For a moment, they didn't know what to say. Wang Xiaoyi said, "About that, Sister Xue, can you tell us the whole story? What is that Heaven Eclipse Heart Grass?"

Yun Fei nodded his head and said, "The Heaven Eclipse Heart Grass is a very vicious poison." Cui Wenhao frowned and said, "Poison is poison, aren't they all extremely venomous?"

Yun Xiang angrily slammed the table, and hatefully said: "The medicine is a poison, but the person who used it is even more vicious, to the point where there is no other word to describe the poison."

Cui Wenhao said, "Yunxiang, don't interrupt. Listen to your brother, what's going on?" Yun Fei continued: "It is a poison that can lurk in the body for ten years. Once A Feng was born, he was poisoned by this poison, so I assume you all have heard in the martial world that the young master of the Iron Sword Villa is suffering from a strange disease and is unable to practice martial arts. That is actually not some strange disease, but a poison, even A Feng himself is not aware of it."

Yun Xiang continued, "On Feng's tenth birthday, the poison acted up. From then on, he had to suffer the torment of the poison from time to time. You all have seen what happened just now."

"Then the medicine he took just now was …"

"After many years of observation, my father finally discovered that the Heaven Eclipse Heart Grass was afraid of the cold, so he refined the Snow Ginseng Pill to restrain it. However, it can only be used to relieve pain, and the poison is still difficult to remove." Zhao Yuqing sighed and said.

Luo Meiyun said angrily, "Who is so vicious, to actually do such a malicious thing?" A sharp light flashed through Lin Xiangxue's eyes as she said with hatred, "Lian Yunshan's manor lord — Xing Tianlei!"

"It's actually him …" "Their surprise is indescribable." "That's right." Lin Nian Nan sighed. "Because he likes my mother, but it's a pity. This is the typical way to hate someone because of love. Who can escape from love?"

"Then what happens after the poison flares up?" Someone had asked the critical question.

Zhao Yuqing's face was filled with confusion, "Ten years of hiding and attacking. Even though I said it like this, those ten years were not something to be endured. According to what my father said, no one can survive these ten years, so no one knows what the consequences will be."

He took a deep breath and said, "Maybe... Without the antidote, Ah Feng wouldn't even need five years … "No more."

"…" No one said anything. The sound of a needle dropping on the ground could be heard, because they truly did not know what to say. So there really was such a cruel and helpless matter in this world.

In another room, Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes as two streams of tears flowed down from the corners of his eyes.

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