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No one spoke for a long time …

"Could it be that it's true … Is there no cure? " It sounded calm, but Lin Feng could still hear the fluctuations in Cheng Ran's tone.

"Sigh!" Zhao Yuqing let out a helpless sigh, "It's been so many years, but Daddy has never given up on his research. However, none of the medicines are able to remove the poison from the Insect Corrosion Heart Grass, I don't know if our method is wrong or if …." "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …." The Insect Corrosion Heart Grass has no antidote at all. "

"…" Another silence.

The cruelest thing in the world was to be helpless when facing the pain of someone close to you. It was a type of torture that one could not experience unless they experienced it for themselves.

Lin Feng silently listened, his eyes glistening with tears. Once again, the tears slowly slid down his cheeks. After a long time, he actually started laughing, laughing in such a bitter and sorrowful manner.

He had suspected many times that he had been deceived by his family. When the truth was right in front of his eyes, it was so cruel that he didn't know how to accept it.

After knowing all this, how was he going to face his family and friends? Was he acting normal as usual, or was he slowly drowning in his own small space.

"Big Brother, Brother Feng still doesn't forget to think for the common people even in such a situation. His narrow-mindedness actually makes me feel ashamed!" Peng Jingyun's voice sounded from the next room.

"That's right, I'm the same. I've decided that if Brother Lin ever requests anything in the future, as long as I don't go against the rules, I, Peng Jifeng, will absolutely not refuse." Peng Jifeng arrogantly made a vow.

"Me too …" "Then count me in …" "And me …"

That's right, there was a difference between a man dying a light death and a heavy death in Mount Tai. His own life may not be long, but if he could do good deeds for the people in his lifetime, it would also be a great thing for him!

Although his abilities were limited, he had them.

Lin Feng smiled again, but it was no longer bitter and sad like before. He slowly wiped away the tears on his cheeks and laid back down on the bed. He slowly closed his eyes, imagining his brilliant future.

He had actually already seen through life. After all, he was once full of hope and had been completely disappointed. How was his strange illness? So what if it was highly toxic? There seemed to be only one result for him, and that was death. If that was the case, why bother about it? Why not arrange the rest of his life for him? Perhaps, this was the feeling he had for life!

As he was thinking, he heard the conversation about the thief next door. It was about time he woke up and stepped into the next room. He got up slowly and walked out of the room, pretending to be both awake and tired.

Lin Feng naturally knew the reason, but he pretended that he did not know anything and greeted everyone. He looked around in search of a place to sit, but the place was narrow, as if …

"Come, Feng, sit with me." Peng Jingyun waved at him and squeezed to the side, forcing himself to give a seat. Lin Feng chuckled and walked over, saying, "Thank you, Second Brother Peng." He then sat down impolitely.

Then he smiled and said, "Everyone is researching about some big matters. Will you count me in as well?" Glancing at the thief in the corner, he asked again, "Are you worrying about this person?"

Peng Jingyun said, "That's right, we are currently studying that man's venomous teeth. Yuqing said that the bandit's nest is not simple, so it might not be easy to find the whereabouts of the bandits. Therefore, we have to find a foolproof method."

"Oh, so it's like that." Lin Feng rolled his eyes and stared meaningfully at Zhao Yuqing. He said with a smile, "Brother Yuqing, I seem to recall that you have some kind of extremely miraculous powder. Why didn't you use it at this time? You didn't forget about it right?"

Zhao Yuqing suddenly realized and patted his head. "Ah, I remember. How could I forget about it? We even researched it together. Alright, I'll immediately use it."

Lin Feng cast a sidelong glance at him before laughing, "It's easy to say. How are you going to use it if you don't have it with you?" Zhao Yuqing smiled and said, "Don't worry, I have a lot of stuff on me."

Lin Niannan quickly asked, "Little brother, when did you come up with this strange thing? We actually don't know about it. Quickly, tell us the truth!"

"That's right, little lunatic. What are you guys playing at?" Wang Xiaoyi also interjected with a puzzled expression.

Lin Feng and Zhao Yuqing said in unison, "You can't reveal this!"

Yes Night

Everyone sat around the courtyard, admiring the beautiful night sky. Looking at the stars and the slightly yellow moon, they thought to themselves: I wonder what is Yuqing doing?

It turned out that Zhao Yuqing was the only one who was missing from the yard. He was in the middle of doing something to the only person who was still alive. As for what he was doing, that was what everyone was thinking.

Lin Niannan looked around restlessly and said anxiously, "Xiaolan, do you know what your third brother is up to? He's so anxious!" Zhao Lan Xin shook her head. "I don't know about the powder that he and Brother Feng are researching, and I don't know what they are up to. I'm not a worm in his stomach either."

Lin Niannan frowned and twitched his mouth, then looked at Lin Feng, "Little brother, go ahead." Lin Feng looked up at the sky and said with a smile, "Third sister, please take care of things first. Third sister, please take care of people first.

Lin Niannan stared at him and said, "Why is it always like this? I just want to know, why is it so hard?" Lin Yannan had already turned into a bitter and laughing face, which caused everyone to laugh lightly.

At this time, Zhao Yuqing walked out of the house. Seeing Lin Niannan's expression, he smiled and said, "Third cousin, do not be anxious. If you want to know, you will know immediately. Everything is settled. Do you want to ask now or tomorrow?"

Lin Niannan was overjoyed upon hearing this. She wanted to say something, but Lin Xiangxue snatched her away and said, "Forget it, tomorrow. Everyone must be tired after rushing for an entire day. Let's rest first. We can talk tomorrow after we've recovered our spirits."

Lin Niannan muttered with dissatisfaction, "Why wait until tomorrow? It's not like I can't today. I know he's a bit impatient, but he's always making me so anxious, so he doesn't want me to sleep well."

Lin Xiangxue glanced at her and said, "Third sister, what are you muttering about?" Lin Niannan hurriedly smiled, "Ah, no, nothing, I'm just thinking, we have so many people, and there are only two rooms, how do we sleep?"

Old Man Liu said apologetically, "This place is very small and crude, I have caused everyone to suffer." Yun Fei quickly said, "No worries, no worries. We apologize for disturbing you. In my opinion, we are the only ones in this room. You all are in the same room, how about it?"

Lin Xiangxue nodded and said, "Alright, sisters. Let's go and rest!" "Yes, yes, yes." Lin Niannan was still unhappy, but she could only follow him into the room in frustration. It seemed that she wouldn't be able to sleep tonight.

The next day, after breakfast, Lin Niannan anxiously dragged that person into the courtyard. Everyone wanted to finish what they were doing as soon as possible, so they gathered together. Zhao Yuqing pulled out the golden needle from that person's body and poured a spoonful of cold water on him.

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