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A few of his friends were discussing what to play with. They were having an intense argument over whether they should play this or not.

"Alright, alright, stop arguing." Yun Fei, who was the oldest, said, "Today is Feng's birthday, so let him tell us what we are going to play today!"

"Alright, alright." Everyone followed his voice and looked towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng pretended to be deep in thought. After pondering for a moment, his eyes lit up as he smiled, "I've thought of it. Let's play hide and seek. Look at the lush greenery around us, we have enough cover."

No one had any objections as long as there was fun, but everyone started arguing again for who it was.

"Aiya, stop arguing." Lin Feng impatiently shouted, "Isn't it just catching people? It's my idea to catch them. Haha, since I don't like being caught anyway, let's start hiding. I'm going to start counting. One …" "Two …"

He laid on the tree and started to count. The rest of the people also started to scatter and find a place to hide, waiting for Lin Feng to come and capture them.

"Nine …" Ten... "It's over, I have to turn back!" When no one answered, he turned around and saw that there was no one around him. He turned around and around, carefully observing the ground without missing a single trace.

When he walked up to a thick tree, he suddenly saw a pair of shallow footprints. He raised his head to look at the tree and saw a blurry shadow. He laughed. He cleared his throat and shouted towards the tree, "That guy on the tree, come down. I see you."

A person jumped down from the tree. It was Lin Xiangnan. She jokingly scolded, "How did you know I was on the tree? You'll definitely peek. No, you're being shameless, you have to start over."

"You are truly unjustly accused," Lin Feng cried out, "I am a very law-abiding person. If you have to blame something, you can only blame yourself for not having mastered your qinggong. Who let you leave a footprint under the tree?"

"That, that." Lin Xiangnan looked at the 'evidence' she left behind and helplessly said, "Your eyes are really sharp. Okay, I give up. You're looking for someone else, I want to see if you can find them."

"Just watch." Lin Feng then turned around to the right and saw a shiny object shining brightly in the sun. It was probably the golden hairpin on Big Sis' head. He walked over with a smile and shouted, "Aiya, Big Sis! There's a snake!"

"Oh, my, the snake." Lin Xiangxue was shocked by Lin Feng. She did not care if she was exposed or not, and immediately jumped out. When she saw Lin Feng staring at her with a mischievous smile, she realized that she had been tricked.

"Good boy, you dare to lie to me, your big sister? No, no, I came out myself. I want to try again." Lin Xiangxue also acted shamelessly.

Lin Feng's small face was scrunched up, and his nose was scrunched up in anger as he said, "Really, big sister. Why do you all like to be so shameless? Second sister was just like that." "

Lin Xiangnan walked over and helplessly said, "Big sister, just accept your fate. If little brother didn't know you were here, why would he run over to scare you? Look, I'm the first one he found, why don't we see how many people little brother can find, hehe."

"Alright, let me see how many of you can be found." Lin Xiangxue grinned as she stared at Lin Feng and walked away.

He pinched his chin, looked left and right, then finally locked onto a fake mountain in the center of the backyard. He knew that there was a crack under the fake mountain, and estimated that it could fit a petite person, such as: You Xuan or Lan Xin …

After making up his mind, he walked towards that direction. First, he circled around the fake mountain, and after stopping for a moment, he smiled. Unexpectedly, a corner of his clothes was exposed.

Laughing in his heart, Lin Feng lightly coughed and said, "Little Xuan, it must be hard on you. You've actually stayed in such a small place for so long. Are you sure you can still come out?" Hee hee! "

"Why didn't you find me earlier? I've long since lost my patience, and I'm so tired. If I don't hide here next time, it'll be too much suffering for me," she said with a smile. "Then he began to giggle.

Lin Feng rolled his eyes. Just as he was about to say a few more words to this girl, a sudden pain came from his chest. He frowned and squatted on the ground. In just a moment, he was covered in sweat.

Ren Youxuan hurriedly squatted on the ground and asked anxiously, "Big Brother Feng, what's wrong?" What's the matter with you? Why did his face look so ugly? A... What's the matter with you? Don't scare me? "

"I …" Lin Feng wanted to express his feelings, but the pain he felt just now was so intense that his vision went black. He fell into You Xuan's arms, losing all sense of life.

"Big Brother Feng, Big Brother Feng, please wake up. Don't scare me …" Sister Xue … Hurry, hurry, hurry! You Xuan cried out in agony.

In fact, Lin Xiangxue and Lin Xiangnan had also discovered that something was wrong here and had rushed over. The others had also heard You Xuan's shout, and one by one, they stuck their heads out and looked over.

"Good heavens, my little brother! What happened to my little brother?" "Lin Xiangxue!" Lin Xiangxue exclaimed in surprise when she saw Lin Feng's condition.

"What, what?" When the crowd heard Lin Xiangxue's exclamation, they all jumped out in a flash. When they saw Lin Feng's condition, their mouths gaped wide open in shock.

As a physician, Zhao Yuqing was the first to react. He hurriedly squatted down and took Lin Feng's pulse. However, his frown deepened. When he finally stood up, he was at a loss.

"Well?" The crowd looked at him expectantly.

"I can't see anything." Zhao Yuqing's reply greatly disappointed everyone. They then heard him mumbling to himself, "There's no reason, why there's no sign of him at all." Why don't you go ask my dad. "

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Lin Xiangxue picked up Lin Feng and hurriedly ran to the front hall.

"Elder sister, tell me, little brother, he …" Will he die? Lin Yannan asked timidly as she followed Lin Xiangxue.

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Lin Xiangxue shouted back at her with a darkened face. "With uncle here, I'll be fine. I'll definitely be fine." "

Then, he ignored the crying Lin Nian Nan and sprinted to the front hall at a speed that was even faster than a sprint.

The few adults were happily discussing their marriage when they were suddenly startled by Lin Xiangxue who had suddenly rushed in. After they saw the situation clearly, they were no less surprised than the other kids, perhaps even more.

"What's going on?" Looking at his son, whose face was slightly flushed and whose lips were still purple, Lin Shicheng felt as if he had been struck by lightning. His complexion immediately changed.

"We, we were playing hide and seek just now. We don't know why …" "Little brother fainted, when we saw him, he was like this. Right, Little Xuan was the closest to Little brother at that time." Lin Xiangxue, who had been running all the way, was rather angry.

"Me, me, uh..." At that time, Big Brother Feng seemed to be in great pain. He held his chest, and then … Woo … He fainted. Woo … You Xuan choked on her sobs as she began to narrate the whole process.

"Let me see," said Zhao Zixuan as he grabbed Lin Feng's hand and began to pull at his pulse. However, the result was exactly as Zhao Yuqing had said. He gently lowered Lin Feng's hand, and his brows also furrowed.

"Why, why?" "His pulse is stable, and he doesn't seem to have any symptoms. Except for his purplish lips, there are no signs of poisoning." Why did this happen? "

Seeing that her elder brother could not be sure, Zhao Yuqian lost her mind in a moment of anxiety. "What's going on?" What the hell are you doing in the backyard? Did I meet any suspicious person? Did he poison Feng Er? Did that guy, who killed thousands of times, want to harm my son? "

"Sister, calm down." Although Guan Yulian looked worried, she still tried to persuade Zhao Yuqian to leave.

"Dad," Zhao Yuqing seemed to ponder over this for a long time. He whispered into Zhao Zixuan's ear, "Do you remember the [Hundred Poisons Secret Scripture]?" There was a poison on it... Let's test Feng's blood. Perhaps, we might discover something. Hopefully … Not... "

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