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That person moved a little and slowly woke up. He felt like he couldn't see anything, and shouted anxiously with both hands, "What happened to me? Why can't I open my eyes? Where is he … Where is he … Brothers, where are you? Why didn't you answer me? Who can tell me, who can tell me? " Then, he started to cry helplessly. He really didn't expect that such a big person like him would cry like a child.

Yun Xiang walked up and flicked his forehead, "Don't cry, you're fine. You're so much older yet you're still crying. You really have no future." Hearing the human voice, the man calmed down a little and fumbled to hold onto Yun Xiang's clothes as he shouted, "Where is this place? And what about my brothers, me, my eyes? Why can't you break free? What did you do to me? What did you do to me? "

Yun Xiang lightly said, "Your brother, the King of Hell's daughter's son-in-law, they all ran off to the Underworld to report on it. I don't know what the situation is right now, you said the King of Hell only has a daughter, how can they not pick her? I'm afraid those brothers that don't like you will not be able to return when the time comes."

That person was stunned for a moment before crying out in alarm, "What did you say? My brothers are all dead? You said that they are all dead? How is that possible? How is that possible?"

Yun Xiang continued, "Everything is possible. If people die, they die. So quickly tell me where the homes of your brothers are so that I can send them back to their graves."

That person let go of Yun Xiang's clothes vigilantly and said, "Tell me, how did my brother die? What happened? It was clearly fine before, but why did it become like this now?

Yun Xiang curled his lips and continued to lie, "Actually, I don't know what happened either. I'm just a passerby, seeing so many people die here moved my heart, I can't bear to see their corpses die in the wilderness so I wanted to bury them. Who would've thought that there would still be a living you, thinking that if this person died, at least he would fall back to his roots. I just want to ask you, where is your family?"

"No home." The man immediately shouted in excitement: "We never had a home, and we don't have to go back to the roots. We only have, we only have … You... Who exactly are you, and what do you intend to do? "

Yun Xiang stood up in anger and frowned, "You really don't know what's good for you. I'm kind enough to help you, but you suspect me. Truly a dog biting Lü Dongbin for not recognizing my good intentions."

Lin Feng laughed lightly and made a silent gesture. He walked up to that person and squatted down next to him and said in a soft voice, "We have no intentions. We only have a kind heart and want to do our best to help those who need our help." Then, he glanced at the people behind him, intentionally or unintentionally, his words seemed to have a deeper meaning.

"What do you doing good have to do with me? Wait, your voice …" That person suddenly shouted, "It's you, I can hear your voice, you are that person, you were the one who was surrounded by us on the roof, and at that time, it was you who caused my eyes to become like this, what method did you use, did you kill our brothers, you actually brazenly said that you were doing good deeds, it was clearly due to some ulterior motive."

Lin Feng suddenly became a bit agitated. He stood up and sneered, "What other intention do you have? That's right, we really do have other intentions, we just want to find out the whereabouts of your mountain stronghold, and then we'll go and capture them all, so that we don't have to trouble the common people again. "

"Don't you feel ashamed?" He narrowed his eyes mockingly and continued to speak sternly, "We are all raised by our parents, are you guys lacking hands or feet? Other people can exchange their own hands for what they need, but you, a bunch of vicious bandits, only use violence to plunder the work of others, have you ever thought about the consequences of stealing someone else's things; you certainly haven't, because you've never thought about it for your own sake, and you wouldn't have done anything like that if you had cared about the feelings of others. "

After talking a lot, Lin Feng pursed his lips and realized that everyone was looking at him strangely. He smiled lightly and said, "Why are you looking at me like that? Have you never seen me curse before?"

Lin Niannan smiled, "I've never seen you speak so righteously before. It seems like you've changed a lot in the past few days you've been out here. Is it true that you can train people when you come out?"

"Actually, I was originally like this." Lin Feng whispered, "Being at home is just too depressing." He decided that in the future, he would be a bit more willful and wouldn't suppress his emotions anymore. He would do whatever he wanted and he would do what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

"Little brother, little brother …" Seeing him in a daze, Lin Niannan pushed him. "Have you scolded enough? If you haven't scolded enough, then keep scolding. Listening to you scolding people is actually quite fun, hehe!" As he spoke, he covered his mouth and chuckled.

Lin Feng lightly coughed and glared at her. Then, he turned to that seemingly ashamed thief and said: "Do you want to know what happened to your eyes?"

The man suddenly raised his head and said loudly, "Yes, tell me, are my eyes blind? Do you have any hope of seeing anything?"

Lin Feng frowned, "If you want to know, you'll have to answer a few of my questions."

"Good, good, good." That person anxiously said, "What do you want to know? I will say whatever I can."

Lin Feng nodded his head and said, "Okay, I hope you can cooperate a little. First of all, I want to know, why do you want to be a bandit?"

"Life is forced upon us. We don't eat, we don't drink, we don't wear clothes, we don't have women. If we don't become bandits, then we will starve to death. Living like that really isn't fun."

"Then what do you do?"

"Stealing houses, stealing from others."

"What range are you all operating within?"

"Where there is oil to fish, there is our shadows."

"Why do you want to capture the people of this village when you have to pass by it every time you return?"

"Their village is too poor, so there is nothing to be gained from it. Besides, we have so many people in the village, so we naturally have to capture some people to serve them."

That bandit looked so natural that it angered the crowd. Luckily, he couldn't see it, because if he saw their eyes, he didn't know if he would still have the guts to continue talking.

Lin Feng shushed him and continued to ask, "Since you always pass here, then your village should be not far from here. But why is it that no one has found any traces of you? I am very curious, how did you always get back?"

That person was just about to say something when he felt that something was wrong. He paused and said, "I can't tell you this secret about the mountain stronghold. If you really want to harm our stronghold, then wouldn't I become a sinner?"

Lin Feng took a deep breath, "Okay, let's not talk about this first. Can you tell me how many people there are in your village?"

That person pondered for a moment, as if he was considering whether or not he should answer this question. In the end, he still said, "We have a total of five leaders in the village, and each of them has more than a hundred people under their command. Furthermore, they are all experts, so I advise you not to have any ideas about our village, we don't have anything good for you."

Lin Feng chuckled, not minding his threats at all, he continued to ask, "Other than your Second Leader, Lei Yuniang, what other abilities do the other leaders have?"

The man said slowly: "Big leader 'Wind Blade' Lou Chong, three leaders' Soul Locking Awl 'Lu Xiangshan, four leaders' Life Reaper 'Li Ang, and five leaders' Wise Fox 'Yu Chen. They're all good people, you won't have a chance. "

"Is that so?" Lin Feng gave a faint smile and said, "It sounds pretty impressive, but I'm not sure if it will be a temporary failure."

That person said proudly, "Of course they're very powerful. Otherwise, how could they dare to cause trouble for us for so long? It's all thanks to the five of us."

Lin Feng sneered, "Really? "I think it's just that you guys have hidden it well, don't exaggerate it here, you really have thick skin." Suddenly, he thought of a question. "Oh right, since your village is so secretive, and how did you find it, I am extremely curious."

That person lowered his head and muttered: "Anyway, after saying so much, you just want to find out where our mountain stronghold is, so you better give up."

Lin Feng was not annoyed. Instead, he smiled and said, "Bro, why don't we make a deal? We can cure your eyes and you can answer a question for me. Don't worry, I definitely won't ask where your village is."

Hearing this, that person became happy and hurriedly said, "Alright, as long as you don't ask us where the village is, I can answer you for anything. I can recite the 18 generations of my ancestors' family tree for you."

"What's the use of having your family tree?" Lin Feng mumbled to himself, "This is what you said. A man will never be able to keep his word. You can't go back on your word when the time comes."

"Of course, of course." While he was speaking, he thought to himself, "In any case, I'm not a gentleman. Once I've cured my eyes, I wouldn't care so much about you. Idiot!"

Lin Feng seemed to have seen through his thoughts, as he lazily said, "You promised so readily, but I can't believe you anymore. What if we treat you, and you make us clean up? "I don't like the idea of blood killing people. When the time comes, I won't be able to do anything to you."

That person cursed and said ruthlessly, "Then what do you think we should do?"

Lin Feng revealed an evil smile, "You have to answer me first."

The man thought for a moment and said while clenching his teeth: "Okay, as long as you don't ask us where the village is, I will agree. Go ahead and ask."

Lin Feng looked at Zhao Yuqing, who had a victorious smile on his face as if he was sure that he would win. Everyone was at a loss as to what was going on. They didn't know what was going on in their gourd.

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