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At this time, Lin Feng's face had already returned to its former whiteness. He was quietly lying on the table like a sleeping baby, without any sign of abnormality. Everyone was strangely quiet. They all stared at the father and son duo with rapt attention.

He saw Zhao Zixuan with a serious face, holding Lin Feng's hand in one hand and a golden needle in the other. Zhao Zixuan had a serious face, holding Lin Feng's hand in the other, and holding a golden needle in the other.

"Father …" Let me do it. Zhao Yuqing snatched the needle from Zhao Zixuan's hand and was about to stab it down, but he hesitated. However, after a moment, he gritted his teeth, steeled his heart, and the needle dropped down.

Blood was coming out in an instant. Zhao Zixuan handed over the bowl he had prepared a long time ago. When he was done, he stopped the bleeding for Lin Feng and then the two of them carried the blood into the inner room. The others could only watch as they worked on their own, but they couldn't help.

After what seemed like a century, the two of them were finally brought out. Everyone surrounded them and wanted to ask. However, when he saw the serious expressions on their faces, he had a bad premonition. It spread to the entire hall.

Zhao Zixuan sighed and slowly said, "Feng is really poisoned …" Furthermore, it was the rarest and most vicious poison in the world. It was called the Heavenly Worm Heart-Eclipsing Grass! "

"Heaven Eclipse Heart Grass?" Ren Yuhua's eyes widened in shock. "Is that the 'Heavenly Caterpillar Eclipse Heart Grass' recorded in the 'Secret Hundred Poison Scriptures'? Oh my god!" It belonged to Mister Lie Yang and Madam Yin Yue. They were famous devils! "

Lin Shicheng seemed to have understood the seriousness of the situation. He sat slumped in his chair, his face pale as he stared into space, unable to accept what he had just heard.

Seeing her husband in such a state, Zhao Yuqian was also at a loss. She grabbed Zhao Zixuan's arm and choked with sobs, "Big brother, is it very serious?" What the hell is a Heavenly Cordyceps Corydalis? Why did Brother Cheng... Tell me quickly, what is it? "

"Ah," Zhao Zixuan sighed heavily, and then said, "The Heavenly Worm Heart-Eroding Grass is a poison. According to the records of the 'Hundred Poison Scriptures', this poison can lurk in the body for ten years, and before the poison's onset, the person who was poisoned was no different from an ordinary person. The only difference is that the person can't practice martial arts, nor gather any inner strength. "

He then looked at Zhao Yuqing and faintly said, "Originally, I thought that Feng was suffering from the same strange illness as Yuqing. Although Feng looks a lot healthier than Yuqing, but now it doesn't seem to be …" Ten years. It seems like he was poisoned since the day Feng was born. "

"How is this possible? And who would be able to sneakily poison a manor without anyone noticing? " Guan Yulian felt that this was a bit unbelievable.

"It's a midwife, it's definitely a midwife," Lin Shicheng stood up with a gloomy face and growled, "Other than her, who else can easily approach Feng'er? Lin Zhong, Lin Zhong …"

"Old master, do you have any instructions?" The butler hurriedly ran into the hall.

"Go and find the midwife that gave birth to the second wife for me." Lin Shicheng waved his hand fiercely, as if he wanted to skin that person alive.

Lin Zhong hesitated for a moment before replying, "Master, that year, the midwives were found dead in the rooms the morning after their return. They hanged themselves, but now …"

With his target gone, Lin Shicheng weakly sat back down on his chair and waved Lin Zhong off with a dejected look. Lin Zhong looked at the young master who was lying on the table and wanted to ask something, but he did not, sighing as he retreated.

"Hanged?" Zhao Zixuan touched his chin in confusion, rolled his eyes a few times, and then slapped the table, shocking everyone. Then he said, "Murder to silence, murder to silence, someone must have ordered her to do it. As long as we can find the mastermind behind this, everything will be fine."

"Murder?" The mastermind? Insect Corrosion Heart Grass? Ten years? Poison? Zhao Yuqian muttered to herself. Suddenly, she thought of a very serious question. "Big Brother, what happens after the poison appears?" Was it like before? However, Feng Er seemed fine now, could it be … "

"Ten years of incubation period, ten years of onset period, that is to say, over the next ten years, Ah Feng will have to endure this kind of pain frequently. The initial onset time will be short and the interval will be long, but as time passes, the duration of the attack will slowly increase, the interval will become shorter and the pain will become more and more unbearable." "

'Could it be that this poison is only used to torture people? Will it be alright after ten years? ' Guan Yulian, who had always been rational, quickly asked the key questions.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Zixuan shook his head and said in a desolate voice, "I don't know. No one knows what will happen in ten years, because no one has ever been able to endure until then."

"…." Sighs filled with despair rang out in succession, and the hall was suddenly so quiet that even a pin drop could be heard. Everyone was silent as they stared at Lin Feng who was in a deep sleep. They couldn't help but wonder what kind of future the poor Ah Feng was facing.

"Isn't there an antidote?" Ren Yuhua broke the silence and asked himself a question that everyone wanted to know. That's right, there should be an antidote for the poison.

A glimmer of hope appeared in everyone's hearts …

Zhao Zixuan shook his head with the same expression, "I don't know. The [Hundred Poisons Secret Scripture] isn't recorded, but I don't believe that there is an antidote in this world. Even if the 'Insect Corrosion Heart Grass' doesn't have an antidote, I still have to find a way to concoct one. So, don't be depressed anymore." "

The moment Zhao Zixuan shook his head, everyone's hopes were dashed, but upon hearing his words, their fighting spirit was rekindled in an instant. Lin Shicheng seemed to have lost his soul, as he slammed his hand on the table, and said imposingly: "I don't believe in evil, God you do not want to live with me, I will let you see, my son will live a good life, he will live a good life …" "

"Well done, that's how it should be." Zhao Zixuan patted him on the shoulder to show his encouragement, and then his face darkened. "What we should do now is uncover the mastermind," he said. "Shicheng, you better think carefully about who has a grudge with you. How could you be so despicable as to do such a heartless thing? "

"Do you even need to think about it?" Ren Yuhua suddenly said coldly, "Who else could do such a thing but him? It's a shame that he's worthy to be on par with us." "

"You mean he..." Zhao Zixuan and Lin Shicheng's eyes flashed with killing intent, but it quickly disappeared. They put on the same ice-cold expressions that Ren Yuhua wore, and the three of them smiled darkly in tacit understanding. The smiles terrified the onlookers, but the determination in their eyes revealed what they were thinking.

Everyone suddenly had a feeling that the mastermind behind the poison would definitely die miserably. Although they weren't sure if the 'he' they were referring to was the 'he' they were thinking of, they would know. Sooner or later, the truth would come out.

Five years passed in a blink of an eye. During these five years, the relationship between the Four Great Clans had become even more tense, and many martial artists had witnessed it. Many people understood the twists and turns, but as outsiders, they did not want to participate too much in the open rivalry between them.

In these five years, San Zhuang had spent all his efforts to find the best medicine, but it had not been effective. In just five years, Lin Shicheng was already so worried that his temples had turned white, as if he had aged ten years.

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