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The sky had already darkened. Lin Feng, who had already slept for an unknown amount of time, suddenly opened his eyes. He could hear extremely light footsteps approaching his room from far away, and the door opened in response.

A figure entered the room. It was a woman. She walked in slowly and muttered, "Why is he so good at sleeping? Why isn't he awake yet?" He walked over to the table and fumbled around for a while. He was probably looking for flint.

Lin Feng recognized Lin Xiangnan's voice and said, "Second sister, what are you looking for?" "Oh god, are you trying to scare me to death? Why didn't you say anything earlier? Since you were awake, why didn't you light the lamp? Are you trying to scare me?" Hearing the sudden sound, Lin Xiangnan slapped her chest in fright.

Lin Feng chuckled and teased, "If I had uttered those words just now, I wouldn't have been able to create such an effect, haha!" "So it turns out that Second Sis wasn't as daring as I thought!"

"Hmph," Lin Xiangnan retorted. "Please, young master, this is not about the size of your guts, it's just a natural reaction from a human. If you were in an extremely quiet environment, you would've been shocked by the sound. If you don't believe me, you can experience it for yourself, I'm not a coward."

"As for my second sister, she has the best point." Lin Feng was too lazy to argue with her. He changed the subject and asked, "Then why did you come to my place?"

"What else can I do?" Lin Xiangnan was still trying to figure out where the firestone was, and she said, "I told you to get up and eat, and Daddy is back, so he ordered Xiaoyun to call for you just now. Seeing that your door is locked, you probably didn't wake you up when you were sleeping, now that dinner is ready, you should wake up hungry …" "Seriously, where did you put your fire piston? I couldn't find it even after searching for half a day."

"Oh." Lin Feng climbed down from the bed, grabbed the fire piston in his hand, lit the oil lamp and smiled proudly at Lin Xiangnan. "Haha, you haven't been able to get anything out of me, I can't help but be convinced."

"Of course you're familiar with your room, I can also casually get my hands on mine. Hmph, I won't tell you anymore, quickly pack up and go down to the main hall, dad is still waiting for you …"

Finishing his words, he ignored Lin Feng and walked away on his own. Lin Feng helplessly shook his head and bitterly smiled. He then began to pack up his appearance. After he was done, he blew out the lamp and walked towards the main hall.

Compared to the darkness outside the room, the hall was a whole different world. The lights were bright like the day, the girls had already filled the table with a sumptuous dinner, looking at it made people drool. Around the table were all the important figures of the Iron Sword Villa, and now, the only one missing was Lin Feng.

Lin Feng walked in and saw that Lin Shicheng was in a very good mood as he was sipping tea. He was stunned for a moment, but he quickly recovered. After asking everyone a question, he sat down.

Lin Niannan laughed sarcastically. "Morning?" "Hey, little brother, I think you must have fallen asleep for a bit. Why don't you see what time it is? It's more appropriate to ask late. Why are you here asking for an early arrival?"

Lin Feng actually put on a silly smile, stood up and said, "Then everyone's late, you can have your meal now, right?" Lin Nian Nan rolled his eyes helplessly. He really didn't know what to say.

Seeing Lin Shicheng nod in assent, Lin Feng started to eat as if no one else was around, and then suddenly remembered something. He raised his head from his rice bowl and said to Lin Xiangxue, "Big sister, Yunfei has left. Why didn't you let him stay here for a few days?"

"Lin Xiangxue's hand paused for a moment as a strange light flashed in her eyes. She then smiled and said," Why should we leave him here? It's not like he has nothing better to do. "

"Oh." Lin Feng surprisingly didn't tease her elder sister, making Lin Xiangxue feel strange. She thought to herself, "Why are you being so honest today?"

After he was done eating, Lin Shicheng put down his chopsticks, took a sip of tea and said, "Feng'er, guess what father has been doing these past two days?" "Lin Feng put down his chopsticks and said calmly," "Dad, I don't even need to guess what you did. You just helped me find some medicine, right?"

"Your father came back from your uncle's place, and your uncle had already figured out the nature of your strange illness. He said that your illness was of a febrile nature, and that you had to use an extremely cold medicine to suppress it, so your father came back with a good medicine today."

"Is that so?" Lin Feng didn't seem excited at all, instead he asked, "Is it going to work?" There was no lack of cold drugs in the past, but what could be useful? "Dad, don't work for me anymore. It will only be a waste of effort …"

"What do you mean by that?" Lin Shicheng slapped the table and said, "You are my son, shouldn't I work hard for you?" Should I leave you to fend for yourself? If this were to spread out, how would others look at me? "Why are you looking at my Iron Sword Villa?"

Other than a frown, Lin Feng did not show any other expression. The rest of them did not dare to make a sound, and the room immediately became quiet. Lin Shicheng softened his tone and said, "Feng'er, you must have some confidence. You cannot give up. In short, as long as there is a sliver of hope, father will not give up on searching for medicine for you."

Zhao Yuqian also advised, "Feng, since your father has said all this, just let him try. With the medicine, it's better to have hope than no hope. In any case, nothing can be worse than this." Saying so, he couldn't help but sigh.

Lin Feng also sighed when he saw his mother's reaction. In fact, how could he not have any hopes, but every time he was disappointed, all his confidence would be worn out. He could not bring himself to welcome her again and again, but every time, he would fail.

"Try it, but I hope this will be the last time, okay?" "Father!" Lin Shicheng's anger immediately turned into joy as he said, "As long as you agree, I can promise you anything. Come, let's take a look at the medicine I've brought." As he spoke, he took out a long purple sandalwood box and placed it on the table.

Lin Feng secretly sighed, saying that as long as he was obedient he would agree to anything, but he still had to use such a perfunctory tone to deal with him. Lin Feng thought it would be ridiculous to think that the number one manor lord would actually use such a small trick to deceive him. However, Lin Feng could not laugh at all.

At this time, Lin Shicheng had already opened the box, and a sliver of cold air came out of it, refreshing everyone. All of them looked curiously towards the box, and saw a snow-white ginseng lying there quietly.

Lin Niannan moved his head closer, his eyes opened wide in admiration, "Wow, Dad, this... Is this a ginseng? It looks like a ginseng, but it's not the same. Is this a ginseng after all? And it can even emit cold air. If I put it on my body on such a hot day, it would definitely be very comfortable! "

Lin Shicheng smiled and said, "This is a ginseng, it's just a thousand-year-old Snow Ginseng. It grows all year round on top of a snowy mountain, its cold nature is definitely not ordinary. Using it to scare Feng'er's strange disease will definitely have its effect."

"But how can I know if it is effective against Feng Er's disease? I can't wait for Feng Er's disease to break out, can this Snow Ginseng always maintain its cold?" Guan Yulian said what she thought rationally.

Lin Shicheng closed the box, then said: "It won't be able to maintain its cold nature for long after it leaves the snow mountain, but when we obtained this Snow Ginseng, we also obtained a Snow Mountain Beast's Beast Core, otherwise, just this Snow Ginseng wouldn't be able to release such a cold Qi. The medicine we used before was not very precious, just eating it would be fine, but this time it's different, the Snow Ginseng is too precious, we have to make good use of it, the key is that I don't know how to prove its effectiveness now."

Lin Feng rolled his eyes a few times and said to one of the girls beside him, "Little Shan, go get a jar of wine. If you want something stronger, then it's better. Hurry up!" The girl accepted the order and quickly ran down the stairs.

Lin Shicheng was puzzled, "Feng'er, what do you want wine for?" Lin Feng mysteriously smiled and replied, "Daddy will know soon enough."

After a while, the little girl brought the wine over. What a big jar of wine, Lin Feng gestured for her to bring a bowl, and said, "Dad, I think you should remember that the last time I drank this wine, after drinking it, I became sick for some reason. I think this wine is very irritating to me, since you want to use it as a test, so we should use this method."

Lin Shicheng frowned, still unable to understand what Lin Feng meant. Lin Feng thought for a moment, then said, "Let's put it this way, I want to eat a bit of this Snow Ginseng's root hair, and then drink some wine. If the disease doesn't break out, it means that this ginseng is useful, do you understand?"

Lin Shicheng nodded, indicating that he understood. However, Zhao Yuqian said worriedly, "But if it doesn't work, doesn't that mean that Feng Er will be tormented by pain again?"

"That way, you can give up," Lin Feng said. "If even such a precious medicine is useless, then I think it's time to give up. So, you should prepare yourselves."

After Lin Feng said this, he intentionally opened the box without looking at everyone's strange expressions. He took out a root hair and ate it. After that, he poured a bowl of strong wine and drank it in one gulp with a frown before closing his eyes.

Everyone looked at him nervously. After a while, Lin Feng did not react and Lin Nian Nan asked curiously: "Little brother, how do you feel right now? Your illness doesn't seem to have broken out! "

Lin Feng opened his eyes, smiled and said, "It's very comfortable. After drinking it, there will be a cooling energy wrapping around it. and then turn into nothing and I'll try again. " As he said this, he poured himself another bowl of wine and drank it down. The effects were the same.

While everyone was immersed in joy, Lin Feng let out a muffled groan. His strange illness had broken out, and Lin Shicheng was extremely confused as he placed his hand on Lin Feng's fatal acupoint, slowly channeling his inner Qi until Lin Feng's face had returned to normal.

Lin Feng looked at Lin Shicheng weakly, his eyes filled with pain, "Father, how could this be?" He originally had a sliver of hope, but now …

He shook his head and comforted her, "Don't worry, I'll go ask your uncle. You go back and rest first. Xiao Yun, escort the young master back to his room."

Lin Feng bitterly smiled. He wanted to say something but held himself back, allowing Xiao Yun to carry him back to his room. Afterwards, Lin Shicheng waved his hands and sent his three daughters away with little interest.

Guan Yulian said, "Brother Cheng, how did you get this Snow Ginseng?" Lin Shicheng glanced at her and sighed, "The three of us went to the snow mountain to find it. That inner pellet was taken by the strange beast that was guarding the snow ginseng. We killed it."

He did not expect that the three of them would go up the snowy mountain. After going through such a dangerous experience, Lin Shicheng sighed, "Sigh, it's getting late, let's go back and rest. Tomorrow, I'll go to Big Bro's place and see what's going on."

The two girls nodded helplessly and left the hall dejectedly.

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