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It was noon in the middle of summer and the weather was stuffy. There was a cold tea shop twenty or thirty miles outside of the city. Usually, there would only be five or six people there. However, this was too much for the waiter. The waiter hurriedly brought the tea to the customers and served it to them. As his hands and feet slowed down, the customers impatiently yelled and scolded him for being clumsy. Seeing that the customer was upset, he called the waiter to a corner and scolded him in a low voice. Then he smiled at the customers inside and said, "Please be patient, guests, I am honored to have all of you here today. However, this waiter is a newcomer from the countryside, and his hands are clumsy and slow when it comes to doing things. I hope you can forgive me for delaying the rest of the guests drinking tea." He then continued to urge the waiter to serve the tea.

He was wiping off his sweat with his clothes, while shouting out loud: "Damn it, if I'm going to drink this tea, or if I'm going to drag it out, or if I'm going to drink it, or if I have to break it, or if I have to tear you apart or not!" As he said this, he slammed his hand on the table repeatedly, and everyone turned around to see that his face was flushed red from holding his breath. Soon, his clothes were soaked from his forehead, and he was still panting heavily, causing everyone to laugh and say: "I don't know where you got the tea, or if you've gone for a month." The little wood he spoke of was originally the waiter of this tea shop. Since last month, for some reason, he had left a letter with the shopkeeper saying that he was returning to his hometown to support his parents before leaving. It was the middle of the summer, and all the people in the city liked to gather for tea and chat at noon. With so many people, the shopkeeper couldn't busy himself and found an honest looking waiter to serve them tea.

The shopkeeper hurriedly ran over to apologize and said, "Please calm down, sir. This second young man is new and is not from the local area, so he doesn't understand our rules. He is indeed a bit slow to handle things, but he is still very diligent and honest. He then walked over to the waiter and said in a low voice, "Serve the tea to the guest first." Although the shopkeeper wanted to vent his dissatisfaction on the waiter, he had a lot of guests today. Some of them were friendly and made money, but this time, they didn't scold him like before.

Although there were many customers, without the manager's nagging, the waiter quickly served tea for the customers inside the shop. At this moment, there was a slight breeze that blew by, and everyone was no longer as bored as before.

The big man then said, "I don't know when this damn hot weather will come to an end. It's really boring these days. "The past few days have been very strange for the Pieces of Fragrance Garden. They don't do good business and they have to hide those beautiful girls. It's rare for them to do nothing." He said in a low voice, "Don't you know, something big happened in the city recently?" He paused for a moment, took a sip of tea, and then continued, "The master of the merchant castle, Shang Qiuyuan, died tragically in the Xiang Fei Garden a few days ago. Alas, what a pity." As he finished speaking, he shook his head. He didn't know if it was a pity that the Shang family's daughter had died, or if it was a pity that the grand Shang family's daughter had actually died at Fragrance Garden. When he said that, it immediately drew the crowd to a side. The man said doubtfully, "Ah Gui, don't talk nonsense. The commercial castle is an aristocratic family of the martial arts world. He is the one who bullies others. How would others dare to provoke the commercial castle?"

"That's right, that's right. Ah Jin is right. Ah Gui must have listened to someone's nonsense again."

"Ah Gui, where did you hear that? It's really fake, that's impossible. Who would dare to provoke a merchant castle?"

"I think it's hard to say. The merchant house has always been a tyrannical place. Although we are people of the martial arts world, we common folk have always been bullied by him."

"Un, that's right. It must be some great hero who helped us …" However, although Shang Jia Stronghold's actions are not to be looked down upon by others, that is the conduct of Shang Qiu. What does it have to do with his daughter? ".

Shang Jia Stronghold was one of the top families in Suzhou. The master of Shang Jia Stronghold not only had thousands of connections, but he also had the "Forty-nine Flowers of Pear Spear Style" which was a deterrent to the martial arts world. Seven years ago, Shang Qiuyi relied on this unique skill to roam the Jianghu, bringing down the three hegemons of Jiangnan. His fame spread far and wide. In addition, the Shangjia Fortress had recently recruited many first-rate experts from the Jianghu [1], each of them possessing unique skills and dominating the Jiangnan region.

"How could ordinary people like us know about the grudges and grudges between the martial arts world and the martial arts world? Back then, the master of the castle drove the three hegemons of Jiangnan to Mo Bei, and he even brought hatred to the descendants of the three hegemons of Taiping Su Prefecture. I'm afraid we don't even know the truth behind it." Ahhhh, tell me about these events, just as if he himself had experienced them all those years ago.

At this time, the shopkeeper also came over: "I also heard about it, a few days ago, two customers came into the shop, one fat and the other thin, the thin guy was surprisingly long, wearing a sword, obviously a martial artist, the moment he came into the shop he shouted, and even scolded Afei, pointing at the waiter who was making tea, seeing that the waiter had his head lowered, looking at the teacup, he immediately drank it and said:" Ah Fei, look at the tea, don't touch the guests. "Ah Fei immediately came back and apologized awkwardly, the customer waved his hand, signalling him not to disturb the shopkeeper, continuing," These two people came in, looking around cautiously, and did not see the shop. I don't know these two people, but the Free and Unrestrained Faction is well-known in the martial arts world. Another thin man said, "Senior brother said that when we came to Suzhou this time, the Sect Leader only wanted us to contact Great Hero Lu Yunfeng first. We had to listen to Great Hero Lu's instructions, but after coming to Suzhou for half a month, we haven't even seen a shadow of Great Hero Lu." This time, when we come to Su Prefecture, we will definitely come for the matter of the Shang Jia Stronghold. I think that may not be the case, since the Sect Leader has also overestimated Lu Yunfeng's abilities this time, and the skinny man said the three words "Great Hero Lu" and intentionally dragged out his tone.

Everyone heard the shopkeeper talk about the martial arts world and slowly came over. Ah Jin Xiang said, "Waiter, make a few pots of tea with the best tea in the shop, and then bring a few pots of the best wine in your store, and also some plates of the peanuts in the brine. Today, I will treat you to a meal; we need to listen to the storekeeper talk about these martial arts world and the martial arts world, and I, your father, have been bored for a long time and would love to listen to these things." When everyone heard that Jin was going to treat them, they all burst into a commotion and gathered together. Ah Gui clapped. "It's unexpected that Jin has been stingy for half his life. Today, he's finally enlightened. Don't let me down on my good intentions. Since there's wine, how can there not be good dishes?" After saying that, he didn't wait for them to agree. He turned to the shopkeeper and said, "Shopkeeper, please ask the waiter to cook a few plates of good food. We will drink to our heart's content today." The shopkeeper said, "It's a pity that Little Lin is not around. Otherwise, that 'Snow Red' trick of Little Lin's would have satisfied your appetite. Ah, you've only just arrived. I'm afraid that the dishes will disappoint you all." Ah Gui laughed out loud. "Tea, dishes and wine are secondary. I heard from the shopkeeper that the matters of the martial arts world are the main events and interesting matters." After saying this, the crowd fell into laughter once more.

The shopkeeper waved his hand, gesturing for everyone to calm down, and continued to say: "Junior must not make wild guesses, the name of Lu Yunfeng's hero is known to all, this hero's name is given by the martial artists, it is not self-proclaimed, Great Hero Lu must have been delayed along the way, you and I have been here for a few days already, so there is no harm in waiting a few days'." The thin junior said: "Senior is always defending this outsider, no matter how high his martial arts level is, how famous his reputation is, he can cover up our Free and Unrestrained Sect." The Free and Unrestrained Sect is indeed a very famous sect in the martial arts world, but after hearing the fat senior brother say: "Junior, you can't say such righteous words, our Free and Unrestrained Sect's people traveled the martial arts world, and their chivalry was first, they intend to do something for the people, not for their reputation." When the shopkeeper said these words of the fat senior brother, he gave a big thumbs up. Everyone who was told by the storekeeper became immersed in his words and was constantly greeted with praise.

"That scrawny junior brother said, 'Brother is right. This time, that pervert is really reckless. He actually dared to provoke the Shang family's castle and committed such a heinous crime. He has caused the martial arts world to despise him. Senior Brother, if we find this pervert first, we can't just sit back and do nothing. We must do what the Sect Leader says and only make plans after meeting Lu Yunfeng, can we? ' The fatty said, "Of course. It's just that the flying martial arts on the grass are extremely strong and the flying martial arts are even more outstanding. No one in the martial arts world can compare to us." The scrawny man said: "Hmph, this scoundrel only knows how to bully the weak, and if he saw a strong martial arts cultivator, he would just run away." The shopkeeper paused for a moment and drank some water, and then said: "I wonder what kind of person flew on this grass, and what kind of lightness skills are outstanding. No one can match up to him, the scrawny man opened his mouth and screamed at the scumbag, could it be that Shang Qiushui's daughter was sent flying on this grass … "It's dead." Ah Jin nodded his head, "As shopkeeper has said, this is indeed possible. If Flying true martial arts is strong and powerful on the grass, even if we can't beat Shang Qiu, can't we use the unparalleled flying martial arts to escape?"

Suddenly, he heard Gui Gui cry out in surprise, "Stupid boy, you're burning me up!" It turned out to be the waiter! Fei Fei was lost in thought, and unknowingly poured out the precious teacup. A cup of boiling tea he had just taken out from the stove burned his left hand, causing it to become red and swollen. The shopkeeper glared fiercely and shouted, "The customer has been chased away by you. If you're not careful, why aren't you staying on the side?" He wanted to apologize, but the shopkeeper pushed him away.

The shopkeeper said, "It really spoils the mood." He paused for a moment and then continued, "Brother Fatty said," That's not entirely true, the master of the Shang family's martial arts is dominating the Jiangnan region, and he flew much higher than the grass. The gang in the Jianghu Sect can't fly this high, so why did they mess with the Shang family's castle? " That junior brother said, "Who cares about his secrets. As long as we meet this pervert, we will personally help the martial arts world get rid of him."

"Although this junior brother has a rough personality, he hates evil and is a good man."

"This Flying Light Art on the Grass is so powerful. I'm afraid even the two of them might not be able to capture him."

"Qing Gong is truly peerless in this world. I'm afraid even that Great Hero Lu would not be able to fly on top of the grass."

The shopkeeper said, "If Shang Qiu's daughter really did fly on that grass, she would have already arrived at Su Zhou City." When the crowd heard this and thought of their wives and children, they couldn't help but be secretly worried and frightened. They hoped that the two warriors from the Free and Unrestrained Faction and Master Lu could get rid of the grass as soon as possible.

At this time, the sound of horse hooves came from outside the shop, and two horses galloped in, raising a cloud of dust. In a moment, they were outside the tea shop, and a voice rang out: "Senior Brother, today we are here again, we will take a break, that Shang Qiu is not giving face to our Free and Unrestrained Sect, we have been sent several times to visit, and have been sent back here, it is truly infuriating." The newcomer was fat and thin, with a round face, but looked like a rich merchant. The thin man was tall and thin, with a sullen look on his face, and the two of them each held a treasured sword, causing everyone to look at him, and they were immediately stunned, the two of them were the two that the shopkeeper had mentioned, a fat and a thin man, the fat man was fat and a thin, and the fat man was medium height, and had a round face, but the thin man looked like a wealthy merchant, and the thin man was tall and thin, and each of them holding a treasured sword.

Yu Ren said angrily, "What are you guys looking at? If you take another look, your eyes will definitely go blind." Although this Yu Ren was taller than most people, his build was unusually thin, and some people in the world called him "Skinny Monkey", which was a title that Yu Ren found hard to accept. He was afraid that if he were to say it out loud, it would be a taboo, but this time, when he entered the shop, he saw everyone looking at him with a strange expression, as if they were just teasing him. In addition, the half moon merchant house's attitude towards them was neither cold nor hot, so naturally they had nowhere to vent their anger on. They even started to berate these ordinary citizens loudly. In fact, how could he know that the commoners in these shops would usually avoid those from the martial arts world? How would they have the guts to toy with them?

Lian Shaoqun hurriedly said, "Junior Brother, have you forgotten the Sect Leader's teachings for us?" When the crowd heard that Yu Ren "must blind your eyes", they were so scared that they didn't know what to do. They just stood there and didn't dare to say anything for fear of provoking Yu Ren's wrath.

After Lian Shaoqun and Yu Ren sat down, the crowd quietly walked away, somewhat fearful of the two of them. Five or six of them stayed behind and thought to themselves: "If we don't talk, we'll really be blinded." The shopkeeper walked up and said, "What do the two of you want?" As he said this, he wiped the table with a cloth. The storekeeper had described the conversation between Lian Shaoqun and Yu Ren a few days ago, and had imitated their speech perfectly. Now that he actually met them, he felt slightly embarrassed and thought to himself: "I don't know if they heard what they just said.

Lian Shaoqun said: "Thank you, Shopkeeper, please bring us a pot of tea, mmm, and a pot of wine, and a plate of peanuts will do." He had rarely drank, and although he did not object, he always felt that drinking alcohol would hurt one's body, which was not good for martial arts practice. However, no matter how well he recuperated from what he had experienced in the past few days, it was inevitable that he would have some resentment in his heart, but it was just that he would not show it.

Ah Fei served a pot of tea and then filled up a pot of wine. Seeing his strange expression, Lian Qun walked slowly with his eyes fixed on the ground. Something was wrong, but he couldn't pinpoint exactly what was wrong.

The second reason is that the Sect Leader thinks that once the grass flies up to the Suzhou, the matter of the fort will have something to do with it. The first reason is that if we do not do it, it is because the castle does not appreciate our kindness, so there is no need for us to be angry and hurt ourselves. Don't forget, the real purpose of our trip to Suzhou was to fly on the grass, not to go to the merchant's castle. "

Only then did Yu Ren's anger dissipate slightly. "Senior Brother is right. Let's go take a look at Consort Xiang and maybe we'll find something."

Lian Shaoqun said: "Fragrance Garden is the place where the daughter of Shang Qiu was involved. If he won't even let us into the merchant castle, then it must be a heavily guarded place of the merchant castle. If we really meet the people from the merchant castle, we must act according to the circumstances so as not to hurt our relationship by saying that the Free and Unrestrained Sect is nosy."

"All right, let's go now," said Yu.

Lian Shaoqun waved his hand and smiled. "Junior has always been impatient, and now that the day is clear and bright, we don't have the ability to go without a trace, so I'm afraid it's not the best time to act. What do you think?" With that, he winked at Yu Ren, who immediately understood and said, "You're right, senior brother." The two of them had been in the Free and Unrestrained Sect for more than ten years, so they had developed a tacit understanding of words and expressions.

Now that the following matter had been made clear, the two of them were no longer in a hurry. On the contrary, they could eat and drink in peace. Thinking about the past few days, both of them had been thinking about the reason why they were rejected as guests at Shang Jia Castle. In fact, although the two of them were under the orders of the Free and Unrestrained Sect Leader to help the Shang family's castle, the purpose of their trip was to catch the flying grass. The two of them were the first to enter the commercial castle and flew on the grass.

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