Love and Pains/C2 Chapter 1: Im Yunhee
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Love and Pains/C2 Chapter 1: Im Yunhee
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C2 Chapter 1: Im Yunhee

My name is Im Yunhee, born november 17, 1995. I often watch romantic dramas and i also like to read comics. When i wake up in the morning, i get up to take a shower and prepare breakfast after then, i go to work as a clerk assistant in the shopping mall. At one o'clock in the afternoon i will have lunch with my other co-workers and at seven o'clock in the evening i will go home and lie down on my bed. This is what i have been doing over and over again for 24 years.

We are four siblings and i am the second. The eldest and third are already married, while our youngest Aya is in a relationship. I am the only one of us who has never had a boyfriend, i have never introduced a man to my family because i'm also an Nbsb or No boyfriend since birth. I'm just elusive when it comes to men, i also don't like to meet up or blind date with any other guys out there. We have a saying, do not rush to find love because it will come to you spontaneously. That's what they told me, but while i was waiting i got bored and my age date also ran.

I think i am at the right age to experience things when it comes to romance. I was even delicate with men then, his nose should be sharp, his eyes narrow, not so high he should be just a little taller than me so that when the two of us kissed he would not get tired he would definitely dress well and above all he must be a good kisser.

But now even if he is no longer perfect or as i wish for a man, it is okay with me. All that matters is that he should love me as much as i love him. It's just that even though my standard is low when it comes to men, no one still likes me or even flirts.

Sometimes i just ask myself, am i ugly? Am i not attractive? why don't they like me? What am i missing?

"What do you think of me?" I asked my friend and co-worker, Ji Hajoon. He turned to me and looked at me from head to toe.

"Why do you ask?" he said while raising one eyebrow. Ji Hajoon is my closest co-worker of all. Sometimes it is mistaken that we have a relationship because we are always together and we have a bit in common with each other, but for me he is just a friend or older brother and i know he treats me the same way.

We are 4 years apart from each other but you would not think on his face that he is 28 years old. He just looks like a college student with blonde hair and loves to hang out everywhere. He also likes to have a relationship with any woman, but they do not last long and they also separate after 2 months. He is the type of man that everyone will chase but he is also the type who does not believe in destiny or soulmates. Often when we watch in the cinema he always chooses action movies or horror, as long as there are no mixed romance scenes.

"Nothing." I just told him and then he suddenly stopped walking and he stared me in the eye.

"W-why?" I stammered.

"Maybe .. are you already in love with someone?" He said smiling but i just rolled my eyes and continued walking.

"Admit it! Aren't you in love? Who is that? Do i know him? Or is he just our co-worker?" He said teasingly and he walked forward as he faced me.

"Stop it! You're not funny!" I said annoyed but he still did'nt stop teasing me and suddenly a motorcycle passed by but fortunately i pulled him right away, otherwise he might have been injured.

"I already told you! Why are you so naughty?!" I let him go and left.

He is annoying, why does he even have to walk forward and face me? There you go! he almost had an accident! Ays!, I said to myself as he repeatedly called and chased me.

"Yunhee! Yunhee!"

"Yunhee, are you mad at me? I'm sorry, don't be mad please?" at the same time he held my hand.

Wait, why do i feel this way? Why is my heart beating so fast? No, Yunhee! Not Hajoon. You two are just friends and that's all, okay? I whispered to myself as i stared into his blinking eyes.

I removed his hand that was holding me and i whispered in his ear,.

"Get lost," at the same time i passed him.

"Yunhee, wait for me!" He shouted and then he approached me.

"But you know how cool you were earlier," He put his arm around me and winked, but i just ignored him.

"I thought such things only happen in shows, but they really can also happen in real life." he added while holding her other chest.

I just shook my head and thought, maybe he's going crazy.

"It's the first time i've felt this feeling in my whole life, it's as if everyone around me stopped for a moment and only time rotates with us."

I turned to him and said, "Tsk! tsk! tsk! You're crazy. Yes, you're really crazy!"

We were both crossing the padestrial lane when a man suddenly hit me on the shoulder and he seemed to be in a hurry.

"Wow! He didn't even apologize to me." As i followed him with my gaze.

"Hey!" Hajoon suddenly called the man.

"Just leave it alone, Hajoon. Maybe he's just in a hurry." Then i pulled him by his sleeves but he ignored me.

"Hajoon!" I called him but he ignored me and then he approached the man earlier.

I suddenly noticed something and i picked it up. A black bussiness card with the inscription, Ceo of Ae Coorporation; Ae Haneul.

"Haneul?" then i looked at the man who ran into me earlier.

Oh-my-gosh! Hajoon chose the wrong person!

"Hajoon, come back here! Hurry!"

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