Love and Pains/C3 Chapter 2: Ae Haneul
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Love and Pains/C3 Chapter 2: Ae Haneul
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C3 Chapter 2: Ae Haneul

"What's happening?"

"I'm sorry sir, but the traffic is so long it looks like we will be late for a few minutes before it moves on." He explained, he is Hak Myung-29 years old and my secretary since i started the business.

"Shit! What do you want me to do?!" And i am Ae Haneul-turning 32 this year and currently the youngest CEO of Ae Coorporation.

"Make a way for us to get out of here right away!" I shouted at him.

This is what i hate most of all, getting late every time i have meetings especially on this important day. There are so many people who want to fire me as CEO, they says because i was young and i still have a lot to learn. Sometimes they make a big deal of my being late, saying that i do'nt take my job seriously or that i'm just abusing my position.

They also have nothing to do with in, because i was orphaned early by my parents and certainly at the young age of 15- I almost devoted my young life to learning about business. I barely even experienced being a normal kid and playing outside. I was always confined indoors and taught proper business management.

That's why i can't blame myself also for not wanting to get married.

"Whatever!" I got out of the car and ran to the pedestrial lane.

"Wait a minute sir!" he shouted at me but didn't care.

If i wait for the traffic to move, I will definitely not be able to reach another meeting.

When the traffic lights came on, i quickly crossed over and i bumped into a woman but i just ignored her.

I'm sorry but i'm really in a hurry!

As i was about to cross the other road, suddenly a man tapped me on the shoulder.

I just ignored him but he suddenly grabbed my arm.

"Hey are you deaf?!" He said angrily to me.

I turned to him and looked around. The other people was looking at us and i didn't know what he was up to, but i just smiled at him and said,.

"I'm sorry. I won't buy it." And then i avoided him immediately.

I heard him laugh but i just kept walking but he suddenly blocked my path.

"You're also a weirdo huh?, isn't that really the attitude of a rich person like you?" He grinned, then i pulled my wallet out of my pocket and at the same time i handed him the money.

"What is that?" he asked with astonishment on his face.

"Take it, i said just take it." He didn't take it so i just put it in his pants pocket. Then i avoided him again and hurriedly walked.

"Is he crazy?! Hey!" He shouted.

"Geez! What else does he need? Did i give him less?" I grabbed the money from my wallet again and this time i added five more so that he would not complain.

"Is it okay?" I told him but he suddenly pulled me to my collar and definitely punched me hard on the left cheek.

I just let go of what he just did to me, so i stood up as if nothing had happened and continued walking again.

I will not get anything if i hit him and i just waste my time with people like him!

"Hajoon!," Yunhee approached him and stopped him from chasing Haneul.

"Let me go, i'll just teach that arrogant a lesson!" Hajoon said angrily as he looked at Haneul.

"Leave him alone," Yunhee said as he hugged her tightly.

"He's lucky because you're there! Otherwise, i might have ruined her beautiful face!" Hajoon said and Yunhee let him go.

"You're also lucky because i stopped you," She said as she handed over Haneul's business card that Yunhee had found earlier.

"What is this?" He looked at the business card.

"Ae Coorporation?" He turned to Yunhee.

"Look at the one below," She pointed out.

"Ceo. Ae Haneul?!" He said with a look of surprise on his face.

She just nodded at him and then he suddenly said,.

"That arrogant one!?.. a .. a CEO!?" He was shocked and pointed in Haneul's direction.

Yunhee nodded at him again and Hajoon just stared in shock.

"Why didn't you tell me right away!?" He shouted.

"Eh, you suddenly approached him! I was calling you but you just ignored me."

He just scratched his head and then pocketed the money Haneul's handed him earlier.

"I'm going crazy. I'm going crazy!" He said repeatedly, while Yunhee followed behind him.

"Don't follow me!" He said to her.

"I'm not following you, I'm going to work too." She replied.

"Even though! Get away from me and never come near me again! Geez! It's really annoying!, i think i'm going to lose my mind!" He said as he messed up his hair.


When Haneul arrived at the meeting, some directors and shareholders partners in his company were already leaving.

"I'm already here," he said breathlessly.

"I just wasted my time here!" Complaint said the other shareholder.

"If i only knew it would be like this i wish i had never come here!" Another said.

"Mr. Haneul!" his secretary Hak Myung called him and he approached him.

"Myung, tell them we will continue the meeting."

"I'm sorry sir, but the meeting is over and it looks like they are all in a bad mood." He told.

"Is that so? Then tell them i'm still the ceo, so they just leave my company if they don't want to comply."

"All right, sir."

Haneul, immediately entered the conference room and prepared himself. In a few moments, some of their stockholders and directors returned one by one inside and took their respective seats.

"I'm sorry if i'm late again, i'll repeat, i'm sorry to all of you for being late,."

He continued, "I know you're all a little bored waiting for me, but i'll just repeat to you that as long as i am the Ceo in this company, you have to learn to wait." Haneul said.

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