Love and Pains/C4 Chapter 3: Ji Hajoon
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Love and Pains/C4 Chapter 3: Ji Hajoon
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C4 Chapter 3: Ji Hajoon

"All right! All right! Just choose what you want! It's my treat!" Hajoon boasted to his co-workers as they ate at a fast food chain.

"Yunhee, what happened to Hajoon and he thought of treating us all?" Young whispered to Yunhee, one of her close's friend at work.

"Just ignore him, let's just eat." Yunhee said to her.

"Yunhee! My dearest friend, what can you say? Is it okay, huh? What's the matter Young, do you still want to eat something? I'll pay for it!" He said to Yunhee with a smile, as she did not care and just ate spaghetti.

"No thanks, Hajoon. I'm already full." Young said shyly to him.

"Ah okay, go ahead. Do you want to just take that out?" He pointed to the half-fried chicken that Young ate.

"What? No! Don't!" She completely refused it but Hajoon ignored him and called out.

"Excuse me! can you please wrap this for her? She said, she'll just take it home." A male service crew approached them and took Young's plate.

"I'm sorry, i'm just kidding!" Young snatched the plate from him and Hajoon frowned.

"Don't be shy! It's okay, isn't it?" he took the plate from Young, and gave it back to the male service crew.

"But- it's really okay! I'm so full!" She just smiled forcefully even though she was so embarrassed.

"You'll be hungry again later," Hajoon whispered to her.

"Just look at Yunhee! she's always eating vigorously." They both looked at Yunhee, who was trying to eat all of her spaghetti even though she didn't want to.

"Just eat slowly. Geez, you also eat your hair." Hajoon pulled the side of his hair and pinned it behind her ear.

"Ays! There you are again, you look like a small child whenever you eating!" He took the tissue and wiped the side of Yunhee's mouth with tomato sauce.

"Look at me for a moment," She immediately turned to Hajoon and wiped the other side of her lip.

Young just shook his head, watching what the two were doing in front of her.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk! Why don't you two make everything real? After all, you two look like lovers." Young said suddenly, and the two were surprised. They both stared into their eyes and immediately turned in different directions.

"Gosh, you two are still pretending! Obviously, you also like each other!" Young added.

"Never!" They both say the same thing.

"Okay, all right. I'll just pretend that i don't know about you two." She says.

"What are you talking about!? This dwarf face, i like her?? Never- no! Even if lightning strikes me now, i will never like her back!" Over denying he says.

"Excuse me? As if, you're my ideal type of guy, duh?!" Yunhee said loudly and rolled her eyes. The other people around them laughed and Hajoon's ears turn red because of shame.

"Hello? Ms.Dwarf, did i also tell you that you're also my type of woman!?" he said mischievously.

Yunhee, suddenly stood up and brought her face closer to the young man.

"Why do you seem to be blushing?" The girl said to him and their faces were so close to each other, that their noses were almost touching.

"Ge-get a..way from me!" His voice trembled and he pushed Yunhee away.

Their co-workers laughed at them and Hajoon suddenly stood up and left.

"What's wrong with him?" She said in astonishment.

"I think he really likes you!" Young whispered to her.

"Huh? Hajoon? That's impossible! we don't like each other!" Smiling she said.

Soon after, Yunhee went to the restroom while some of their co-workers were waiting outside the fast food.

She combed her hair in front of the mirror and then applied lipgloss to her lips.

"It's okay now!" She smiled looking in the mirror and she left the restroom.

She was about to turn left when Hajoon, suddenly stopped her and leaned her against the wall.

"Hajoon? What are you doing?" She asked, when she saw the young man's serious face.

"Why? Are you afraid i might do something bad to you?" He grinned.

"Ha- hajoon," Yunhee suddenly felt nervous and scared as she stared into the young man's eyes.

"You thought, maybe i would just skip what you did to me earlier," He whispered.

"What are you saying, Hajoon? Didn't we.. just fool around earlier?" Her voice was shaking.

"No! for me everything is serious." He suddenly bit his lower lip as he stared at Yunhee's red lips.

"But, Hajoon-" Hajoon suddenly covered her mouth with one finger.

"Sssh ~"

"Hajoon, this is not a funny joke."

"Are you nervous? Is your heartbeat also speeding up? Do you also feel hot?" Hajoon asked her.

"Can you stop now? Our co-workers are waiting for us outside!" She pushed Hajoon away, but suddenly he grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"Don't you like me too?" He asked her aggressively.

"What are you saying? Why are you acting like that!?" She said in disgust.

"Answer my question, don't you like me?"


"I will repeat the question-

"I don't like you, Hajoon! So stop!" She pushed her away again but Hajoon held him tightly in her hand.

"In that case, are you a lesbian?"

"What!?" Yunhee was surprised and her eyes widened.

"Are you crazy, Hajoon?! Wait a minute, are you drunk?" She suddenly approached Hajoon and she sniffed his mouth. She suddenly covered his nose and pushed Hajoon away.

"Hajoon, did you drink!?" She whispered angrily.

"Just.. Just a little," He said even though his eyes were closing.

"Yes, just a little. But you also have a little tolerance for alcohol, have you forgotten that!?"

"Are you mad at me again?" He said sadly.

"Geez! That's why i'm nervous and wondering what you're saying. I'm right! There's something strange about you. Tsk, tsk, tsk!" She put one of Hajoon's arms on her shoulder and helped him walk out of the fast food.

"Why? what happened to Hajoon?" said Young and their co-workers approached them.

"Knock-out!" they immediately understood what Yunhee said and Pyeon Tae came to pick up Hajoon.

Pyeon Tae, Hajoon's closest friend and only he knows his personality.

"Don't worry, i'll take care of him. I'll just take him to their house and please tell our head manager that i took Hajoon for a while because he feels bad, okay?" Pyeon Tae said and Yunhee nodded at him.

They all left and went back to their work except for Pyeon Tae and Hajoon, who were standing in front of the fast food.

"They're gone, you can wake up now." After saying that, Hajoon suddenly stood up straight and looked around.

"Really? Thank you, my dear friend!" Hajoon suddenly kissed him on the right cheek and Pyeon Tae immediately avoided him while wiping his cheek.

"Are you crazy!?" He said in disgust.

New chapter is coming soon
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