Love Damien/C1 CHAPTER ONE
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Love Damien/C1 CHAPTER ONE
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Ria rummaged through her wardrobe for the umpteenth time that Sunday afternoon. School was starting the next day and she had yet to choose her outfit.

She walked into her closet as she looked at the rows of clothes, bags and shoes before letting out a sigh. She had to choose her outfits for the resumption week. She had chosen clothes for Tuesday to Friday but she still had problems choosing clothes for Monday which was the first day.

Afterall, it was her final year. She was going to rock every single day. Ria was still checking through her pile of clothes when her younger sister walked into her room and walked up to her.

“Don’t tell me you are still trying to find a cloth to wear tomorrow” she said and Ria scoffed.

“Dani, did you forget who your elder sister is? I have to look good” Ria said and Daniella yawned.

“How Bells anyways?” Daniella asked excitement in her eyes and Ria turned to her with a bored look in her eyes.

“It’s just so-so” Ria said and Daniella scoffed.

“Like you’ll attend a high school that’s just so-so” Dani said as she walked towards another side of the closet. She rummaged through the hangers of clothes before bringing out two hangers.

“The cowgirl skirt and this top would go together. You can wear your black or brown combat boots. You don’t have to look sophisticated on your first day, look classy and elegant yet be comfortable. That’s fashion itself” Dani said as she dropped the hangers on Ria’s hands.

Ria smiled at her sister and she bent down and kissed her cheeks “That’s why I love you” she cooed and Daniella glared at her before wiping her cheek with a cloth and walking out of the closet.

“That’s so gross” Dani said and Ria laughed.

She grabbed the clothes Dani had given her before hanging them beside the bed. Ria then fell on the bed and grabbed her phone. The girls were chatting happily on the group.

Zara: You need to see my outfit tomorrow.

Janet: I’m totally rocking mine as well.

Ava: I’ll be taking different pictures for my final year album.

Penny: Did you get a new camera already?

Ava: Yeah. Ria, dress well so much, I’ll be using you for my model tomorrow.

Zara: Ria? You promised to use me.

Ava: Sorry about that Z, but you know Ria looks good than you in any outfit.

Janet; That’s enough girls.

Penny: So what’s the dress code for tomorrow?

Ria pursed her lips as she thought about penny’s question. The girls liked to have dress codes so as to enhance their popularity which was already at its peak.

Her phone dinged and Ria realised that Zara had already replied Penny. Seeing the reply, she decided to type something.

Zara: Penny, we don’t have dress codes when a session starts.

Me: No dress code. Let’s go for classy and elegant.

Ria smiled as the girls started replying. She adjusted her position on the bed as she started going through her Instagram posts. A lot of the students were making posts about the resumption and Ria liked a few of them.

A notification entered that Zara had tagged her in post. Ria adjusted herself again as she clicked on the post. Zara was standing beside a bridge barrier and holding a cup of coffee.

A cup of coffee at the end of the day is nice.

Ria could see the piling comments in less than 5 minutes that Zara had posted the picture. She quickly commented and dropped her phone, she wondered if she should post something or not but later decided against it.

Ria woke up early the next morning. She needed to do her makeup and all so she quickly took her bath before carefully applying her makeup. As soon as she finished her makeup, Dani came barging into her room and she scoffed upon seeing her elder sister still adjusting her face.

“I thought you woke up about two hours ago” Dani said and Ria smiled as she stood up.

“This takes a lot of time” Ria said pointing at her face and Dani scoffed.

“You are going to make me late on my first day. I still have to take my schedule” Dani complained and Ria laughed.

“Don’t worry. We’ll get to school on time” Ria said as she took in her younger sister’s appearance. She was wearing baggy crazed jeans with slightly large sweater. Her face was bare yet beautiful and stunning.

Her ears were dotted with three earrings following each other. She packed her hair into a ponytail. She leaned lazily on the couch as she watched her.

Ria zipped her combat boots and she checked herself in the mirror. Although a fashion guru herself, she was no match for Dani who fashion crazed. Ria reached for her small box on the table and opened it. She fixed one of the earrings and attached it to her nose.

She touched her hair and left it fall on her shoulders. She carried her school bag and turned to Dani.

“Let’s go” Ria said as Dani got off the couch and they walked downstairs.

“Good morning mom” Ria said clasping her hands together and bowing slightly at a middle aged woman. Dani didn’t say anything as she clasped her hands and also bowed.

The middle aged woman smiled as she circled the tray of offerings over their heads. She touched the offering and made two red dots on top of their heads.

“Mom, we are going to school. It’s my first day. I’m supposed to carry this around?” Dani asked as she pointed to the red dot on her head.

Mrs Mahmata smiled as she nudged her younger daughter “Take care of your younger sister, Arianna” she said and Ria nodded her head.

“But I’m sure she’s perfectly capable taking care of herself” Ria replied and her mom sighed.

“I know. I’m talking about you seniors that bully the new students. Watch out for your sister” she said and Ria nodded.

“She just has to say she’s my sister and they won’t touch her” Ria said and Dani chuckled.

“Like you don’t have enemies” Dani said as their mom hushed them.

“I packed your breakfast in paper bags so you can eat them in the car” Mrs Mahmata said as she gave them paper bags. Dani walked towards the fridge and grabbed a bottle of soda.

“Ari, don’t over speed okay?” she said and Ria nodded.

“Mom, if you continue reeling off instructions and your concerns this way, we’ll be late to school” Ria said and their mom nodded as she walked them outside the door.

Ria and Dani got into the car and while Ria got into the driver’s seat. Dani got into the front seat. Ria ignited the car as she waved at her mom as she reversed from the parking lot.

Dani reached for the tissue paper in the car and wiped the red dot off her head while scoffing, “She’s so determined to see me get embarrassed on my first day” Dani said and Ria laughed as she reached for the radio and turned it on.

“Seatbelts please” Ria said and Dani rested her back comfortably as she adjusted herself and buckled her belt. Ria smiled as she slammed on the accelerator and the car shot through the road like a meteor.

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