Love Has No Time To Knock/C10 Make up your mind
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Love Has No Time To Knock/C10 Make up your mind
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C10 Make up your mind

Summer Qing saw the family of four sitting in the living room, talking and laughing, and she felt out of place with this scene. There was no one she could rely on here, it was not her home, it was only a temporary resting place.

He thought back to when his mother was still alive. "My Qing Er is her mother's darling. When she grows up, she will definitely be a beautiful woman."

"Stupid girl, where did you go? Did you come back?" Xia Lei shouted loudly. This daughter of his did not even have the appearance of his Xia family's daughter. This was simply embarrassing him.

Xia Qingqing was forcefully pulled out of her memories by the sudden roar. She stared blankly at her father, who hated her father for his failure, and felt a sense of unfamiliarity. It could be said that everything here was foreign to her, and these people all wanted to make fun of her.

Mom gave her a lot of memories, but she didn't wait for her to grow up before she left. Summer Love tried to retract the tears that were about to flow out of her eyes. Although she didn't cry, her eyes were still red.

When Xia Jing saw Aunt Luo's gloating look in the living room, as well as Xu Jiano's cold eyes watching from the sidelines, the little devil in her heart came out. She had not forgotten that the culprit behind last night's incident had been this man who had always been proud and contented, a newbie who had never seen the crying of an old man.

She was thinking that everything that had happened now would be repaid many times over. When that happened, the Xu Family would regret all that they had done today.

And Xia Feiyu, didn't she care a lot about her position as the young miss of the Xia family? From now on, he would let her know that she wasn't the only one in the Xia family that possessed such a halo.

If this continued, she believed that before long, there would be even worse things happening. Since that was the case, there was no need for her to endure any longer, to take the initiative and give the enemy a fatal blow, and only then would she be able to live a peaceful life.

"What are you still standing there for, hurry up and come eat." Seeing that Xia Lei wasn't listening to him at all, his anger rose all of a sudden. No one had ever dared to ignore him before.

"Lei Teng, lower your voice. My family is here!" Although she also wished for this bitch to live a bad life, her son-in-law was still here after all. She did not want to lose face!

"What's wrong with that? My family's not like that." From his point of view, the Xu Family was already his son-in-law. There was no need for him to avoid suspicion.

"Heh heh, that's not anyone else." The bitterness in Xia Qingqing's heart, who knew, was that her boyfriend suddenly became her brother-in-law, telling her how to accept it.

If not for him, such a situation wouldn't have happened last night. All of this was caused by this hypocritical man, and Xia Qing really wanted to run over and question Xu Jiadong. Why did he treat her like this? Did she offend him in any way?

The Xu Family was not afraid of Xia Qing's hatred. What could a Xia Family servant woman do? The undisguised contempt in her eyes could even be described as ridicule.

In his eyes, this choice was the right one. Who let summer love have no status in the Xia Family? What he wanted was not love, but power. Marrying Xia Feiyu was equivalent to owning the entire Xia Family.

So far, the Xia family didn't have any males, only two sisters. Looking at Xia Qing's status in the Xia family, that meant the wealth of the Xia family definitely belonged to Xia Feiyu alone. With regard to love and power, Xu family decisively chose the latter.

"Yo, where did big sister go to come back? Our Xia family's bed is too small, big sister doesn't like it, so big sister didn't come back for the whole night." Xia Fei Yu added on, "This way, Xia Lei Teng remembered that Xia Qing didn't come home last night, and also came home very late today."

"Tell me honestly, where did you go?" Xia Lei Tengeng asked this girl that he didn't like. To him, summer wasn't his daughter, but a disgrace to his life.

Everyone in the shopping mall knew who he was. The Xia Clan owned two-thirds of the capital and everyone admired him. As the president of the Xia Clan's estate, Xia Lei Teng paid a lot of attention to his image. He had always maintained his manly demeanor in the outside world.

But who would have thought that one day, a woman would come to his door and tell him that he already had her child, and that the child was already very old, and the point was that the woman was living in the land of fireworks, how could he, a "good man", accept that?

He took out a brush as if he was sending the mother and daughter away. Who knew that the woman was terminally ill, so he came to find her. For the sake of her image, he did not take her as well.

After he found out that the woman was dead, he got the news from his assistant that his daughter was in an orphanage. He thought for a long time and finally decided to bring Xia Qing back after a few years.

This was his birthday, and it was rare for him to be happy, so he called Xia Qing to attend the party. Who knew that Xia Qing would do such an ugly thing like stealing his little sister and boyfriend?

Xia Qing Qing was the person she hated the most, and people outside knew that she was the only daughter of the Xia family, suddenly her father told her one day, she still had an elder sister, and this made it hard for her to accept that half of her aura had been divided.

He really wanted to see her get scolded, which was what he was used to. It was always like this, as Xia Lei Teng didn't know what was going on in his house, and more or less, the more or less unnecessary crimes were only charged to her by this mother and daughter by the ears of Xia Lei Tengyi.

"I stayed at my classmate's house last night. Because my phone ran out of battery, I couldn't call home." The summer romance had concealed the truth of the matter. He randomly found an excuse, hoping that Xia Lei Teng wouldn't pursue it further.

"What are you like? A child of the Xia family is casually living in someone else's house. Don't forget your identity." Xia Lei Teng looked at Xia Xinyan angrily. He was so angry that he almost died.

"What is it? Our Xia family isn't as comfortable as they normally are. Aunt Luo sat there and said in a strange tone that she was simply not going to let this little girl off easy.

This little girl was born from a slut. No matter what kind of mother she had, she would always have what kind of daughter or dancing girl's child. Aunt Luo thought to herself that maybe Qing Qing didn't go to her classmates', but rather to that person's house to fool around!

"Dad, I won't next time." Xia Qing knew that she didn't have the ability to contend with Xia Lei Teng now. The so-called 'someone under the roof' had no choice but to lower her head. She couldn't go head to head with this strange father in front of her.

"You want a next time?" Xia Lei Teng really couldn't do anything about Xia Jing Qing, her cowardly look didn't leave a trace of him, and he had no idea who her personality was. In his impression, although Xia Qing Qing was very gentle, she was also very stubborn, unlike this daughter of hers who was so weak.

"Nope." No, she wouldn't allow herself to have such an awkward face anymore. She had to remember today's treatment in her heart before she could pay it back in double the amount in the future.

However, he could not tell what exactly was different. Shaking his head, he realized that it must have been his imagination, and this was clearly the submissive, unimposing daughter of his.

"Forget it, forget it. I don't want to argue with you today. Come over for dinner!" As far as Xia Lei Teng was concerned, as long as Xia Qingqian didn't embarrass him outside, he didn't ask for too much. However, because of the bad image Aunt Luo and her children had been instilling in him, he hated summer Qingqian.

"Dad, I already ate outside. You can eat by yourselves!" She didn't want to see the family talking and laughing at home, so she could only watch from the side. That would be a reminder to her that her mother was no longer with her.

Xia Lei's anger that had just died down was once again agitated by Xia Qing's casual actions. He would never admit to having such a daughter without a home tutor.

"Lei Teng, look at her. Today is the first time that my family has come to our house, and she is being so rude. She is simply lacking in manners." Auntie Luo said in a provocative manner. She did not want Xia Qing to have a good day, as her existence reminded Aunt Luo that Xia Lei Teng had betrayed her. As long as Aunt Luo was still in the Xia family, she would definitely not show good face to Xia Qing.

"Forget it! Let's eat by ourselves! " Xia Lei thought of the dead woman. For the sake of the summer's sake, she was still alone, so he didn't want to bother with her.

It was not hard to see the disappointment in their eyes. They didn't expect that Qing Qing's luck would be so good this summer and that they would not receive much of a punishment when they met Xia Lei Teng.

They all knew that Xia Lei Teng wanted to give them face. Which event at the party yesterday had caused him to lose some face in front of everyone? Indeed, he would be kind enough to let go of Xia Qingqing today, which surprised everyone.

Xia Feiyu was a little disappointed that she didn't see the expected result. However, she had been a rogue cultivator for many years, so she had no experience in hiding her feelings. The impeccable smile on her face never left her face.

Xu Tingsheng watched all of this silently, his heart steeling even more. If he wanted to curry favor with his fiancee, he would have to depend on her for his future life.

Thinking of this, he affectionately gave Xia Fei Yu food, "Fei'er, this is what you like best. Eat more. Look at how thin you've gotten recently." With eyes full of heartache, Xu Jianuo looked at Xia Feiyu with a smile.

"I'm not fat, I have a bone feeling. If I grew fat, would you not like me?" Xia Feiyu's face turned red, looking like a young girl's heart. A woman who was nourished by love was definitely different.

"No, no matter what you become, I will treat you like this." Xu Jianuo said that he was indeed speaking the truth. He did not like Xia Feiyu at all, but rather took a liking to her as the daughter of the Xia family. As long as her Xia family identity remained the same, she would be treated like this.

"You're the best at talking." Xia Feiyu looked over. Her parents were still here. She felt a little embarrassed. The Xu Family's Xu family really was the type of person to say this in front of so many people.

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