Love Has No Time To Knock/C11 Cold night cultivation
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Love Has No Time To Knock/C11 Cold night cultivation
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C11 Cold night cultivation

A disdainful smile appeared on her face. Now, she had finally thought things through. There was nothing good about this man, Xu Tingsheng. If she met a better man in the future, there was nothing to linger behind.

Shielding these things, she walked into her room calmly in the summer. She still had things to do, so she couldn't waste time with these necessary people.

To the people in the living room, Xia Qingqing's appearance was just a small interlude. They did not stop their discussion just now because of her arrival, and even Xia Lei Teng, who was still in a rage, had already recovered from his earlier displeasure.

After summer Qing entered the room, after confirming that there was no one outside, she took out the medicine she bought from the pharmacy from her bag. She looked at the instructions and took the prescribed dose according to the instructions.

After settling this matter, she heaved a sigh of relief in her heart. She didn't want to leave anything behind that she shouldn't have. She was still young, and she didn't even know who that man was.

Xia Qingqing only remembered that the man's amber eyes were very scary. Last night, he was scared by those eyes, and she couldn't offend a man that overlooked the world.

As for the fact that she had lost her first night for no reason, Xia Qingqing could only swallow it back into her stomach. If the mother and daughter knew about this, it would definitely cause something even bigger.

When she thought of this, Xia Qingqing's whole body trembled. She absolutely could not allow this matter to spread out. Otherwise, according to Xia Lei Teng's temper, he would probably kick her out of his house!

Xia QingQing knew that the reason why Xia Lei Teng didn't like her was because her mother was a dancer without any status, and had even unexpectedly given birth to herself, making Xia Lei Teng feel that she was a stain on her career, which was why he shouted at her under the instigation of Aunt Luo's daughter.

It seemed that she had to pave a path for her future life. Summer knew that her situation could not continue like this, that there must be a way out for her to earn a living, and even that she had to be self-reliant, unable to suffer the wrath of the Xia family. She decided that Summer would plan her future life after this.

Cold Night came out of the hospital and sat in the Rolls-Royce that marked his identity. He didn't move in the passenger seat for a long time and took a brooch from the pocket of his suit jacket and pants.

With a closer look, he could see that there was an orchid brooch in his hand. It was a beige one with crystals embedded on it. That's right! This was the one that she had been anxiously searching for on a sunny morning in the summer.

Cold Night stared at the thing in his hand. He didn't know what had happened this morning, but when he saw the brooch on the woman's tattered clothes, he picked it up. This kind of situation had never happened before.

When he saw the red marks of blood on the sheets this morning, Cold Night had been stunned. Combined with last summer's reaction, the more he thought about it, the more he felt that things were out of his control.

Last night was everything that Leng Yanhao instructed. It was time to find the person who schemed against him last night.

Cold Night picked up the phone and dialed his little brother's number. The other side quickly picked up and heard his obviously quiet and hoarse voice, "Leng Yanhao, you better give me an explanation."

Simple words caused the people on the other side of the phone who were woken up to stop their emotions. They said with a mischievous smile, "Big Brother, I …" "You can't blame me for that. It was clearly you who drank the wine. I called to remind you."

Leng Yanhao knew his brother's personality. This time, he had been duped by his friends into saying that he didn't dare to set a dove on a cold night. Now, they knew that not only did Leng Yanhao dare to set his brother's dove, he even dared to drug him.

With that momentum, he completely forgot what kind of person Leng Ye was. He didn't fear the heavens or the earth, and his parents couldn't control him, but since he was young, he definitely wouldn't dare to disobey Leng Ye's words.

It was obviously a parent who had given birth to Leng Ye, and he didn't have the cold aura on him anymore. Thinking about how he made a mistake when he was young and was beaten up by Leng Ye, he didn't dare to act impudently in front of his older brother anymore.

He could only deny what happened yesterday. Perhaps his big brother had just come back from abroad and would not be so strict with him.

"You know what you do." Cold Night's face darkened as he spoke. If Leng Yanhao was in front of him, he would definitely let Leng Yanhao know of his strength. He would never dare to fool him again.

He had been too careless last night. When he saw the wine he loved to drink, he didn't think too much about it.

"Who was the woman last night?" The woman didn't feel like the rest of them at all. She had a feeling that everyone in the world had let her down, especially since there were only a handful of people in the line of work who could still keep their first nights.

"What about that woman? "Why did you suddenly ask about her? I was just looking for her in one of your bars, what's that called? Let me think!" Leng Yanhao didn't think that his big brother would care about a woman from the fireworks. Plus, the Leng Clan had a lot of homes for their subordinates, so he really couldn't recall the name of that bar.

"Oh, I remember now. It's called Drunken Love Bar, right! That's it. " Leng Yanhao recalled that this was his favorite bar, the most famous one in the capital.

Everyone in the imperial capital knew that the majority of the bar industry in the imperial capital belonged to the Leng Clan. No one dared to cause trouble in the imperial capital because the Leng Clan occupied the property of the imperial capital and no one dared to offend such a person.

Just think about it. If they offended the Leng Clan, they would be ostracized by the businesses in the imperial capital. In a serious way, they would not be able to stay in the imperial capital.

"Alright, I understand. This time, I'll let you go. There's no next time!" Cold Night played with the brooch in his hand. He was getting a little more interested in the woman.

When Leng Yanhao heard this, he let out a sigh of relief. He had managed to avoid it this time. Next time, he definitely wouldn't be tricked into framing Leng Ye like this.

He sent a message to the assistant asking him to find out who the woman who had gone to Huasheng in her drunken stupor was, but the assistant's answer made him feel as if he had met a woman he didn't know last night.

"That woman went to Huasheng last night, but she didn't find her employer, so she went back by herself." Cold Night frowned as he saw the message from his assistant.

"Have the front desk check who the woman in my room was last night?" Recalling that the woman had gone back to look for her things today, he was sure that the receptionist knew the woman from last night.

Cold Night's assistant was a top student named Lu Tao and Tsinghua University graduate. He was very efficient in his work, but after following Cold Night for so many years, it was the first time he didn't seek him out for business.

As a subordinate, Lu Tao knew what he should do and what he shouldn't do. Just like now, even though he was puzzled, he quickly sent the result to Leng Ye's phone.

Cold Night opened the documents that the assistant had sent over. He looked at the clear words written on the documents in disbelief. In between, the words were written in black and white.

Although she was the eldest miss, it was said that she had just returned home more than ten years ago. Previously, she had been living in an orphanage, so her mother thought she was a dancer and gave birth to her after having a night of sex with Xia Lei Teng in a bar.

Because her mother was not born well, Qing Qing's days in the Xia family weren't as high as the status of a servant. Her identity was only announced on the CEO's birthday last night.

The people from Tsinghua University were very efficient. Not only did they dig up everything that happened in the summer in a short period of time, they also had color photographs of the summer sunshine beside them.

There was a simple girl in a white floral dress with a happy smile on her face. This was the first time she had seen a woman who didn't put on makeup like this. It was very different from the other women with heavy makeup, giving her a visual impact.

He believed that they would meet again in the future. Even if there was no fate for them to meet again, as long as this person was still in the capital, he would not be able to escape her grasp.

"Lu Tao, go and send me the information about the Xia family's company for the past few years." He wanted to see how such a woman would be treated so unfavorably by the Xia family. Cold Night had thought of a very good idea.

At home, in the summer, Qing suddenly sneezed loudly. "Who's scolding me?" It couldn't be that he had a cold, right? The recent weather was very good, and it had yet to reach the point where he could cause a cold.

After planning her future summer life without knowing it, there would be a huge change. It was because of the man who had a one-night stand, a big conspiracy was coming toward her at this very moment.

Xia Qing had a dream, in which her mother woke up early to make breakfast as usual. She gently smiled and said, "Qing'er, get up quickly. The sun is shining on your buttocks, don't be bedridden."

She wanted to go over and hug her mother. She wanted to tell her that she missed her, really missed her, but she couldn't move or make a sound.

The scene in front of her suddenly changed. She saw Aunt Luo and Xia Fei Yu arguing with each other, and the argument became more and more intense. She saw Aunt Luo slap her mother, and then Xia Lei Teng also appeared … … He didn't help his mother, but looked at his mother with disgust, and even kicked her.

Xia QingQing looked to the point that her whole body was trembling. She saw her mother crying and wanted to hug her mother to tell her that Qing Er was still around, but she couldn't, she couldn't do it at all.

Footsteps clattered, and she saw the man, his cold amber eyes fixed on her, and then step by step toward her, and Summer had awakened from her dream.

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