Love Has No Time To Knock/C15 That man is you?
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Love Has No Time To Knock/C15 That man is you?
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C15 That man is you?

"CEO..." He still wanted to say something, but he didn't want to give up this opportunity.

"Do you not want this job anymore?" Leng Ye Xiu's expression was cold and unyielding. If he, Lu Tao, was really so stubborn, then he wouldn't be polite either.

Hearing this, Lu Tao hesitated. If Leng Ye Xiu really didn't want him to do this job, then he would be throwing a watermelon instead because of his position and sticking to your butt.

Slowly lowering his head, a few strands of hair hung down, and because the reflection of the sun blocked his expression, it was unknown what Lu Tao was thinking.

"Hmph." Leng Ye Xiu snorted coldly. No matter what Lu Tao wanted, he narrowed his dangerous eyes and walked straight to the main office of the Xia family.

He didn't care what Lu Tao wanted to do. He only knew what he wanted to do right now and what other people had to do with him.

"I want to see Manager Xia." Cold Night walked straight to the front desk. Since he hadn't made an appointment in advance, he could only go look for someone right now.

"Hello, sir. Please show me your ID card." The front desk staff nodded, and the professional smile appeared once again.

From the way Leng Ye was dressed, it was obvious that he was from a wealthy family. They did not dare to offend such a person, so it would be best to leave the matter to Manager Xia.

He took out his ID card from his bag and handed it to the waiter, then condescendingly looked at the waiter who had an abnormal expression on his face without any expression.

"CEO Leng, please wait for us to make a call." They did not dare to neglect the cold night cultivator, especially after knowing his identity.

Even though they knew that Leng Ye Xiu's status was extraordinary, they had never seen him in person. Thus, they did not know that he was Leng Ye Xiu.

"Manager Xia, CEO Leng is looking for you." After a few more calls, the call finally connected to the eldest son of the Xia family. It seemed like it would be difficult for them, with their status as front desk attendants, to send the call directly to him.

"What?" Is CEO Leng Ye a cold night practitioner? " An unspeakable shock came from the phone.

"Yes, CEO Leng wants to talk to you about some important matters." Even the front desk clerk knew that Cold Night had an important matter to attend to.

Therefore, he didn't need to say it because they already knew about this matter. They didn't need the cold night elementalists to tell them. They could just say it like that and save the trouble of the cold night cultivators.

Seeing the front desk clerk being so tactful, Leng Ye Xiu did not say anything more and waited for Manager Xia to continue.

"Hurry up and invite him to my office. We'll discuss this in detail." Even now, Manager Xia still hadn't calmed down from his excitement.

Leng Ye was the fortune of his company. With his identity and status, why wasn't he doing the same?

"CEO Leng, this way please." The front desk clerk nodded in agreement and waited for Director Xia's repeated instructions before hanging up the phone. Only then did she hang up.

Then one of them came out from the front desk and led Leng Ye Xiu in the direction of the elevator, bringing him to the top floor and stairs.

They had just reached the door when they suddenly saw Xia Qing walking over from another direction.

It was because he was interested in her that he came here. He dismissed the waiter who was leading the way and stopped the cold night cultivator from passing by the summer's sunny side.

"He looks pretty good." The cold night Xiu lightly moved his lips, tweaking the puzzlement on his face.

"Sir, please behave yourself." Xia Qing frowned. She knew that the identities of the people who could reach this level were not ordinary. They couldn't afford to offend them here.

After all, she wasn't favoured by her father, so if she really did offend one of his big business clients, then she wouldn't be able to stay home any longer.

She was obviously just passing by, yet she ended up with such a thing. If she showed her obedience, the man in front of her would probably leave.

"You still say that I'm being modest, are you serious?" Holding back the smile in his heart, he thought, "A woman whose first night was snatched away by someone I don't know. Do you really have the right to say that?"

He could not help but feel a sense of sarcasm. This woman must be lying to herself.

"Sir, what do you mean?" Xia Qing wasn't an idiot, she probably knew that there was another meaning to Leng Ye Xiu's words, and that it contained a lot of ridicule.

"Don't you know what I mean?" Narrowing his eyes, Leng Ye Xiu pursed his lips and looked at the woman in front of him who didn't know what was going on, "Also, don't call me mister. My name is Leng Ye Xiu."

She repeated her name, hoping that the woman in front of her would show the same expression as the receptionist and let her know that she had been lucky that night.

"You are Chief Leng!?" Xia Qing's pupils suddenly contracted, a hint of anxiety flashed across her eyes, she did not know what to say.

"Yeah, if you say I'm being modest, then what about you that night?" Ye Zichen looked at Xia Qingqing in satisfaction, just like how he imagined it would be.

He didn't want to tease her anymore. Stupid to this degree, continuing like this would be meaningless. It would be better to just explain it clearly.

"What?" Was it you that day? " Hearing Leng Ye Xiu's words, no matter how foolish Xia Qingqing was, she understood what he meant. It was this man before her that took away her first night.

Her whole body was shaking so much that she could barely stand. What did it mean for that man to appear now? Did he come here specially to mock her?

Not knowing what to say, not knowing how to react, Xia Qingqing just stood there, leaning against the wall with great difficulty, allowing the demon to size her up.

"What is it? I'm so happy that I'm about to be unable to speak. " Leng Ye Xiu once again stuck out his scarlet tongue and licked his lips. He was especially interested in the taste of summer sunshine.

"Who would be happy?" Tears flowed uncontrollably from her eyes in the summer. Under the reflection of the sun, they seemed crystal clear, causing others to feel an incomparable amount of tender affection for them.

Was it possible that this thing was worthy of being happy because it had hooked up with a cold night cultivator? Her heart was currently in pain, so much so that it was heartbreaking. She had already lost everything.

"F * ck off." Summer Qing suddenly raised her head, waiting for the man in front of her. She wanted to tear him into a thousand pieces to repay her humiliation.

"I want to go in and discuss business with Manager Xia." Pretending to shrug helplessly, Leng Ye Xiu pointed at the door beside him, proving his importance to the Xia family.

Under Xia Qingqing's cold gaze, he pushed open the door and entered, finding a seat.

"I didn't know that Director Leng would come, so I didn't welcome you from afar." Manager Xia didn't mind Leng Ye's rudeness and took the initiative to say something polite.

"Nothing." No matter what, Leng Ye Xiu had to say these courteous words, although it was a bit troublesome, "I was the one who didn't inform Manager Xia in advance, and even made him wait here for half a day."

"You must be joking." Director Xia laughed, revealing two rows of yellowish teeth. "I wonder why Director Leng is here?"

"I want to work with your company to buy a dilapidated company." Leng Ye Xiu didn't say anything more and directly said his reason for coming.

"This …" It was as if I wanted to say something, but before I could finish, I was interrupted by a scam.

"I will reward you handsomely once this matter is over." Smiling, Leng Ye Xiu narrowed his eyes.

"Alright!" He was still very interested in Leng Ye's heavy thanks. If he agreed just like that, things would be much simpler in the future.

"Manager Xia sure is straightforward!" Leng Ye Xiu reached out his hand, wanting to shake hands with Director Xia. After all, he had never thought that things would be so simple.

"Is there anything else, Director Leng?" Manager Xia smiled and asked the rest of the questions. Right now, all he needed to do was to explain the general details and then discuss them in detail later.

However, he was somewhat surprised to see Leng Ye Xiu in person. This was enough to show the importance of their Xia Clan and their future business position.

"Oh right, I hope that the princess can handle this matter." Cold Night turned his head and saw that the door was not closed, so he stayed outside to watch the summer break.

"Why?" Manager Xia's eyes focused and he didn't say anything for a long time.

He was also a smart person, so he could naturally see through some of it. Did he, Leng Ye, cultivate this night out of respect for Xia Qing?

He didn't want to be that good-for-nothing daughter of his, but in this sort of matter, he actually relied on her? Was there a problem between them?

Xia Qingqing, who was at the door, was also very troubled. She was shocked and did not understand what the cold night cultivator was saying at all. These things were completely unimaginable to her.

Normally, her father would never allow her to come into contact with such matters, and he would even despise her. This was something that she would never even dream of.

However, she definitely didn't feel happy at all. Right now, there was only grievance in her heart.

If this matter was ruined, then her father would definitely despise her even more. At the same time, he would also offend that demon, Cold Night Xiu. This was not a good thing at all.

Under the scheme of a cold night cultivator, her life would only become more miserable and she would never have another chance to turn the sky upside down.

Furthermore, she should be able to guess the reason behind all of this. It was only because she had cultivated her first night on a cold night, so she did all that she could to torment her.

This was truly breaking the Madam and accompanying her guests. She could not pay her responsibilities after the summer break, and also did not want to be born in hell in the future!

She looked at him pitifully, with tears rolling down her cheeks. However, she knew that this was useless against her father. She just wanted to gamble on this opportunity and get him to reject her request.

"What is it? Is Manager Xia not willing? " Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and pretended to leave.

"No, I agree."

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