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Love Has No Time To Knock/C19 It's just fun
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C19 It's just fun

It was already late autumn, but the weather was still as different as it was in June. The Night Emperor's expression was exactly the same. He would never be able to stand a summer Qing who even had the heart to go out to dinner late at night with a man and lie in front of him. That man was Wu Muze! Yes, my dear cousin! No one is allowed to knock on the door. Our Director Leng is always so fickle.

"Dong, dong, dong ~ ~ ~"

"Didn't I tell you not to come in? Can't you understand?"

"Director Leng, it's Lu Tao."

"Come in."

Lu Tao held a pile of files, "The information about the previous summer's Qingqing was incomplete, so this time was more complete. Originally, this girl was a pitiful person abandoned by her father, and her mother died a long time ago.

"Got it."

"Director Leng, do you want to …" Before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted. This was also Leng Ye's style. However, what Lu Tao wanted to say was not Leng Ye's style, as he liked it.

In fact, she hadn't been able to sleep last night because of the sunny weather. She was feeling worse than anyone else in her heart. Every night, he would suffer from the torture of nightmares. As long as he relaxed a little, he would think of his pitiful mother, think of his pitiful self, and be abandoned in his stomach by his biological father. Now, he would even be despised by others. So she could only comfort herself every cold night: It's all right, isn't life like this? Wu Muze's pestering also made her very distressed. He only got to know her for a short while, yet he treated her to a meal and even met with Chief Leng. That night, she had even gotten into an accident …

She only wanted herself, she had to believe in herself.

So she had to be stronger.

In fact, when Cold Night Xiu had put her in charge of coordinating the task, Xia Lei Teng had started to suspect that Xia Qingqian had done something behind his back. However, all of this was just a guess, even if he despised her no matter how much he thought about it.

To think that only Wu Muze knew about Tianqing's birthday and even invited her out for a meal, at least it proved that he wasn't a bad person and was someone that was beneficial to her.

The next morning, he met Xu Jiano as soon as he went downstairs, "Eh? "Someone is really working so hard, what are workaholics trying so hard for at night?"

This person didn't have any good expression in front of Tianqing all the time. He always thought that Tianqing was being selfish, even though she usually ignored him and turned a blind eye to him. I will just forget about it today. It's been like this every day anyway.

Actually, with his status as Cousin Leng Ye, Wu Muze also didn't want to stay by Tianqing's side. This was because he really liked Tianqing, and he could see that his cousin did not mind.

However, things like love were always very mysterious, and people had to have it in times of need. If they couldn't catch up to it, they would pester it to the end. Perhaps, this was also a good plan to fight until the death came to haunt them.

I wish it could be as clear as her name, with its brilliant smile and life, but everything is unsatisfactory, and we are living to bear the suffering of the will to work. That day, she received a call from Director Leng saying that she would go to the company for a small meeting regarding the partnership between the Xia Corporation and the Shuang Corporation to acquire a small company. This mediator was designated as Tianqing. As soon as she entered the elevator, she met Wu Muze. Perhaps it was a coincidence, the hairpin on her head accidentally fell into Wu Muze's car yesterday. Today, he came …

Return the items.

"Tianqing, here's your hairpin."

Tian Qing turned around, her soft hair accidentally touched Wu Muze's nose in the elevator.

At that moment, Wu Muze was looking at her, she was so beautiful, so simple, there was no one to carve her, no one to carve her, no one to work for her, and Tianqing just happened to turn around, the two's eyes inadvertently formed a line of contact, at that moment there was no one else in the elevator, of course, without excluding the godlike man outside the elevator.

At this moment, another godlike man entered the elevator. He was holding a folder and was about to leave. If he wasn't a cold night cultivator, he would have felt that this scene was so beautiful.

"Cough, cough, cough ~ ~ ~"

It was slightly awkward, but this didn't affect Wu Muze's explanation: "Cousin, why are you in the elevator?"

"Is it not surprising that I must fly down and disappear from your sight?"

"Director Leng, I was just about to go for a meeting, why are you … "They came down?"

"Do I have to report my journey to you at all times?"

It was clear that Tianqing was very embarrassed. He took the hairpin and got out of the elevator, hurriedly going to organize the documents.

"Did you eat gunpowder?" Wu Muze finally couldn't hold it in anymore and opened his mouth.

"Do you have so many questions in the early morning? "I'm free." Director Leng's face instantly changed.

"Cousin, actually, I think that Xia Qing Qing …"

"I still have things to do, I'm not as free as you!"

If Cold Night Xiu could not interrupt others, then there would probably be no one left.

The weather was normal today, as if the clear skies were destined to not be able to clear up. When he returned home in the afternoon, he encountered another unforeseen event.

The air in the house felt strange, a different feeling than usual. He couldn't say it out loud. She took off her coat and went straight to her room. She laid on her bed and looked at the white and clean ceiling, no longer having the blue sky from before, tears would still inadvertently flow. Didn't her mother say that as long as she looked up at the sky, tears would not fall.

Unknowingly, I started to get hungry. Leng Ye Xiu is really a weird person. He left first after agreeing on the outcome of the meeting and even looked at me as though he ate explosives as he spoke … When he got to the kitchen, he suddenly felt dizzy, his limbs started to move around uncontrollably, and then he lost consciousness.

When he woke up, he saw the ceiling again, but there were no tears this time. He blinked and struggled a few times, only to find that there was no one around him. Then he saw himself lying on a hospital bed. It was strange: what was wrong with me? Who sent me here? Why was there no one to accompany him?

Tianqing only felt a little disgusted, so she carefully walked away unsteadily. The wutong leaf outside the window fell down again. Looking from afar, it looked extremely similar to the scenery on New 5th Street. Only this time in the hospital. After a while, the nurse came in to change the ointment. Tian Qing then asked, "Excuse me, what happened to me?"

The nurse seemed amused. "You came to the hospital? What's the matter with you?"

"No, I mean, what's wrong with me?"

"Temporarily lack of brain blood supply, in the future don't turn on the gas when you're alone at home."

At this moment, the clear sky didn't seem to understand anything, but it seemed as if it understood something. Then, he slowly walked out. At the corner, he heard a familiar voice …

"Brother Na, do you like me?" Xia Feiyu's delicate hands grabbed onto Xu Jiano's arm. Her voice was sweet and sweet, no one was holding her in their hearts.

Immediately hugging Xia Feiyu, he kissed her forehead and said with a doting smile, "Darling, don't you know how much I like you? "Hmm?"

Facing such a beauty, the Xu Family had long been itching for action.

Originally, he thought that Xia Feiyu would take the initiative to throw herself into his arms, but instead, Xia Feiyu turned around and coldly snorted, "Clan Nuo Ge, you're lying."

"Aiyo, my little darling, when have I ever lied to you? I'm very sorry for you. " Xu Jiano hurriedly put his arm around Xia Feiyu's shoulder, smiling in a very sincere manner.

Xia Feiyu pouted her lips, and asked with some anger: "Where did you not lie? "Brother Na, don't you like my sister?"

Xia Feiyu had long known about the relationship between Xu Jianuo and Xia Qing; snatching Xu Jianuo into her hands, Xia Feiyu felt extremely happy.

It was more accurate to say that as long as she saw that good-for-nothing sister crying and begging for forgiveness, Xia Feiyu would be very happy, and how could the Xu Family not understand the meaning behind Xia Feiyu's words?

Having been fishing in the mall, Xu Jiano was already an old fox. Moreover, as compared to Xia Feiyu, who was better? As long as they were a discerning person, they would be able to tell at a glance.

If Xu Jiano had been blind and made a choice, not only would he have been blind, but his brain would have been mocked as abnormal by others as well.

"Darling, you know, I only play around with that straw bag and shake it off just like that. How come Darling, don't you think this game is very interesting?" Xu Jiaduo hurriedly explained to Xia Feiyu, even his voice unconsciously becoming flattering. In order to please the beauties, Xu Jiano had put in a lot of effort.

Because as long as he could obtain Xia Feiyu, not only would he be able to obtain a rare beauty, but relying on Xia Feiyu's status in the Xia Clan, he would naturally be able to increase his own strength.

A seductive smile appeared on Xia Feiyu's lips as she lightly tapped Xu Jiano's chest, "Jianuo, you're really bad. However, I also think that this game is very fun to play!"

"Really? "As long as you like it, darling." Seeing that he had won over Xia Feiyu, Xu Jianuo was very satisfied.

Xia Feiyu turned her head a little coquettishly, replying to Xu Jianuo in a very delicate tone, "You're so annoying. At home, brother Nuo only knows how to tease Feiyu, I'll ignore you."

"Aiyo, my darling, please don't! If you ignore me, I'll feel sick all over. " Xu Jiaduo pinched Xia Feiyu's little face, his tone carrying a hint of teasing and ridicule.

Xia Feiyu nodded with a hint of pride in her voice, Xia Qingqing, aren't you proud? Don't you have a backbone? If, you say, I stole your man, would you still be so arrogant?

Thinking of this, the corners of Xia Feiyu's mouth lifted up in a complacent smile: "Yun-ge, a few days ago I saw a new Chanel Bag ~"

"Is that so? Where is it? I'll buy it for you. " Towards beauties, Xu Tingsheng was extremely willing to pay. Moreover, it was merely a Chanel Pouch. To the wealthy Xu Jianuo, it was nothing at all.

Previously, when he had been together with Xia Qingqing, she had never had too much interest in material things, causing the Xu Family to not even have the chance to develop their manliness and their rich and handsome natures.

Other than Xia Qing's low status, what Xu Tingsheng hated the most was someone of Xia Qing's character.

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