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"Xu Tingsheng, I really did not expect you to be such a person." Xia Qingqing was unable to contain her anger. This was no longer the refined Xu Family promise that she had known before. Just what had the person before her experienced over the past few years that caused him to undergo such a drastic change?

Not long after his mother had passed away, Xia Jing Qing had been brought back to the Xia family after a few years in the orphanage. When they left, the two of them were still alright, but not long after they arrived at the Xia family's residence, Xu Nuo had proposed to break up. Originally, Xia Qing had thought it was because the Xu family was feeling inferior, and had even ridiculously comforted him by saying that she would not despise him.

Only when she knew that Xia Feiyu was holding onto the Xu Family's Xu Qing, did she realize how laughable she was. Xu Jianuo was not afraid of the disparity in status, he just didn't like her at all, everything was just an act.

Thinking back when the Xu Family had been pursuing her, he would think of all sorts of ways to curry favor with her. He had even remembered his period of physiology, precisely because of the sudden arrival of his relatives that had caused her so much pain that she couldn't even straighten her waist.

Although she felt very embarrassed, she still accepted it in the summer. Ever since her mother had passed away, no one had ever treated her like this. In that moment, she had indeed fallen in love with that clean man who cared for others.

Later on, they found out that in order to boil the brown sugar water for him, the Xu Family had gone to the orphanage's cafeteria auntie that day to discuss the matter with her softly and forcefully. In the end, they had still exchanged the conditions, and that condition had been given by the Xu Family to the auntie who had been in the cafeteria for a whole week.

The summer's sunny day was so deep in her memories that she had not noticed the resentful gaze of Xu Jiano at this very moment. When she came back to her senses, Xu Jianuo had well concealed his emotions.

"Ha!" "Xia Qingqing, you are currently the young miss of the Xia family. Although you don't have any good treatment, at the very least, you can live a decent life. Unlike me, you have to worry about what you should eat next." Xu Jiano was already scared to death. Previously, he had always watched the news on TV saying that the Xia family was very rich and wanted to become that kind of person every time.

Knowing that one day, the Xia family would suddenly come to the orphanage to pick up Xia Qing and bring her home, at that time, the Xu family thought unhappily, why is Xia Qing's life so good? It's actually a child of the Xia family.

Then, he recalled that he was Xia Qing's girlfriend, this silly woman was dead set on him and would definitely treat him well. That way, he would be able to live a good life with her, so he felt relieved when he thought about it.

Through Xia Qing's introduction, Xu Jiano had gotten to know Xia Feiyu. This allowed the Xu Family who had always wanted to live a good life to think of a very good way, and that was to curry favor with Xia Feiyu, making her as determined to do as she was in the summer, so that they wouldn't have to worry about the rest of their lives in the future.

Xu Jiadong had heard about the Xia Family's situation, but the Xia Family didn't have any men. Before, they only had Xia Feiyu as their only daughter, and Xia Lei Teng had doted on his only daughter. It could even be said that he wanted to get the better of both sides.

For the sake of face, Xia Lei Teng definitely wouldn't introduce Qing Xia to everyone, but Xia Fei Yu was different. After all, she was the genuine young mistress of the Xia family, and when Xia Lei Teng grew old and didn't have the energy to manage the company, Xia Fei Yu was a woman and the company ended up in Xu Tingsheng's hands.

"Xu Jiadao, only now do I know that you're such a person." Xia Qing understood, such a scum is not worth me sad for him, from now on they are strangers, each have their own path!

"Xia Qing, you should worry about your own matters first! You don't have to worry about my matters. In the future, I think it's best if we don't get into contact with each other too much. The Xu Family did not want to live a good life with so much effort. They were all ruined by this woman in front of them.

Xia Qing looked at Xu Jiano sympathetically, then turned and left. She knew Xia Feiyu's personality very well. She would have his good days in the future, and she would quietly wait and watch the show.

Xu Jianuo looked around and realized that no one had noticed that he was alone with Xia Qingqing before he went to look for Xia Feiyu. It was unknown if Xia Feiyu would blame him for being late if he stayed here for so long, so she thought of an excuse to block the road.

It was time for dinner. Qing Qing reluctantly sat in the living room and watched them talking about interesting things. She had no choice but to lower her head as she fiddled with her phone.

Now, Xu Jiano then said in a shameful tone, "Father-in-law, I don't have the ability to treat Fei'er right now. When I get a little better at work, I'll be able to take care of Fei'er."

She also envied a man who could take care of her like this. Before, she had also thought that Xu Jiano was someone worth entrusting his life to, but now, she realized that she had been too naive, too stupid, and thus had fallen to this stage.

After the servants served all the dishes, the five of them sat around the table and ate. Summer had been quietly eating, but that didn't mean that no one had come to look for her.

"Big sister, I remember that you didn't go home on father's birthday. Did you go to CEO Leng's place?" Xia Feiyu and Aunt Luo exchanged a glance; letting Xia Qingqing off was not their style of doing things. Every time Xia Qingqing was scolded, they would feel a little bit of revenge in their hearts.

Aunt Luo echoed her daughter's words. "That's right. Tianqing, I think that Director Leng is very different from you. Did you meet her at the party that day?"

He also wanted to know how Leng Yeyue and Xia Lei were acquainted. Who didn't know of Leng Yeyue's fame in the business world? At such a young age, she had become the CEO of the Leng Clan and was in charge of the Leng Clan's hotels, pubs, and real estate.

Since Leng Ye took over the position of the Leng Clan, the Leng Clan had even reached the peak of their power in the past few years. The people in the industry all felt fear in their hearts and did not dare to offend this Yama King.

Xia Qing's hand paused for a moment as her heart skipped a beat. Xia Fei Yu had indeed guessed correctly. That night she was with Leng Ning, and they even had a very intimate relationship. They couldn't know about such things in class.

"No, I went to my classmate's house that day. I don't know what it's like to be in a cold night. Today is the first time I've seen her." Xia Qingqing quickly calmed herself down as she spoke with an expressionless face.

Xia Lei Teng was a smart person, and he had his own plans. He didn't care what happened in the summer, as long as he could keep the great god Leng Ye at ease.

With the support of Cold Night, their company would certainly be better off than it was now, and this time Cold Night would suddenly be working with his company, making it difficult for Xia Leiden to understand until the cold night called for the two companies in the summer.

It was very possible that it was because of the clear summer weather that this great god, Cold Night, had come. That was to say, as long as he was good to the summer, he could retain Cold Night and bring many benefits to the company.

"Alright, you two, stop making wild guesses. Hurry up and eat." Since Xia Lei Teng wanted to be nicer to summer, he couldn't let Aunt Luo and her daughter have a hard time. He stopped them from saying some unpleasant things.

Xia Fei looked at her father in astonishment. What was going on today? Was her luck really that good in the summer? First, she had been named to do the work, and now even her father had spoken kindly to her.

Aunt Luo also looked at her husband in disbelief. Being with Xia Lei Teng for so many years, she knew that Xia Lei Teng really cared about face, and Xia Qingqing's existence was a reminder to Xia Lei Teng that he once had a bar dancer. If news of this were to spread to the media, it would definitely cause a sensation and would affect the company badly.

No one knew what Xia Lei Teng was thinking, only Xia Qingqian knew what he was thinking, she let out a mocking chuckle, and this was all thanks to her actions today. Although no one knew why she did it, she had at least helped her solve Xia Lei Teng's problem.

Everyone was eating the food in front of them in tacit understanding. Xu Jiano did not know what had happened in the company today. He could not understand what Xia Feiyu had said, so he could only silently give her the dishes she liked.

It was already very late after dinner, so Xu Jiano got up and took his leave. Because Xia Feiyu had suffered two consecutive blows today, she didn't have the mood to talk to Xu Tingsheng and just let him go back.

Aunt Luo saw through her daughter's thoughts and gave Xia Fei Yu a calm look, telling her not to be hasty in deciding. She would explain it after she got to know Xia Lei Teng. She must have other plans.

After dinner, she went back to her room. She needed to go along with what had happened today. There were too many things happening today, so she needed to spend some time to digest them.

Aunt Luo came to the bedroom and saw Xia Lei Teng lying down on the bed. She smiled and went over to his chest and asked in a reproachful tone, "Why are you helping that woman of unknown origin today?"

Seeing that Xia Lei had no reaction, Aunt Luo smiled. She took the initiative to kiss Xia Lei Teng's lips. It was rare for Xia Lei Teng to be in a good mood today. Not long later, Aunt Luo had aroused his desire … Aunt Luo was content to lie in Xia Lei's arms after the storm.

"You want to know why I'm protecting the summer sun today?" Xia Lei Teng was in a good mood. He took the initiative to tell Aunt Luo about this matter. Aunt Luo waited for Xia Lei Teng's next words longingly.

"Think about it, if Cold Night is working with our company because of the summer weather, and if I'm not good to the summer weather, I'll be angry if I don't work with our company. Then I'll lose a lot of money." Xia Lei Teng spoke with a calculating expression. In his mind, Xia Qing Qing was just a tool he used to keep the cold night from falling, and it didn't really change his opinion of her.

After a pause, Xia Lei Teng continued, "I don't care how the two of them got to know each other, as long as it brings benefits to my company. Since that's the case, what's the use of a little being nice to summer?"

Aunt Luo could be considered to have made a clear report now. So that was what Xia Lei Teng had planned. She knew that Xia Lei Teng would definitely change his mind and take care of Xia Qingqing. As long as that was the case, she would be at ease.

"Then will we have to endure the summer sunshine in the future?" Aunt Luo gritted her teeth as she thought about how beautiful and pleasant it would be in the future. Summer had always reminded her that her husband had betrayed her for a period of time, so no one liked to put their cruel person in front of their eyes.

"For the time being, I'll decide on this matter after I explain to you the specific purpose of our collaboration." Xia Lei Teng knew what Aunt Luo was thinking and comforted her, "Therefore, you two have to endure it for now. Treat the summer well well and think of a way to deal with it after I figure out what's going on."

"Got it, I'm not the kind of woman who doesn't know what's good for herself. Don't worry!" Xia Lei only knew about his business and face. If he did something that would harm his business, then his future days would definitely not be good.

Xia Lei didn't expect Aunt Luo to agree so readily. He looked at her with satisfaction. A successful man would have a woman who could manage the household behind his back. Aunt Luo was just a woman who could manage the household.

"Don't look at me like that." Aunt Luo felt very embarrassed when she saw that Xia Lei Teng was already over forty years old. However, the passage of time had not left much of a mark on his face. Instead, he had the aura of a mature man, which Aunt Luo could not handle.

"Is Madame shy?" Aunt Luo usually took care of her face and body every few days, so there were no signs of time on her body. This made Xia Lei Teng's body react.

Xia Lei could not control his desire and continued to do what he had just done. There was a sound coming from the bedroom that made people's faces turn red, and even the moon shyly hid in the clouds to get out.

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