Love Has No Time To Knock/C6 I dropped something in my room?
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Love Has No Time To Knock/C6 I dropped something in my room?
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C6 I dropped something in my room?

When she thought about the long chain of black dragons, Xia Qingqing couldn't help slapping the bathtub's water. That wonderful thing, even if she loved that person back then, she didn't give him anything. It was actually taken away by a strange man for no reason!

She hated him so much!

She soaked in the bathroom for nearly two hours and ruthlessly rubbed her skin. However, the bruise and purple mark was like a brand that she couldn't remove no matter how hard she tried.

When she came out of the bathroom, she rubbed her whole body until it was red, as if blood was about to drip out of it.

"What is it? You're finally back? "

When he came out, he saw Xia Feiyu sitting on the sofa in the room, her slender legs crossed and a cup of coffee on her fingertip.

Summer ignored her, walking straight to the desk and sitting down with her back to her.

"Do you know what everyone said after last night? The illegitimate daughter of the Xia family was jealous of her younger sister's halo and actually caused a ruckus at her engagement ceremony! " Xia Fei's voice sounded from behind him.

"Oh, that's not right. Everyone is actually more inclined to say something else. The illegitimate daughter of the Xia family cannot see her younger sister well and would definitely seduce her younger sister's boyfriend before this. But what about that? Her boyfriend didn't even put her in his eyes, hehe … It's true, after hearing what they said about you, you are still a member of the Xia family.

Xia Feiyu slanted her eyes as she looked at her with a smile. All these years, she had to thank her elder sister for venting for her. Otherwise, how boring would it be?

Because of last night's incident, her mood was originally very fretful. Now that she heard Xia Fei's provocative words, Xia Qingqing finally couldn't take it anymore!

She slammed her pen down on the table, took a deep breath, and turned her head.

"My dear sister, are you talking about yourself? Who exactly is that shameless person? You and I both know this in our hearts! "

From the age of sixteen to twenty-one, in these five years, in this family, she tried her best to avoid contact with Xia Fei Yu. No matter what she scolded her about, no matter how hard her mother tried to make things difficult for her, she had never fought back.

Xia Feiyu obviously knew that whether Xia Qing was telling the truth or not, the smile on her face suddenly disappeared, her beautiful eyes flashed a hint of viciousness, the coffee in her hand suddenly splashed towards Xia Qing Qing.

Finally, she vented her anger. Seeing Xia Qing's wretched appearance, she started laughing once again, a bewitching look in her eyes.

"Hehe, in the end, wasn't it you who got dumped by a man! How about it? He doesn't love you, and I can't help it! You can't even find the right words to say, do you know what my family says about you? It was so feminine, childish, bad-tempered, and stubborn that it annoyed him just by looking at it! The most important thing! "Her bones are as cheap as the mother she was born to as a dancer!"

Xia Qing wiped away the coffee on her face, and couldn't help but let out a bitter laugh. Luckily, it was ice-cold, so she stood on the spot, watching Xia Feiyu get up and twist her slim waist proudly as she left.

She knew that she was doing it on purpose. Ever since she was brought back from the Xia Clan, Xia Feiyu hadn't cast a friendly glance at her.

As for Xia Feiyu, her words were like a sharp thorn that stabbed deeply into the softest part of her heart. Since she was young, only that person had the ability to hurt her!

After sitting there for a while, she returned to the bathroom and took out the man's shirt. Without looking at it, she threw it into the garbage bag.

But after a while, after seeing the crystal buttons on it, she went over and picked it up again.

Such an expensive shirt would definitely sell for a lot of money even if he sold it for second-hand! With this thought in mind, Xia Qing carefully put the shirt away, planning to find a time to clean it up in the dry cleaner's before going to the second-hand market.

Although she was living in the Xia family, money was very important to her. All these years, she had insisted on working for them and after all, the mistress of the family who controlled the finances had never given her a single cent.

After tidying up the shirt, she stayed where she was for a while. Just as she was about to leave, she suddenly thought of something.

Her brooch!

Last night, because she had stained the matching crystal brooch with her blood, she took out the brooch she had brought with her from her bag and put it on.

But this morning, when she looked at her dress, she did not see the brooch at all. She was so shocked and anxious about what had happened that she did not notice it and had completely forgotten about the brooch. It was only now that she remembered.

It would have been fine if the brooch had been an ordinary brooch, but it was something extremely important to her!

That was the only thing left to her by her dead mother. Although the Xia family despised her because her mother was a dancer and despised her, she had never hated her mother for blaming her mother. Compared to others, she was filled with longing for her mother, who had died at birth.

As he thought about it, he realized that the brooch must have landed in the hotel, but he didn't know whether it was in the room or in the lobby.

It was five o'clock when he arrived at the hotel.

The hall on the second floor had already been cleaned up and everything was back to normal. She decided to ask the front desk to see if it was really left in the room.

She came out in a hurry and put on a white T-shirt and light-colored jeans. This time the doorman didn't stop her, presumably because what happened last night had left a deep impression on them.

"Hello! I'd like to ask, 7086... No, did Room 7089 find a brooch missing in the shape of an orchid? "

"Nope." The receptionist looked at her and said coldly, her gaze filled with haughtiness. Looking at the simple and crude clothes in front of her, she knew that this girl in front of her was at most a hundred. She was very impatient.

Since when did the lowest class of people have the freedom to enter and exit the Huasheng Hotel?

Xia Qing An was annoyed and continued, "Can you help me take a look?" She knew that there were things in the hotel that had been recorded as having been left behind. If they had been left in the room, it would have been easy to find.

The front desk completely ignored her. After glancing at her coldly, he lowered his head and continued with his work.

She had always been feeling anxious, but now that she had met with such a situation, the anger in her heart grew even greater.

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