Love Has No Time To Knock/C9 Reasons for return
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Love Has No Time To Knock/C9 Reasons for return
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C9 Reasons for return

When he rushed outside the VIP ward, Wu Muze saw the tall man standing in front of the window.

On the hospital bed lay an old man, haggard and haggard. His eyes ached as he pushed open the door and walked in softly.

The man at the window turned his head when he heard the noise.

He had a pair of handsome face with deep facial features like Apollo from ancient Greece. When his amber eyes looked at Wu Muze, his thin lips curled up into a smile.

Wu Muze was the first to speak as he shouted at him with a smile: "Cousin!"

The VIP ward was quite spacious. It was about the size of an ordinary suite, so as to avoid disturbing the old man who was sleeping in the ward, the two of them went to the guest room.

After leaving the ward, Wu Muze's body slanted and he leaned into the long leather sofa.


Cold Night Xiu followed and sat in front of him. He crossed his long legs and picked up the latest business magazine on the glass tea table.


Seemingly very tired, Wu Muze fell backwards, his hands on his head as he leaned on the back, answering his question with a long ending.

After a while, he felt thirsty and sat up again. He reached for the kettle on the coffee table and poured himself a glass of water.

After taking a sip of water, he thought about the hotel.

"Cousin, is there something wrong with your vision in recent years?"

Leng Ye Xiu raised his head and raised his eyebrows to look at him. With a deep voice that was like a cello, he asked, "Eh?"

"I'm going to Huasheng Hotel!" Wu Muze said.

"I remember you once said that Huasheng Hotel was your most satisfied hotel! "But I met one today, hehe …"

Wu Muze spoke slowly about the series of things he had encountered at the Huasheng Hotel. The reception desk, which had a big chest and no brains, was in violation of the company's rules, secretly bringing in a relative of the manager … And the conversations he heard when he and Xia Qingli left.

When he brought Xia Jing to the second floor's lobby, Manager Luo, who was behind him, hurriedly asked Xiaomei what had happened? The woman actually didn't know about it. She said in a pitiful, flirtatious voice, "I don't know either!"

Wu Muze felt goosebumps rise all over his body just thinking about it.

The most important thing was the attitude of the front desk towards the customers. It made him think that he had walked into the wrong place!

After Wu Muze finished speaking, he saw the gloomy expression of Leng Ye Xiu. He was overjoyed, knowing that his cousin had listened to him.

"Cousin, is this your management error?" He was gloating with a smile on his face. Undoubtedly, it was rare for him to see this man, be it in his career or life, make a mistake. He was truly an amazing man!

Leng Ye Xiu raised his eyes and saw all of Wu Muze's thoughts, but he wasn't as angry as Wu Muze had expected. Instead, a smile appeared on his handsome face, "How about, you manage Huasheng from now on?"

With such a generous tone, he truly was worthy of being called the number one person in the imperial city. However, Wu Muze, who knew this person well, was not blind. He could tell that even though his cousin was smiling, he must have heard his story and paid attention to it.

"No, no, no. Hehe, cousin, how could little brother compare to you?" His heart skipped a beat. He was afraid that if he stroked the tiger's beard, it would caress the tiger's butt. Immediately, a flattering smile appeared on his face.

"Cousin, when will grandma wake up?" He quickly changed the subject.

Although he was sad, his grandma was really old. This sudden hospitalization had happened who knows how many times. The main reason his family sent him back was to let him stay by his grandma's side for a few more days to accompany the old man.

"You just fell asleep after taking your medicine. You came at the wrong time!"

Leng Yanxue lowered her head and looked at the magazine in her hands. Wu Muze secretly curled his lips, since a young age, he had never understood why his cousin who was the same age as him would have such an abnormal silence, as if the people closest to him were unable to walk into his heart. No, to be more precise, he probably didn't have someone close to him, someone who could share his thoughts and sympathize with his soul!

As he thought of this, he suddenly thought of his fiancee.

"Cousin, when are you and Gu Lan Xi going to get married?"

He looked eagerly over his head, but no one paid any attention to him. Secretly bored, he suddenly thought of Xia Qing. He subconsciously curled his lips into a big smile. She was really the best gift from heaven to him after he returned home!

"Cousin, I met a very interesting woman at the Huasheng Hotel today! "Hee hee …"

He talked to himself for a while. The atmosphere was still quiet, but he didn't realize that the man's long fingers had stopped flipping through the magazine.

"Cousin, I'll be leaving first then!" I've just returned home and there's still a lot of things waiting for me! "

After a while, he felt that nothing had happened. He thought that he would come see his grandmother again tomorrow, so he patted his slightly wrinkled pants and leisurely walked away. Unexpectedly, Cold Night raised his head at the right time.


Wu Muze turned his head in surprise, "What's the matter?"

Cold Night elegantly placed his magazine on the coffee table, and stood up in his Italian suit.

"Don't be in such a hurry to deal with your matters. Just stay here and guard Grandma. Xi'er injured her leg last night. I'll go take a look!"

Wu Muze had always listened to his cousin's words, probably because he couldn't resist the words of Leng Ye Xiu. Thus, he could only watch as the man arranged everything and left the ward with his back to him.

"Why didn't you call her a nurse!"

He awkwardly muttered something to himself in the direction that Cold Night had left. In his heart, he knew that whether it was as his grandmother or as his grandmother, the elderly had always loved them very much. Ever since they were young, the elderly had always loved them dearly, so when the elderly became ill, they all wanted to take care of them themselves, no matter how busy they were.

After getting off the bus, Xia Qing stopped when she passed by a pharmacy.

Inevitably, she thought back to last night. The man did not seem to be wearing a condom! In order to prevent something from happening, she thought for a while, then walked in.

She lowered her head, feeling somewhat conflicted in her heart, unable to control the awkwardness.

She had never even looked at a man's body in her entire life, yet she somehow gave herself to a strange man, and that man had even given it to her.

To her, this was an unprecedented blow and regret. She had even transferred this grudge to Xu Jiano and Xia Feiyu. If it wasn't for his betrayal, she wouldn't have been drunk to the point of being muddle-headed.

When he returned to the villa, it was already completely dark.

The moment he walked into the living room, he saw the family of four, who were chatting happily at the dining table.

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