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The manager Fei'er immediately reacted and retorted, "What nonsense are you spouting? "Which reporter are you from? Please leave immediately."

Xiao Lingqing had hidden her identity so tightly that even the most powerful dog didn't know that Liu Lingzhu was the wife of the Xiao Clan Group's Xiao Lingqing.

However, news of Xiao Lingqing and her sister Liu Jinxiu came up one after another. Sometimes, even Liu Lingzhu would look at the pair of intimate lovers and feel that they were truly a perfect match. It was as if she was the despised Xiao San.

Being scolded by Fei'er, the reporter did not retreat, instead, his voice became louder, "Someone exposed that I have evidence, that's not nonsense."

Liu Lingzhu's eyelids jumped, he felt that something bad was about to happen, "Where did you find evidence for something I didn't do before? Fei'er, get the security guards to chase them out. "

"What is it? Should I chase them out to cover it up? " Suddenly, a low voice sounded from the crowd.

The familiar voice caused Liu Lingzhu's heart to tremble. He ? Why did he come?

He was dressed in an exquisite and decent suit, which matched well with his tall and straight stature, giving off a noble aura. He walked straight towards Xiao Lingqing, staring straight at her with his beautiful eyes, but his gaze was so dark that it was terrifying, as if she had done something unforgivable.

Xiao Lingqing stood in front of her.


In the next second, Xiao Lingqing raised his hand and slapped her hard.


The entire hall was silent.

Liu Lingzhu looked over with his eyes wide open in disbelief.

The guests looked at each other, their eyes filled with confusion. Why would the president of the Xiao Group come here? Were these two really the same person?

The fans at the scene had already come back to their senses as they angrily scolded:

"You're crazy!"

"Why did you hit our Spirit Bamboo!"

"The Xiao Clan is extraordinary?"

Liu Lingzhu's feet staggered, and he almost lost his balance. Trembling, she said, "Why ?"

Xiao Lingqing lifted his hand and pinched her chin, fury could be seen in his eyes. "Isn't that enough, Liu Lingzhu? If you let me marry you and I marry you, wouldn't you be satisfied? "

His face was in pain, but the forceful gazes from the fans and the media forced Liu Lingzhu to force out a smile that was uglier than crying. He whispered to Xiao Lingqing, "Please, don't be here, okay?"

Xiao Lingqing laughed coldly: "You're begging me? When you tried to harm the child in the brocade belly, did she beg of you? "

Liu Lingzhu immediately understood, Liu Jinxiu actually had her child ? She had always avoided Liu Jinxiu like a snake and scorpion, how would she know that she had a child? How could he harm her? There was no excuse for the crime he wanted to commit.

Just as her mind was wandering, Xiao Lingqing had already grabbed her chin and flung it towards the ground. Liu Lingzhu laid on the ground in a sorry state and looked up at the demon-like man in fear. Like a god, Xiao Lingqing looked down at her, "The man who spent so much effort to snatch my sister, seduced my own brother-in-law, and even mercilessly killed the child in her womb! It's time for everyone to see your true face. "

Amidst the uproar, Liu Lingzhu could only hear the sound of his heart breaking. There had never been a time when it was completely shattered like this.

Liu Lingzhu's eyes were filled with tears as he explained, "I didn't even know she had a child! He hadn't even touched her! "Believe me!"

Xiao Lingqing grabbed her neck and said, "Do I believe you? Do you think that I don't know how many obstacles you have placed on the brocade all these years? Do you know how difficult it is for a brocade to conceive this child? The driver who hit her had already told her that it was you who ordered her to pay a high price! How can your heart be so venomous! "

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