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Xiao Lingqing's eyes reddened, revealing a cruel smile as he caressed the red dress on her body. When he saw that patch of red, he was reminded of his child lying in that pool of red blood, completely lifeless.

Liu Lingzhu held onto his wrist, and pleaded with a softer voice: "Don't be here, please..."

"My child is dead. How can you wear such gorgeous clothes?" Xiao Lingqing crazily used all his strength to tear it apart.

Liu Lingzhu's expression changed, "Don't..."


Red Muslin flew out from Xiao Lingqing's hands like a few butterflies dancing in the air.

Liu Lingzhu's fair body was exposed to the air and was nowhere to be seen. When the media heard her, they immediately moved, the lights flickered non-stop, forcing Liu Lingzhu to have nowhere to run. He could only close his eyes in despair, and shed tears of pain.

"Cry? What are you crying for? Do you think I don't know how dirty your body is and how many men have touched you? Didn't you get your status by spreading your legs? "Isn't it a bit too late to worry about shame now?"

Liu Lingzhu cried: "I'm not! I didn't do anything! "

Unfortunately, Xiao Lingqing, who had turned around and left, did not give her a chance to explain herself.

She rushed out of the crowd, pulled her coat over her and pulled her into the car.

Before even waiting for the second day, Liu Lingzhu's news had already appeared in all directions.

"Shocked!" Snatching brother-in-law, becoming a mistress, becoming a virgin! "

"Injuring his little sister's womb, just how vicious is this woman?"

"Liu Lingzhu's whole body was ripped off at his birthday!"

The comments from the netizens were even more chilling:

"Oh my god!" I actually fan this green tea bitch for so long, even I want to give myself a slap! "

"In front of me, I want to slap myself. Wait for me, I still want to prick my eyes!" "I'm really blind!"

"Pink to black!" I've never seen such a malicious woman who didn't even let go of her unborn child! "

Liu Lingzhu put down his phone in despair. Seeing her dazed look, Fei'er snatched her phone and said: "Stop looking! They don't know shit! "

Liu Lingzhu's tears had already dried a long time ago, and he gave Fei'er an extremely forced smile: "Fei'er, thank you, you're still standing on my side."

"Let's go to my place." Fei'er's heart softened. This silly girl. She had been working diligently and diligently the entire time. The director who had worked with her before had praised her for her excellent aptitude. Now that this matter had occurred, she would probably never be able to stand up again.

Liu Lingzhu shook his head: "No, send me home."

Fei'er coldly said: "Leave that place, leave that man, he will kill you."

Liu Lingzhu didn't say anything, he only shook his head.

Fei'er sighed, and could only send her to the empty villa. Liu Lingzhu tightly wrapped Fei'er's jacket as he staggered into the villa.

The lights in the room were not turned on, in the darkness, she saw a bright and flickering flame ? ? Xiao Lingqing who was tall and straight sat on the sofa, holding a cigarette in his hand.

Liu Lingzhu's hand that was holding onto her jacket tightened, she did not dare to turn on the light, and walked around the sofa straight towards the bathroom. As matters stood, there was nothing left for them to say.

But Xiao Lingqing did not plan on letting her go, his low voice sounded. "You aren't even going to apologize after doing such a thing?"

"I'll say it again, I've never done it before!" Her voice sounded tired and hoarse from crying. With that, he did not care about Xiao Lingqing's reaction, and quietly walked to the bathroom.

Just as she took off her jacket, she recalled what had happened at her birthday party. The light beams and media she had once been most familiar with were like sharp blades that had no place to run to!

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