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At that moment, the locked bathroom door was kicked open!

Liu Lingzhu turned his head in shock. What entered his vision was Xiao Lingqing's handsome face that was filled with anger.

At this moment, she was completely naked. Hot tears welled up in her eyes once again, and that indescribable sense of shame and humiliation began to strike her once more. She asked in a trembling voice, "What are you doing?"

Xiao Lingqing laughed coldly: "Do what you have been thinking about for a long time."

When the warm yellow light in the bathroom shone onto Liu Lingzhu's pale white body, it gave rise to a kind of sickly beauty. Xiao Lingqing's eyes turned red, he really did not want to admit it.

Just as she placed her hand on her shoulder, she immediately dodged. Xiao Lingqing laughed sarcastically: "What? In the past five years, when have I ever returned? "What are you pretending to be reserved about?"

Liu Lingzhu sarcastically asked. "Then why did you come back?"

Xiao Lingqing immediately darkened his face: "If it wasn't for Jin Xiu begging me to come back and visit you, to be afraid that you would be sad, you think I would have stepped into this damned place?"

The home she was so proud of was only a "ghost place" in his heart.

She roared hysterically, "Xiao Lingqing, I really haven't done it! It was all Liu Jinxiu's efforts! "Why don't you believe me!"

Xiao Lingqing's face became even uglier, he raised his fist and broke the mirror beside him, and said angrily: Even now, you're still trying to argue, but luckily, I'm still begging for mercy while I'm at the hospital, begging for mercy. I don't think there's a need for that!

Liu Lingzhu could not dodge in time and could only let him bite on it. Liu Lingzhu could not dodge in time, and wanted to push him away, but his hands were held down by Liu Lingzhu, pressing him towards the broken mirror.

Broken glass sliced through her delicate hands, accompanied by a torrential storm of aggression.

What Xiao Lingqing did not expect was that she was actually still a flower that had yet to bloom, but he had heard many people talk about her position in the entertainment circle that even fell asleep. Every time he heard these rumors, an indescribable rage would surge from his heart, causing his anger towards Liu Lingzhu to rise to a whole new level!

Liu Lingzhu was awakened by the pain. When she woke up, she was still lying on the cold floor of the bathroom. Last night, Xiao Lingqing's crazy actions were unbearable for her already exhausted body. Until the pain woke her up. She was curled up and saw the bruises on her body and the bright red scratches on her delicate hands. Tears began to roll down her cheeks again.

When Xiao Lingqing entered, what he saw was a scene like this. He went forward to crouch down, and pinched her chin. Isn't that what you want for a long time? " Seeing Liu Lingzhu's bright red eyes and her tears, Xiao Lingqing was even more furious!

"Cry? What are you crying for? Do you know how beautiful she cried in the hospital? Who are you trying to show off as a victim! "

Liu Lingzhu had long been rendered speechless by the pain.

The phone in Xiao Lingqing's pocket suddenly rang, it was Liu Jinxiu's personal ringtone again!

Liu Lingzhu endured the pain on his body and grabbed onto the bottom of his pants with trembling hands. Do Not Accept... "Okay?"

Xiao Lingqing moved his leg and shook her off, "Hello, Embroidery... Auntie? Why is it you calling? What's wrong with her! "Alright, let's go now!"

Liu Lingzhu's body was still in pain. "Don't go ? Please... Lingqing, I'm going to die from the pain... " Traces of hesitation flashed through Xiao Lingqing's eyes, but when he thought about that innocent child, these feelings quickly disappeared.

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