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"Someone who would not hesitate to harm his little sister for the sake of being rich and powerful, how could he be willing to die? I won't let you die that easily. Since Embroidery asked me to let you go, I will naturally listen to her. Furthermore, I will make you live a life worse than death to comfort her pain of losing her son! "

The sound of a huge door closing could be heard.

In the end, he left.

In such a large villa, she was the only one left. Liu Lingzhu fainted once again from the pain.

When Xiao Lingqing rushed to the VIP ward, Liu Jinxiu was weakly lying on the bed with a pale expression. Liu Jinxiu's mother, Wang Yi, was sitting on the sofa at the side, wiping her tears.

Xiao Lingqing frowned, he sat down beside Liu Jinxiu, held her hand and asked anxiously: "Are all these doctors trash? Why does he still look so pale! "

Liu Jinxiu sobbed and looked at him pitifully: "Lingqing, you can only blame me. Scolding me is also my fault. He touched his stomach and said sorrowfully, "Baby, Mommy let you down."

Xiao Lingqing frowned: "I will make that woman pay the price."

However, Liu Jinxiu anxiously grabbed his hand and advised considerately: "Lingqing, let go of your sister. I understand her, she loves you as much as I do, it's normal for her to be jealous of me hearing that I'm pregnant, that's why she would do such a thing. Don't blame her."

Xiao Lingqing: "You are still speaking up for her and she still doesn't know how to repent."

Liu Jinxiu sighed: "It's all because of my body, otherwise ?"

Xiao Lingqing didn't want to continue this topic, so he promised, "Don't worry, Liu Lingzhu and I will soon get divorced. At that time, we will definitely marry each other in broad daylight."

Hearing this promise, Liu Jinxiu and Wang Yi's eyes immediately lit up.

Who knew that Wang Yi was still crying. "I just don't know if we can hold on until that day!"

Liu Jinxiu panicked: "Mom! "Don't say it!"

Xiao Lingqing frowned: "What is it that you can't say?"

Wang Yi said, "Just now, the doctor said that the other kidney in Embroidery has also started to become diseased. It's not looking good. We need to have a kidney replacement immediately."

Xiao Lingqing's face darkened: Why are you hiding such a huge matter from me?

"I think you must be very annoyed that your sister did such a thing after just having an abortion. I can't give you any more trouble." Liu Jinxiu looked at Xiao Lingqing with teary eyes, looking extremely lovable.

He had never seen such a delicate and touching look in Liu Lingzhu's eyes. Ever since the day he had met her, he knew that she was an extremely stubborn person. Even after that, in order to curry favor with him, her eyes had never been so tender and weak.

Dammit, why did he think of her again?

Seeing that he was distracted, Liu Jinxiu shook him slightly: "Lingqing, what's wrong?"

Xiao Lingqing regained his senses, "The operation must be arranged as soon as possible, I will send people over to look for a suitable kidney source."

Wang Yi said, "Except for the spirit bamboo, I'm afraid we won't be able to find a suitable kidney source."

Hearing these words, Xiao Lingqing's brows furrowed even more tightly.

Liu Jinxiu hurriedly stopped her, "Lingqing, don't listen to my mother! Elder sister has already given me a kidney, her body can't take it! " Xiao Lingqing felt a headache.

Liu Jinxiu did not get the response she wanted to give, and could only take another dose of medicine. She cried and said, "It's alright, just let me accompany the child to leave, and there's also a companion on the path to the Yellow Springs. Lingqing, you have to be fine with big sister, no matter what she did before."

Xiao Lingqing's breathing stagnated, the anger in his heart churning.

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