Love In Bargain/C1 Chapter 1
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Love In Bargain/C1 Chapter 1
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C1 Chapter 1

Stacy’s POV

“Oh my God, Oh my God! I'm going to be late for work again. Why didn't Gina wake us up early?!

"Gina! Gina!!" I shouted.

"What what what! Girl" she answered running to my room. "’re awake! why didn’t you wake me up, we are going to be late to work again."

I said running around our small apartment trying to put my things together, then I notice Gina isn’t moving.

“You, Gina why aren’t you moving, go go go we’ll be late”.

I said trying to shoo her away.

“Girl you’re crazy, it’s Saturday Stacy Saturday! Alright? So can you chill now?!”

Gina said, then I plopped down on the tiny plush couch.

“I’m supposed to go to my mom’s today..., and I am so exhausted”.

I said looking back up at Gina.

“You can go see your mum today, just rest a little more, I’m going for a jog soon, you know where to keep the keys”?

Gina says then walks into the bathroom.

Ok quick introduction,

I'm Stacy Bennet, the first child and only day of my mom, my dad passed away when I was younger, leaving me with the responsibility of taking care of my mom, since she gets sick a little too often.

I have to do different part-time jobs asides working as a small accountant, just to make sure we have something to eat.

“I'm really exhausted right now” I say to myself then get up to walk out of the room.

I checked if there were any chores to be done in the kitchen, but getting there I notice Gina had already taken care of everything and even left a plate of bacon and toast on the table for me with a paper.

Right after I put the paper then I heard Gina walk in,

“Ahh... you got my note, I thought I’d be out before you woke up,so I did a little something for you”.

“Thank you so much Gina”, I said feeling really emotional.

“What are best friends for?”

Gina said then walked to sit on a chair beside me.

“Look Stacy, you’re my best friend, you are practically my sister and I love you so much, you’re all I’ve got in this world both you and your mom, I love you”.

“Gina why are you saying all this now, I don’t wanna cry in the morning and you’re making me so nervous gosh! And I love you too Gina, I’ll never leave you”.

I said then hugged Gina tightly.

“O.... Kay! Haha now that we’re done being all sappy, I gotta go, see you later baby girl!” Gina said while leaving the house.

I put the house in order then started preparing to go see my mom.


I got to my mom’s house, and I saw her watering her little garden on the front yard, the sight made my heart melt...if only I could buy her a bigger house with a bigger garden, then she can plant all the flowers in the world if she wants to, seeing that she hadn’t noticed me yet, I called out to her.

“mom” I said, and she quick turned around and her face showed the brightest smile I had ever seen.

“My beautiful Stacy, you’re back again I.... I’ve been waiting for you, I decided to water my babies to kill the time, have you had anything to eat today?” She said taking me into the house.

“Yes mom, Gina feeds me really well, mom I’m so happy to see and see that you’re not sick,I am really really happy”.

“Oh, dear child, I really missed you” she said then hugged me.

I sat for hours after hours talkie g to my mom, she had a lot to tell me, it’s so crazy how I’ve missed out on a lot, but I’m really happy whenever I get to see her.


“Um mom I uhh... I have a night shift at the bar later today”.

“Stacy dear you are already an accountant, it’s not the best or biggest bank but it’s still something, I’m really not okay with some of these extra jobs you take on,Dear what if something bad happens to you” she says reaching out to hold my arm.

“Mom I’m ok, really... and nothing is going to happen to me, okay? So don’t worry so much”.

“Stacy” .... My mom called softly.

“Mom I’m 26 years old, and mom some of my school mates have kids already” I said giving her a pouty look.

“Ok my dear, I won’t hold you back anymore, just be care and bring home a presentable husband one day, he shouldn’t be as ugly as your dad, you’re so lucky you got my gorgeous looks” she said joking.

“Oh mom” I replied with a laugh, “ok mom I’m going to start preparing to leave for work, we talked for so long it’s getting late again”.

I took a shower then ironed my uniform for the night, my mom was already tired and was resting in her room.

“Just hang in their mom, I’ll get us out of this awful state” I said to myself before leaving the house.

I got to work late and got scolded by my boss, and now I have to do overtime,

“Hey Sam”

I said to my close co-worker, “Hey Stacy, what happened this time? You’re late again”. “I was with my mom, and I got carried away”.

“Stacy!” A voice called she looked up and seeing it was her boss, she immediately ran to him.

“Yes sir”

“Take this to the customer on table 15 in the VIP section”.

He said handing me a basket filled with expensive bottles of wine.

I got to the table and saw an old with barely any hair on his head, he had two strippers sitting with him, if not for the money I wouldn’t work in this kind of place.

“Sir here’s your order” I said and attempted to walk away but he called me back.

“My goodness you are so pretty miss” he said while scanning my body from top to bottom, I immediately felt this man had no good intentions, and my thoughts were confirmed by his next line”.

“Do you mind spending the night with me, I’ll pay you double of what I’ll pay these two altogether” he said referring to the strippers with him who had already started glaring daggers at me.

“Sir my job is to serve to customers as a waiter and also bartender, there are many other strippers you can choose from, and with that I’ll be on my way, enjoy your wine sir” I said and walked away really fast, I rushed to stand next to Sam, who noticed my discomfort.

“Stacy are you Ok? you look pale, are you fine?” He asked looked extremely worried. “Don’t worry about it Sam I’m ok now”.

Said then noticed my boss walking towards me and Sam and my guts told me he was coming to scold me for something again.

I quickly put on a neutral look on my face before turning to face him.

"Good evening again sir" I greeted staring at him with a serious face.

"What's good about the evening? Hmm Stacy tell me, exactly what is good about this evening after what you have done!” He said slightly raising his voice.

“Sir I don’t understand what you’re talking about, what did I do?”

"Really? What did do? You are really asking me that?!, why don’t you quit working here and go work as an actress!”

“Sir I’m still confused as to what I did and why I’m getting scolded”.

“Stacy Bennet, just see your work for this month as charity. Is that clear?"

"Don't do that sir, you can’t do that! I don’t even know what I did wrong!"

“Stacy, you angered an important customer, he even wants you to get fired but I’m only seizing your salary for a month so you should be grateful”.

“An important customer? don’t tell me it’s the greasy old man you’re referring to?” “And now you insult him?!”

My boss yelled back angry, attracting the gazes of customers.

“Sir if my refusing to have sexual intercourse with a man that should be at least ten years older than my father then I might as well just quit the job”.

“What did you say?” My boss asked shocked.

“Oh, he didn’t even say what happened and just that I offended him”?

“No no no no Stacy please don’t leave, I’ll pay you your Salary please don’t go, it’s just that, that greasy old man is the biggest investor here, so I felt obliged to do his bidding”. “Sir I will not engage in such act with a man almost as old as my grandfather before he passed on”.

“Stacy please do it for the bar?” He asked almost begging.

“The bar?!, I don’t even own this bar, why exactly will I gain, even if I owned the bar, I wouldn’t sleep around to keep its business flowing”.

“Sir can you even hear yourself” Sam said, speaking up for me.

“He might pay you triple, he’s really rich he will give you a lot” he said again.

I wanted to slap him, but I held myself back, I wasn't brought up that way, and he’s my boss, but God! I really need to slap sense and light into this man’s stupid brain!” And also thinking of that old man Doesn't he have a conscience?” I said all to myself. “Don't worry sir, I've accepted my fate, I can see it’s either your bar flourishing, or I leave, so I will leave, I quit” I said and stood up to walk away but his next words stopped me”.

“You can’t leave!” He spoke.

“And why can I not?” I asked him almost ready to punch his face.

“If you leave, this customer will pull out all his investments and my hat will shut down, I will become penniless” he said in a voice that sounded like he’s a hopeless person and I’m the villain.

“So, in other words, you want to use me to make money? Am I correct?, so sir I’m uninterested, goodbye, and Sam I’ll see you some other time, sorry I’m leaving you alone here and thank Goodness you’re not a female or our Boss will be using you next” I said then walked out of the bar, on my way out I grabbed a cup with contents that looked like water, I gulped it down out of thirst then I realized it wasn’t water, but it didn’t matter I just had to go home and tell my mother I’ve dropped one of the jobs she’s unhappy about.

On getting outside my head started to hurt a little and my vision got blurred but then I could see a big figure walking towards me, I squinted my eyes and then realized it was the same old man, I turned around swiftly to walk in a different direction, but I could

feel him close behind him, my head was hurting, and my heart was beating in fear. “He can’t catch me, he can’t catch me, he can’t catch me” I kept repeating to myself.

I kept speed walking and looking back then I bumped into someone, I didn’t see who it was, but the pets smelled really nice. “Help me, I whispered to the person, and I passed out before I could say more.

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