Love In Bargain/C2 Chapter 2
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Love In Bargain/C2 Chapter 2
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C2 Chapter 2

Brian’s POV

“God! I can’t believe this!”

I yelled to myself in my car.

“Sir where are we headed?”

“Shine Bar”

My driver asked and I replied then pulled in my tie and tossed it on the seat.

We got to the bar, and I remained sitting in the car, I looked out the window and noticed a lady staggering, thinking she was one of those drunk strippers I turned away, “but wait she’s not dressed like a stripper” I said to myself, but I unknowingly voiced it out.

“Who boss?” My driver asked.

“Ryan that girl, she looks drunk” I pointed out for him.

“Why is Mr Cyrus chasing after her?”

“Chasing?!” I said and got out of the car and Ryan did the same, if Cyrus is following a drunk looking girl, I know it can’t be anything good.

I stood and watched the girl as she walked, she looked red, I started walked slowly towards her, she kept looking back while walking then she bumped into me, without even looking up to see who I was she muttered “help me” then passed out, I could tell she wanted to say more but she didn’t get to say it, and something in me broke seeing her in this state even though I don’t know her.

“Aha haha Mr Smith, it’s you” Cyrus said when he got closer.

“Yes, it is me and I would like to know why you are standing in front of me right now”.

I asked giving him a cold stare.

“Oh, that haha, but the lady in your arms, sh..she...she’s mine, if you can just hand her back to me, I will be out of your way”.

“Yours? how come?”

“We were together, and she had too much to drink, she ran off to get fresh air”.

“Mr Cyrus do you say the way she’s holding on to me?”

“I can see that, erm I apologize on her behalf, I’ll train her better when we get home” he said then reaches out to touch the girl, but Ryan smacks his hand.

“Mr Cyrus if you attempt to lay a hand on my girlfriend again, I will chop of your fingers”.

“Ha! Mr Smith, you don’t even know this girl!”

“Says who, she’s my woman are you really going to argue that with me?” “No no no sir” he says then quickly retreats.

I look down at the girl in my arms then carry her to the car, “Ryan to the hotel, I’m not in the mood to drink anymore”.

I arrive at the hotel with the girl in my arms to see my mom sitting at the reception, she notices me and quickly rushes to me, giving me a doubtful stare, she asks, “Brian who is she?”

“Mom” not know what to say, that was all I could utter, “Son, who is she? so she’s the one that has been taking up your time recently hmm?”, seeing that I wasn’t going to give her any replies she turns to Ryan, Although Ryan works for my family, he’s also like a brother to me.

“Ryan tell me, who is this lady?”

“She’s Brian’s future girlfriend” the minute Ryan said this, I felt like my head would burst open, “Ryan!!!!” I yelled in my head but maintained a calm demeanor.

“Mom, I need to get to my room so she can rest” I said hoping my mother would want to leave, but no, “Ok son, let me come with you, I’ll leave after a while” she offered to come with me.

“Alright boss I’ll be in my room” Ryan said with a smirk and walked off.

“Ryan I will come for you later” I said in my head, and I walked to the Elevator.

I got to my room and my mom helped me open the door, I walked in and softly laid the girl on the bed then her purse fell the ground with its contents pouring out, my mom began to pick it up while I still tucked in the girl in bed after taking of her shoes.

“Stacy Bennet, she has a lovely name son”.

I heard my mom say then I turned around to see her with with what looked like a work ID and a glass of water she put on the table, thank God, I know her name thanks to my mom.

“Thanks mom” I said then got the purse from my mom and dropped it on the side table.

“She’s beautiful too, and I can’t believe I’ll have a daughter-in-law soon, but then Brian, why were you so bothered by your father’s threat of you losing the company if you don’t get a partner, you have her don’t you?”

“Mom, Ryan did say future girlfriend, I’m still trying to get her to say yes to me, she’s not mine yet”. “Oh, I see, she will definitely say yes to you soon” she says then her phone rings, I immediately said a thousand thanks to the Lord in my head when she got up after the phone call saying she was leaving.

“Ok bye mom”

“Bring Stacy to the house sometime, Ok son!?” “Yes, mom I will”

After closing the door, I went and sat on the chair close to the bed, where my mom had sat earlier, “What has Ryan gotten me into?” I said pulling on my hair, out of frustration I drink the cup of water that was on the table, few minutes later, I started feeling hot, I stepped into the bathroom to shower and when I came out, I was slightly better but then I saw Stacy awake and she had unbuttoned her shirt and was trying to take it off.

“’s so hot in here” she said sounding like she was about to cry, and suddenly my body became hot again and I could feel something else, Stacy looked soo beautiful, no wonder the Pervert Cyrus wants her, now I want her too. All this was going through my head while I stood close to the bed, then suddenly I felt something soft on my lips, then hands began undoing my shirt, a part of my wanted to stop her, but at the same time I couldn’t bring myself to do it, suddenly she runs her hand into my hair, then I pressed my body against hers, holding her waist, she fell to the bed and I began raining kisses all over her body.

The Smith’s Home.

Mrs Smith came home very happy, she was so happy she went into the kitchen to cook food saying she wanted to celebrate with her husband when he gets back, a maid had to built up the courage to ask her what made her so happy to the extent of cooking.

“It’s a secret, my Son has proven himself to not be what the news says he is, my son is courting a girl, and they are in an hotel together as we speak!”. She said and unconsciously flung the spoon in her hand,




All three maids shouted at the same time, “Madam please be careful” one said while picking up the spoon then rinsing it and handing it back to Mrs Smith.

Soon Mr Smith got home, Mrs Smith excitedly took his bag and suit and handed it to one of the maids.

“Hon, I prepared Dinner” she said and sat next to him instead of across him on the table.

“Val are you sure you’re ok?, why are you so excited and happy?, did you win something?”

“Even better!”

“Then tell me what it is” Mr Smith replied impatiently.

“You’re so boring, you can’t even guess, Brian has a woman!” She said excitedly.

“Sorry come again” “Brian has a girlfriend, well she’s not his girlfriend yet, she hasn’t said yes to him according to...”

“So he felt threatened by what I told him this morning and went to look for a fake girlfriend?” Mr Brian said interrupting his wife.

“What!? Why would he say that, I saw them earlier when I went to visit Brian, UNANNOUNCED ” She’s said stressing the “unannounced “

“Then why hasn’t he brought her home before?, how come he has never said anything about her? “Oh Jared, Don't you know how our son thinks, he has your pride” she said pointing her index finger at him.

“‘My pride!?, aren’t you the one with more pride?”

“Oh please, anyways I think he wants to make sure she’s his before he brings her to us”

“Whatever he’s doing, he had better do it well, now can I eat without having you in my face”

“Oh oh sorry” she said then leaves the room still in a happy mood.

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