Love In Bargain/C5 Chapter 5
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Love In Bargain/C5 Chapter 5
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C5 Chapter 5

Do you still think he's petty?"

"You see my boss doesn't do anything for no reason at all"

Ryan says before he pushed open a door and walks in with Stacy following closely behind

Have a seat over there. Brian will be here soon.

He says then walks out, not long after he stepped out he came back in and Stacy lifted her head to look at him,

Your file, hand it over he said then left again after collecting it from her.

Now alone in the office Stacy began observing everything around her then she notices a photo frame racing down on the table she slowly reaches out to pick it up.


She says then continues to look at the photo.

"why does he look so familiar?" She says to herself

then a memory flashes in her head.

"He can't be the same person from that night, that can't be possible" she says with a nervous laugh, her palms and forehead getting sweaty, "I made out with the boss of Smith Holdings? Isn't he gay?" She says to herself in her head, then moves to put the photo back but slips from her hand and made

Seeing how nervous Stacy looked, Brian guessed she might have figured everything out already, seeing Brian in person Stacy felt her body shaking, she sat still looking at Brian who simply smirked at her reaction then walked past her to take his seat.

"Miss Bennet, you are looking prettier today."

Understanding what he meant Stacy blushed in embarrassment.

"Um Mister Sir no Mister" she says while trying to stand up.

"Brian Smith

"Thank you, Mr Smith, um I don't think I want this job anymore I'm just going to leave now .

"Sit down" he said coldly.

He says then she looks at him, "Excuse me?

"I said sit".

He says keeping an eye contact with her, his gaze slowly going from her eyes to her lips without him knowing, he was lost staring at her out her voice brougnt him out of the trance

“I said I would like to leave, why can't leave?

She asked but got no reply, Brian turned to look at Ryan who was sited on the couch at the corner of the office, then he got up

"See you later Miss Bennet" he said with a broad smile causing Brian to glare at him.

Seeing that Ryan had left, Brian then turned to Stacy and gave her a soft smile, "give me a moment" he said then got up and walked towards a shelf and brought out things she wasn't able to see properly, but when he turned around, she immediately identified her purse.

"These are yours, aren't they?"he says putting the items down in front of her.

"Well thank you for returning them. I would like to leave now".

"So ungrateful!" He spat.

"Excuse me”

"You heard me, you asked me to help you the other night and I did so, you haven't even said thank you for that, you also took aavantace of me in my own room then vou disappeare before I even wake up? shouldn't you take responsibilty for me now? You indirectly claimed me.

"Claimed you? Take advantage of vou? What are vou saying?

"What I'm saying is that you have no other choice but to marry me he says without blinking

“Marry you?”

"Yes! Aren't I marriable?”

"Marriable isn't even a word!"

"And no I won't marry yout I am grateful that you were able to help me that night, but I did not take advantage of you!”

"You kissed me in front of my mother, that was my first kiss what did you want her to think? " He yelled at her then glared, causing her to move back in shock, then she let out a small laugh and

said. "Did the a minty cold hearted Brain Aaron Smith just complain about a stolen first kiss?

She asked then he glared at her again.

"Come to think of it, this man isn't even as mean and cold as the medi a makes him out to be, I mean look at this big baby complaining about a stolen first kiss" she says in her head.

"Ok look I'm actually really serious right now, l'm going to hire you, you don't have to worry about anything being awkward because you'll also be my wife.

Brian says in a serious tone after seeing she no longer had anything to say to him. Stacy who just heard what he had said looked at him quizzically.

"Excuse me!? Did you not hear what I said earlier? I won't be marrying you, I was under the influence!"

"So now you admit that you did take advantage of me?"

"Are you a child?"

"I'm not a child but we can make many together".

"I cannot believe there are girls out there dreaming to marry you, you're just a baby!" She says with a scoff.

"I really do need your help, please I need you to marry me or I would lose the company" he says with the softest expression on his face, and Stacy finally decided to hear what he had to say.

"You might have seen this in the news but my parents are urging me to get married, and l'm not ready for that, I haven't met anyone interesting enough for me, but since my mother saw you last night, she assumed everything and she's told my Dad about you, and I'm sure he would have doubts about it because..

"Because you have had several pretend girlfriends before?"

"It was just once" he replied then opened the drawer under his table and brought out some papers.

"I've already prepared a contract, we can date for one more week then register our marriage" he says then passes a copy of the contract paper to her.

"So I'll be marrying you for real?"

"Why do you say it like it's such a bad thing, I'd also be helping you out since you just lost both your jobs and you need to take care of your mother".

"Are you stalking me?" She asked shocked at how he knew all this about her.

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