Love In Bargain/C7 Chapter 7
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Love In Bargain/C7 Chapter 7
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C7 Chapter 7

Brian took his time to Analyze everything his dad says then he made a self-realization that Avery is a little bit dumb.

"I hurt her? Oh please, when is she going to stop behaving like a spoiled child? Remind her that she 24 and will be 25 soon and she needs to start working on getting herself a suitable husband, instead of clinging onto someone who isn't interested, that's all I have to say, you can hang up now" Brian says then put down his phone, then sneakily glanced at Stacy and saw she was already looking at his then he looked down at his table.

"Stacy, do you want to go out tonight?"he asks while arranging the papers on his table.

"Huh? Oh, um I don't know, I don't know if Gina is better, so I have to go home and check up on her".

"Oh, is that so? Send my regards to her, and I will see you bright and early tomorrow morning".

Brian says then Stacy gets up from the chair and turns to walk out.

"What kind of girlfriend doesn't kiss her boyfriend goodbye?" Brian says before Stacy could take another step.

"Fake girlfriend, fake... don't forget that" she says then blows him a kiss and left.

"Uncle look, just because that Brian's witch of a girlfriend has used witchcraft on him, he doesn't even bother to respect you anymore he hung up on you and even said mean things about me, Uncle you need to get justice for me" Avery said after Brian's father ended the call.

"Avery, I suggest you go back to your home, since Brian has found a girl he likes, my wife and I will accept her" Brian's father said without looking at Avery, then turned to his wife.

"But uncle! I'm supposed to marry Brian! Uncle that girl doesn't have any social status at all she's a nobody in the society!" Avery screamed with tears pouring out of her eyes.

"Even better! She has no social status that's beautiful, Brian always says he does want a flashy wife, isn't that why you almost quit modeling Avery? You wanted to meet his requirements" Mrs Smith said to Avery while giving her a soft smile then she continued, "Avery like my husband said, you should go home, l'm sure your parents are wondering why you haven't gotten home yet and your luggage arrived two to three hours before you".

"Aunt are you sending me away?" Avery asked with a sad voice.

"We're not sending you away, we're simply reminding you that you're being unfair to your parents who have been anticipating your arrival, they won't be happy to hear that you came to see us before going home" Mrs Smith said calmly to Avery who didn't complain anymore, "Lisa... Please see Avery out" she said to the head house help.

After Avery had left, Mrs Smith turned to her husband, "Do you now believe that Brian does have a girlfriend" she said sounding almost proud of herself.

"I won't believe anything till I see them both together for myself" he said with a scoff, then Mrs Smith threw a pillow at him.

"What is your problem anyways, you're supposed to be happy, look see Avery even cried because she found out Brian is no longer single".

"Oh my goodness Dana are you this naive all the time, Brian would do anything to make Avery leave him alone because he's not interested in her, and as for Avery, sh-she's a drama queen when it comes to Brian, and you know that" he said again leaving Mrs Smith to start rethinking everything she believes about Brian and Stacy.

After Stacy left Brian's company, she decided to buy some grocery items to prepare dinner for her and Gina afterwards, then visit her mom, and by the time she got to her mom's place it was almost completely dark except the streetlight that kept the road lit.

"Mom! Mom it's Stacy! Why are the lights out?!"

Stacy called out when she entered her mom's apartment, at first when she was outside she didn't think too much into seeing her mom's house dark because sometimes her mom would turn off most of the lights in her house, but seeing the whole place dark Stacy got worried, she got out her phone and turned on the torch light so she could see a little, that was when she noticed her mother's house looked completely scattered like a tornado had hit it, immediately she dropped everything in her hands and began searching for her mother.

"Mom! Mom! Where are you!?" She shouted and continued looking around frantically, then she saw her mom laying on the floor with a bruised and bleeding head, she immediately rushed to her, then dialed the ambulance number.

While waiting for ambulance to arrive she knelt with her mom and continue trying to get her to wake up.

After the Ambulance came to get her mom she got a taxi to follow behind, along the way she called Gina. Finally at the hospital, her mother was rushed into the emergency room, Stacy sat outside crying without any care.

Gina got to the hospital and jumped out of the taxi without getting her change, she asked for Stacy and her mother and immediately after hearing the information she needed she rushed off, seeing Stacy looking worn out, she called out to her, then Stacy ran into her arms and began to cry again.

"Gina, I-I don't know what, th-the p-place, house, my mom I...she I don't...

"Shhhhh, stop crying so much, mom is going to be alright, calm down, let's hear what the doctor has to say, come on come sit down, I'm with you ok".

She says to the shaky Stacy then lead her to sit back down, After a while Gina excused herself to take a call.

"Aegina, I've been calling you, what happened to your phone?"

"I have a serious emergency, I'm at the hospital with my sister"

"By sister you mean Stacy right?"

"Well yes, who else could it be? Ryan I have to go now, I have to be with her"

"What happened to her? Which hospital are you at?"

"DS hospital"

"'ll be right there"...

"Wait why are you?" Gina says then looks at her phone then realized the call was ended.

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