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Amethyst's POV

I was kinda busy while working in front of a computer when a guy stops in front of me and speaks.

"Hey there my lovely babe! wait for me, okay?" Earl told me who is also my boyfriend as he is lifting two boxes.

"Of course! Who will gonna send me home if it is not you? I will commute? I can do that." I look at him and replied with a smile. Earl is also my co-worker. We are call center agents. He just then looked down while he shook his head. I laugh a little. He's cute.

"Let's go out later?" he said to me with a big smile.

"Yes yes, go ahead and put those two boxes where you should put them. Those two boxes are kinda look heavy," I said as I shook my head.

"Awww, You're really concerned about me," he said as he twinkled his eyes.

"Of course I do! You dork," I said as I laugh then he left. I just shook my head again.

A moment later someone pinch me on my shoulder so I look at it.

"Hey Amethyst, what will you do if ever later Earl will propose to you? " Bella who is my best friend asked me.

"Then, I'll say yes if ever? We are pretty sure about each, though," I replied as I laugh a little.

"I should be a godmother, huh!"

"Yes of course! Not just a godmother, I will love it if you will be one of the organizers too!" Then we laugh.

"But, you know I wish I also had a boyfriend." She changed our topic while pouting her red tinted lips.

"Huh? I mean, why don't you answer Hiro yet? I can see that he loves and cares about you so much? As a matter of fact, I can see that you guys will be also a perfect couple," I ask her since Hiro is courting her.

"Uhm, you know. We are kinda trying to be hard to get." And she even put some of her hair behind her ear.

"What? I'm still testing him if he really deserve my love!" she added.

We just laugh as I shook my head and arranged my things.

"Enjoy later, okay?" she just said to me while smiling.

"Yes yes, thank you, I'm going to see Earl, he looks like he's done too." We hug each other before I left her.

I went to Earl at his station and he is also about to finish in arranging his stuffs and such.

"Oh, come on let's go," he immediately said when he already saw me.

I just nodded and we leave the building.

When we arrived at the parking lot, he immediately took the helmets from his compartment and put one on me.

"Thank you," I said as I'm fixing my helmet.

"You're always welcome." He wink at me and I just shook my head.

We got on his motorbike and he took me to my house.

Earl delivered me safely.

"Eight pm later, okay? Don't forget," he reminded me when I got off on his motorbike.

"Yes yes noted," I said to him and I was about to kiss him on the cheek but he faced me so I kissed him on his lips.

I slapped him on the shoulder because of this but the dork just smiled.

He then left and I went inside our house to get some rest for a while.

When I enter our house there was no one so I just went straight to our room. Yes, my younger sister and I just sharing the same room. That is just fine here in the Philippines.

I checked the time on my phone and it was already 4:30 pm.

"I can still sleep for at least two hours." I shrugged then I changed my clothes.

I lay down on our bed and I close my eyes and let myself be swept away by drowsiness and peace.

When I woke up it was exactly 6:30 pm.

I got up to eat at least a little.

After eating, I take a bath and get dressed.

I'm wearing a white Floral dress that reaches above my knees and two inches heels on my feet.

When I also finish my make up I checked the time and it was 7:45 pm.

"Where are you going, sis?" Crystal asked me who is my younger sister as she entered the house.

"Earl and I are going out, how about you? where are you from? It was pretty late," I answered while combing my hair in front of our mirror in the living room.

"Oh, we practiced for our dance contest at school," she said to me and I just nodded.

"Eat there, there's still food there," I said.

"Yes my lovely sister and thank you. I'll just get dressed first." And she entered our room. She really respect me as her older sister. Actually, she is respectful to everyone since our mother taught us.

"If you are going out lock the door and the gate. But, it is better if you will not go out and just stay here. Just wait for mom and uncle!" My voice was a little loud so she could hear me

"Yes sister!" she answered from the bedroom.

"You are really beautiful, self! Like so much beautiful! More exquisite than exquisite yes!" I complemented myself in the front of mirror as I'm pointing the mirror.

What? I know I'm beautiful--- very very beautiful. We are all beautiful.

"Crystal, I gotta get going!" I just shouted and I know my sister will hear me before I leave the house. I didn't wait for her response.

I just waited for Earl in front of our house and after 2 minutes he's already here.

"Let's go! Let's go!" He immediately exclaimed as he stops in front of me. He is very cute.

"Crazy, excited much, Huh?" I said while I shook my head and the doofus just give me a wide smile.

"Where are we going by the way?" I asked him while hopping on to his motorbike.

"Secret with no clue," he grinned so I hit his shoulder.

"Ouch, do you really need to do that?" He rubs his shoulder while pouting.

"You deserve it though," I said but he just smiled then we left.

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