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Amethyst's POV

Earl stops the motor that we are riding in and he help to get off of it.

"Do you want to go there, Amethyst?" he asked me while his finger is pointing on the rooftop of the Hotel Montecillo.

"How can we get there?" I laughed a little as I asked.

"I know a way to get there, but if ever we get caught. Don't worry because Joshua is there," he replied to me.

"Joshua? Really? Your cousin? He's renting a room their?" I kept asking questions and he just all nodded with a smile.

"What? Should we go now? I saw on the internet that the moon this night will be big and bright," he asked me.

"Really?! You know how I love the moon! Come on let's go!" I exclaimed and he just laugh a little.

He took my hand and he lead the way as we walk. After a couple of moments we are now entering a dark and small alley.

How I love this man, he respects me and loves me more than I do. I can't say he's very handsome, but he's not ugly either. He's adorable actually. He has a bit of a Korean look because of his beautiful brown eyes that is narrow. His skin is kinda light, he just have a bit of jawline and a cute nose that just the right size, not big nor that small. He just look a like a Korean but no, he is not because he is a pure Filipino.

Earl is my boyfriend for four years now. We were only in grade nine when he started to court me but I only gave my 'yes' and became his official girlfriend when we finished our junior high school. It was exactly our graduation day when I answered him.

He is very patient and had a lot of respect for me and during those two years of courting me, his attitude or treatment to me did not change. Especially when I answered him, he even became more sweet and caring to me, he also knew the reason why he had been courting me for so long.

This is what he promised to me, no matter what happen he will bring me to the altar as a woman that still has her v card. Yes, nothing happened to me and Earl yet. We haven't do that thing. Because, we know we just love each other very much and we are not only looking for sweet moments and talks or doings in our relationship.

"S-sir, please d-don't,"

"S-sorry, W-we won't r-repeat this." Earl and I heard those two voices.

Earl and I stopped and hid behind the trash can. We were near the end of the alley when we heard those men.

"What's happening?" I whispered to him.

"Shhh, I'll take a look." He loosened his grip on my hand and slowly peeked at the end of the alley.

"Earl be careful, I-I'm already getting scared," I said in a low voice but I know he could hear me and he prompted me not to make any noise. I was shivering and scared here in my hiding place.

"WAAH!" I screamed when I heard gunshots and I immediately covered my mouth.

Earl immediately approached me with a worry face and he help me to get up.

As soon as I get up we run to escape.

"There! Get them!" We heard a man shouts from behind as we ran.

I look behind and saw that there are three men chasing us.

One of the men that chasing us fires gun into the air, which caused me to cover my ears and slows down our running.

"Argh!" Earl's body arched.

"Eaaaarrll!!!" I forced Earl to stand up as I cried and shivered because he got shot in the back.

"P-please E-earl stand up." I cried pleadingly as I forced him to stand up.

"B-babe, g-go and save y-yourself. L-leave me," Earl said to me while he breaths heavily and feeling the pain of the gunshot.

"N-no Babe, let's get out of here together." I couldn't somehow feel myself because of fear that I'm feeling right now. But I'm trying my best to stand Earl because he is still in the ground.

"EEAARL!!!" I shouted because a man shot him mercilessly because they had already caught us.

I no longer know what to do because of the extreme fear I am feeling. What’s really happening? It was so fast that I can't sink it in on my brain.

I just hugged Earl's lifeless body while crying.

I raised my head and my eyes widened as a gun is pointing at me.

"Stop!" A man shouted behind his back that caused this man to remove the point of his gun from my face.

"D-don't-kill me, p-please." I was having a trouble in speaking because I already cried so much.

I looked at the man who had spoken earlier, I slowly let go of Earl's lifeless body and knelt down to this guy and slowly get his hand.

"H-help me, p-please," I beg him as I hold his hand.

"Why would I help you?" he asked in a cold voice.

"I-I will do whatever you want." It felt like I woke up from his question that's why I answered it immediately. I looked him in the eye for a moment and hugged his leg.

"P-please don't kill me, you bastards," I whispered softly because I'm almost lossing my voice.

"Be mine," he directly said to me which startled me so I stood up and slapped him that shocks all the men here.

"You're such an a*sh*e! Do you think I will just agree here?!" I shouted angrily.

He just pulled out his gun and pointed it to me which made my eyes widen in fear.

"Yes or die?" This is a totally silly question to me!

I move backwards because of this.

"Why?" I confusedly asked.

"Just pick!" He shouted that makes me flinched and get scared because his voice is scary.


"Yes!" I just closed my eyes as I answer. What's happening to me? What will happen to me?


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