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Amethyst's POV

"Clean this up," this man commanded.

"Yes, boss Aivan." There are other four men here but it's just the three of them replied to this guy.

"Aivan, I gotta go," the man who hasn't answered before said. Who is this man? why he didn't call this Aivan 'boss'? Is this his friend?

Oh, I should don't care!

This guy with a pair of blue eyes named Aivan nodded and the man left.

"How about my boyfriend?! I mean, I'll sue you!" I shouted at them but this guy just smirked.

"I'll tell you, don't try it, you'll just waste your time and then I'll kill you and your family." I felt goose bumps with what he said as he give me a deadly glare.

"It's now all clear, boss." We both looked at the three men who had returned.

This guy just nodded.

"What did you used to get in here?" He looked at me.

"Huh?" I replied.

"Do I need to repeat myself?"


He just nodded.

"Now, show that these two had an accident and this woman survived," he said to the three men and they nodded then quickly moved.

"Wait, what? That's impossible," I said.

"And why?" He looked at me with his blue eyes narrowed because of what I said.

"B-because I don't have a wound or scratches." Darn! why am I stuttering?!

I just secretly pinched myself because of this.

'Does this mean you agree, Amy?!' I annoyingly asked myself in my mind.

"Okay, leave it to me, I can handle that." He then just grinned. W-what?!

"Why don't you just take responsibility for what you did?!" I shouted angrily.

But he didn't even say a word and his jaw suddenly tightened.

I don't know why I got scared. His aura is dangerous! You can feel that he can kill you if he want too!

"Who are you?!" I annoyingly asked him.

"Don't worry, you'll know me too. Soon." He put his mouth close to my ear at the last thing he said. His voice is really hair-raising. His voice is pretty scary but sexy, wait? Am I praising a murderer?

I'm too stunned to speak. I don't know what's going on!

"Wear this." He handed me a handkerchief.


"Turn around, I'll cover your eyes,"


"Turn back!" I was startled by his shout so I just turned around.

I could no longer see because my eyes were already covered.

"Carefu-" he said but I almost fell over.

I felt my body rise because he started lifting me. I had nothing to say to him and I really had nothing to say to him though.

He then start walking.

After a while, he took me down.

I heard a door of a car open and he ushered me to get inside.

After a few moments I heard the other door of this car opens that means he's also now inside of this car.

"Why did you cover my eyes? Can you now take this off?" I asked him because I couldn't really get the reason why he cover my eyes.

"Just shut up," he coldy replied to me that's why I just fix myself in sitting down. After a few moment he wear me a seatbelt and I just don't move. After that he started the engine of his car and started driving.

After a few minutes of a quiet ride he stopped the car. Where am I?

I heard him come out and after a few moment he opened the door next to me.

He supported me to descent of his car and I was surprised when he lifted me up again.

"You may trip again and fell off." I didn't answer and he started walking.

I am just like a light object in his arm.

I heard a door open. Did he take me to his house?

After a while it seems like his step are going up. Are we taking a stairs?

I don't know the reason too why I am obeying him.

"Who's that Ren?" A voice of a woman spoke that I knew was quite far from us and there I confirmed that we were indeed going up. I just can say that the woman is old. But maybe? Because her voice is like a voice of a forty plus aged woman. I'm curious who's that woman.

Wait, Ren? Who is Ren? I thought Aivan is the name of this guy?

I heard no answer for the woman and this man just continued to climb the stairs.

After a moment he bring me down and I heard a door open.

He grabbed my arm and led me inside.

He released me and closed the door and I know he even locked it because I heard some click from it.

He removed my blindfold and then I rubbed my eyes because they got a little blurred when he removed the handkerchief. After a moment my sight get back to normal.

I was amazed at the size and beauty of the place where we are.

"This is my room," he told me.

"Woah," I whispered. The theme of the whole room was color read and color blue.

Its two walls are blue and the other one and its ceiling are red.

Instead of a window, it is a sliding door that have the same size as the wall. Behind of the sliding door is a balcony that I think can fit twenty to thirty people.

"So, let's talk about us." If he hadn't spoken, I wouldn't have come back to myself because my eyes are busy in roaming his very nice room.


"You will be mine for two months," he told me directly.

"What?!" I exclaimed because I didn't expect that!

"You will do anything I want and if you don't." He pointed his gun at me so I just swallowed and nodded.

"It will start now," he said and took off his tuxedo and then his long sleeves.

My body is shaking because of what he is doing and I just get back to myself when he is removing his sleeves to show off his body.

"W-what a-are you going to do?" I nervously asked.

"Lie down," he just casually said to me. Now I could see his beautiful body. Width of his chest, big muscles and six pack a--- don't compliment him Amethyst! Go think to stop him!

"Lie down," he repeated as he walks closer to me that's why I step backwards.

"W-we c-can't do w-what you w-want,"

"And why?" His blue eyes stared straight at me.

"B-because uhm---" I don't know where to look.

"Because?" He's getting closer to me!

"Because I have!" I just closed my eyes to what I said.

We were silent for a while so I slowly opened my eyes then I looked up at him.

I could see the doubt on his face.

‘That was nice, Amy. Good shot!’ I said to myself.

"Yes, I have menstruation right now!" This is kinda embarrassing but this is the only thing to save myself from this guy!

"You don't want to be a vampire, do you?" I added with a smile but the truth is I am really nervous.

I jumped on the bed and lay down on it.

"You want it right? You want us to do it don't you? All right, come here! Even if I have red days! It's up to you if you want to be a vampire!" I challenge him even though my heart is beating so fast.

He sighed and walked over to his sliding door and looked outside.

'You're really good, Amy' I greeted myself and manage to sit down.

I turned my back on him so he couldn't see my smiles.

Just like: duhhh, me and my boyfriend have been together for four years and nothing has happened to us and then you who suddenly appear in my life will take my v card right away?!


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