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Aivan's POV

I look outside my glass door and think for awhile.

I want her right now but... darn!

That's when the only solution came to my mind so that I could somehow experience her. It's been a quite long since I had a s*x life. I've been busy lately.

I approached this woman who was sitting on the side of my bed.

"Before anything else, what is your name?" I asked her and she looked up.

She have this beautiful tantalizing brown eyes.

"Amethyst, Amy for short," she replied as she stared back at me.

Nice, brave girl.

"Do you have a second name?" I asked again and she just nodded.


"I don't have to tell you my name, do I?" I asked again but in a cold voice then she just nodded again.

"Ivan," she answered.

"Can you spell it for me?" Because I know she will misspell it because my name is spelled quite differently.

"Seriously?" she asked and I just nodded.


"Wrong." I interrupted the rest of what she was going to say. Just like what I've expected.

"It's A- I- V- A- N," I spelled out my name and I saw the shock on her face and she nodded. She seems got amazed at my name.

"Anyway, doesn't mean you have period right now we won't do something," I said to her that surprise her. The way she reacted I can say that she is being shy and uncomfortable. Is that by the term I used?

"W-what?" Her eyes widen.

"Maybe we can't do it right now and we will just do it next time but you should do something about it." I grabbed her hands and put it above my pants. Why her hands shaking? She should not be nervous she was about to get bless though.

Is this her first time?

I mean, she have a boyfriend, right? Nothing happen to them yet? She should be use with this stuff. She should know what I wanted her to do.

"I'm so h*rny right now and I know that you know what I want you to do." And I unzip my pants using her shaking hand.

After I unbuckled my belt I fully took off my pants and then I sat on the bed.

“Kneel down,” I command. I can still see the shock on her beautiful face.

"KNELL DOWN," I pressed my voice and she did what I said.

"Good girl," I said and I removed my boxers and put it next to me.

She's not looking at me or on my body. She's just looking on the floor.

I sighed before grabbing her hand and put it on my shaft.

She flinched as her hand is now holding my light saber.

Her hand are still shaking so I gently massage it first.

She then looked up.

I put her hand again on my shaft and move it up and down.

I let go of her hand as it still holding my shaft.

After a few moments she just holds on to my manhood and does nothing.

She doesn't move it or do anything. Her hands are cold but I think they're getting warm.

"Do it," I commanded her and I looked up as I closed my eyes and waited for Amy's lips to touch my pet.

But after a few seconds she just kept holding my proud junior.

I open my eyes and look at her. She was just staring at my pet. I don't know if I should be get insulted or what.

"Why?" I asked her.

"I-is it really necessary? I-I mean do I really n-need to do this?" she kept asking me while biting her lip so my libido level seemed to increase even more.

I'm thinking what does it feel to get bless by those luscious lips? I want to know it darn.

"Yes, you need. And if you don't." I get my gun beside me and pointed it to her that makes her eyes widen.

"Additionally, do it with your best. If you don't satisfy me I will kill you," I warned her that made her swallow her own saliva. She's afraid to dead?

"All you have to do is open your mouth, put that thing inside your mouth and imagine like it's a lollipop," I added to teach her which I found really unnecessary. She had a boyfriend, right?

She should already know what I wanted. Anyway oral s*x isn't a new thing nowadays, right?

Moments later I heard Amy sigh. Then Amy looked at me again and finally bowed and followed what I said earlier. I didn't yet close my eyes because I wanted to see her facial expressions.

She slightly opened her mouth and kissed the tip of my shaft and that tickled the heck of me.

The feeling was so sensational --- it was mind shattering!

I could feel the heat emanating from her mouth when she finally put my pet in her mouth. I could feel it down to my vein!

I couldn't help it but to close my eyes to feel what she is doing to me more.

I hold her head to prevent her from stopping what she is doing to me. I want this pleasure to last long.

Amethyst was far from being a pro but I can teach her. Soon.

Because I was in no mood to teach her about s*x.

With a few more times that my manh*od came in and out of Amy's mouth I felt like I was close.

She maybe also felt that because the tempo of my breathing was different so she quickly removed her mouth from my manh*od and handed me my boxers that were next to me.

As I continued in stroking my man h*od with my hand, my abundant juice squirted and it caught all on my boxers that was lying on top of my stomach.

It took me a few more moments for my heart beat to return to normal.

When all my hormones got calm I got up and put the magical boxers in my laundry basket.

I get a new boxer and then wore it.

"Fix yourself then go downstairs," I commanded her and she's just not looking at me.

I stood up again at my sliding glass door and a little later I heard the opening of the door, that means that the woman who I think sucked all my energies came out in my room.

I sat on the side of my bed while I still staring outside.

'I should have killed her after that,'

'Why is it different?'

'I felt something strange about that woman,'

'Beautiful and sexy women are not new to me but why?'

'Her long and thick eyelashes, red lips, long ash blond hair, white and smooth skin and her heart-shaped face that surprisingly complimented her statuesque figure did hit different to me,'

'That's why I just covered her eyes earlier so that I could stare her even more,'

'Sh!t what's going on with you, Aivan!'

That’s what’s on my mind right now.

I searched my phone and called one of my friends to deliver Amethyst wherever she wanted to deliver.


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