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Amethyst's POV

As he kept raising and lowering his hand to his pet, his rich juice squirted out and got caught all by his boxers that is lying on his stomach.

I don't know how should I feel because it's the first time that I saw that part of a men in person and I even tasted it and saw how its milk blurted!

Because, I often only seen those part of a men in videos.

I couldn’t believe what I had done and I think my mouth just widen at the size and fat of his pet.

The look of that part of a man doesn't new to me. But why? Aivan's pet is kinda different compared to the one I only watch on videos. He is big!

Seems like he have been taken all of the blessings when it comes to size.

Is that how it feels and tastes?

Sweet but kinda salt---

Darn it, Amy what are you saying?!

After a while, he stood up and put his boxers with condensed milk in his laundry basket.

He get another boxer from his huge fancy cabinet and put it on in him.

"Fix yourself then go downstairs," he said to me as he stood up, then he walk to his glass window and looked outside.

I took my phone and wallet from his bed and immediately went out of his room.

When I went down, I saw an old woman well not that old, if base on her face, I can say that she is something on fifty's.

She's going to... I don't know where part of this house since I know nothing about this house but I just follow her.

Maybe she sensed that someone is following her that is why she stops walking and faced me.

She get shock when she look at me which surprised me.

Why do I look like a ghost?

My mom said I am beautiful and I know that too.

"Wow, how come you are still alive, young lady?" she just asked me in a normal tone.

"Huh? W-what do you mean?" Because I don't really know what she is talking about.

Wait? Is this woman also the woman who speaked earlier while me and that Aivan climbing a stairs? The one who asked, "Who's that, Ren?" Is it also her?

"It's because the women who go down from Aivan's room are often dead or corpses," she answered me.

Wait, is Ren also Aiva--- wait what?! What she have said?!

I got goosebumps from what she said.

"A-are you serious? D-do you know why he's doing that?" I still can't believe it. Is that man really that brutal?

"Yes, as far as I know, it's because he don't want them to come back to ask for more. I just don't know when it started and his main reason why he's doing that," she answered me.

"Oh, that guy is kinda overreacting--- no, he's indeed overreacting like that much overreacting," I whispered softly as I looked down.

I feel like my throat get dry from what just manang have said.

Manang: This word is use to define or to call the attention of the old ladies here in Philippines. More likely women that are aged 40 and above. This is a sign of respecting too.

"Manang, C-can I ask for water?" I look at her and asked shyly.

"Sure. Let's go to the kitchen." She smiled at me and now I could see more the war going on between her teeth in her mouth.

"Self, you're just describing, you're not judging, ok?" I speak weakly.

"Are you saying something, young lady?" The woman turned at me.

"Oh, no no. I'm not saying something," I immediately response.

We entered the kitchen that is quite huge and its equipment are complete.

We walk until we got into the table with six chairs. She get a pitcher from the refrigerator and put it on the table. She then also get a glass and poured water in it and she handed it to me.

"Thank you." I smiled at her and then drank some water.

I put the glass down on the table and faced the old woman--- not so old woman actually.

"Can I ask some question?" I shyly ask her.

"Of course," she responded while smiling.

Don't react on her teeth, self! That is normal! You're so embarrassing!

"W-what's your name?" I want to know a lot.

"Just call me Manang Sally." And I nodded.

"Uhm, how old are you, manang?" I am really little embarrassed to ask this question.

"I'm already fifty-five," she replied with a smile. I thought she would be offended by my question.

"Who is Ren?" Now, I got to ask what I really want to know.

She just laughed first before answering.

"Looks like I already know your next questions. Let me speak first and I'll ask you later." I just nodded. Oh, you sure manang? Just kidding.

"Ren is the guy who lifted you earlier." Huh?

"Aivan is not his only name, he has a second name 'Warren' so his full name is Aivan Warren. I called 'Ren' earlier because of his name Warren," she said and I just nodded as my lips partly opened.

"Ok?" I said in a low voice.

"I've been serving the Flair family for a long time--"

"Flair?" I interrupted Manang's saying.

"I'm sorry." And I give her a peace sign because I interrupted her but she just smiled at me and nodded a little.

Thankfully, manang is kind.

"Warren's last name is Flair. I've been in this family for thirty years." So, it means she's only twenty-five when she started to serve Aivan's family? How come she last here?

"'Even before Aivan was born, I was already serving Rose and Shawn Flair, which is Aivan's parents. I came to this family because my mother also served Ma'am Rose's parents. Ma'am Rose's parents hired me and told me to go with Ma'am Rose and Sir Shawn in America where Sir Shawn really came from."

She paused.

"Why?" I just asked and she takes a deep breath before answering.

"Because Sir. Shawn is always away from their house. Ma'am Rose can't be alone in their house because she don't know anyone there so she should be with someone to look for her. That's also why she didn't get pregnant right away. But four years later, Ma'am Rose finally got pregnant." She smiled again.

"When Aivan was born, Ma'am Rose and I were raising him. But when Aivan turned eighteen, his father taught him his job," she added.

"A family Business? What is it?" I can't help myself to asked.

"I don't know, I won't answer that," she replied to me.

I'm wondering why and what is their business. Is it a monkey business?

"When Aivan turns twenty, his father sent him here in the Philippines to take over their business branch here. Ma'am Rose told me to look for Aivan here that's why I am with him," he continued and I nodded.

"How old is Aivan?"


"Aivan is really kind and sweet. His father just taught him to be violent,"

Manang stopped first and seemed to be thinking of something to say.

I was about to ask her a question but I felt a hand take my arm and it pulled me.

I look who is it and saw it is Aivan. Oh darn, did he hear what we're talking about?

"Thank you," I said to Manang Sally even though she didn't hear anything because I just said that with no sound coming out of my mouth because Aivan and I were already walking out of the kitchen and the lady just nodded.

"Where is your phone?" he asked me coldy when we got out of the door of his house.

"Why?" I also asked.

"Just unlock it and give it to me." Okay, it seems that I have to do it. I'm afraid that he'll scare me.

I handed him my phone after I unlocked it.

He take it and after typing on my phone he then also type something on his phone.

After a few moments he returned my phone to me.

“I just saved my number,” he said.

"Why?" I wondered.

"You will do everything I wanted you to do, remember?" he reminded me. Darn it.

I just rolled my eyes.

"Just wait Tristen at the gate. Go," he added.

"Who is Tristen?" Of course I have to know who is that guy.

"Just go," he said irritably and went inside and left me here outside so I just walked to his gate. This man is indeed a total jerk.

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