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Amethyst's POV

After a few moments after I came out of the gate I saw a car heading in my direction.

I was even dazzled by its light and soon it stopped in front of me.

"Wow," I whispered softly to the nice red car in front of me. I don't know anything about cars. But, I am sure that this one is expensive!

A familiar man got out of the car. I even narrowed my eyes to remember who's this man was.

"You are Tristen?!" My voice got a little louder, that's kinda embarrassing.

He's one of the men with Aivan a while ago!

He's the one who didn't call Aivan 'boss' and said goodbye to leave.

"Yes why? Do you have any problem?" he confusingly asked back at me while he laugh a little.

"You were the one earlier, weren't you?" I asked again.

"Yes again." He chuckles as he answer.

"Why are you here?" I just asked again.

"Aivan called me and asked me to deliver you wherever you wanted me to drop you off," he answered and I just nodded at what he said.

"Where you want me to send you?" he asked me.

"Just drop me at the Hotel Montecillo, where you killed my boyfriend." My tone was annoyed at the last thing I said but he just smirked. He's also a jerk.

"Come on, I'm going somewhere else too," he said and opened the door of his car for me.

I got in the car and he closed the door. He rotated to enter the other side.

"Did you know that you're lucky because you're the first woman to ride here in my Geely Azkarra," he said as soon as he entered.

"Huh? Why? I mean, don't you have a girlfriend?" I asked a series of questions while wearing our respective seatbelts.

"Girlfriend? Is that edible?" He crazily asked as he chuckles. Yeah, another indeed a jerk. I just encountered a group of fools.

I looked at him flatly.

“I don't have that one and maybe I’ll just search for one later,” he said before starting the car and I just nodded.

"So are you leaving later?" I ask after a few moments.

"Yup," he sparingly replied to me.

"Can I ask about you and Aivan?"


I will just stop if he will feel uncomfortable or don't want to answer my questions anymore.

"How long have you been friends with Aivan?" I'm sure they're friends as they said.

"Hmmm, about 4 years too," he thought of his answer and I nodded.

"So, when Aivan was just new here in the Philippines, he is already your friend," I said with a nod.

"How did you know that?" he asked in surprise but was still looking at the road.

"Manang Sally told me." And he just nodded.

"Oh I see, I'm also surprised that you're still alive." I laughed at his question. He also know what his friend doing, huh?

"That's also the question of Manang Sally to me,"

"So, did Manang Sally told you why Aivan kills his women?" he asked again.

“Yeah, and it’s a bit OA--- no, actually, it's really OA. Like, what kind of reasoning is that?” I said and even rolled my eyes.

He just laugh at what I said.

"How did you become friends with Aivan?" I just asked. I really wonder how this guy became a friend to that brutal guy. Because, comparing to Aivan, this guy is kinda friendly.

"I was at a bar that time then he was also there. I just don't know why he drink so much that makes him so drunk that time. Maybe because of alcohol? He just ask a fight there and because he was drunk and he was fighting with five guys, of course he can't handle those so I helped him and just took him to my house." His smiles says that he remembers something funny.

"Do you know---" I couldn't continue what I was supposed to ask because Tristen's phone suddenly rang.

"I'm sorry," he said and answered the call.

"Yes, dude?" he asked on the other line.

"What?!" he exclaimed annoyingly after a while.

"Man, we're close to our destination." Who is he talking to?

"Argh, ok fine." He sighed before putting down his phone.

He turned the car around, which surprised me.

"Wait? We're almost close, where are you taking me?" I confusingly asked him.

"Aivan wants us to be back to his house. Tsk, that guy is crazy," he said annoyingly.

"Why?" That dude is very annoying! How can I escape him?! I wanted to escape him so bad!

"He said the he will be the only one who will deliver you," he replied.

"What?! Is he crazy?!" The nerves!

"Maybe, yes, probably,"

"Tsk, he even disturb you." I just dropped my body on the chair.

We quietly returned to the house of that crazy Aivan.

Aivan's POV

I can already see the car of Tristen coming.

I forgot my plan.

The car stops in front of me then the two came out.

"What's the matter with you? You crazy dumb a*s?!" This woman immediately questioned me.

"Thanks for the effort man." I just turned to Tristen instead.

"Yeah no worries." He just shrugged then he left.

I grab Amy's hand and open the door of my blue Geely Azkarra.

"Go inside," and she didn't protest and just went inside.

I closed the door and turned to get to the other side.

"You and Tristen have the same car model?" she asked as soon as I entered the car.

"Yeah, we decided to have the same car." And I handed her a sleeping pill.

"What is this?" she asked while looking at the pill.

"Just drink it," I command.

"Here," and I give her a bottled water.

"I won't drink this if this is some sort of illegal drug,"

"That's not a drug,"

"Then why should I drink it?" she asked.

"Just drink it!" She jolted because of my shout then she drinks it.

“Noisy woman,” I tsked.

I start the engine of my car and start driving.

Minutes passed and I can see that Amy is getting sleepy. Then, she totally close her eyes.

"I'm sorry my woman, I don't want to do this but... I need too." I stop the car first and remove her seatbelt.

I unlocked the door besides her and I start driving again.

With a 10 kph speed I opened the door by pressing a button in front of me. This is not impossible since my car is automatic because it's customized, I pushed Amy and she fell. I know this is a crazy idea to show that she and her boyfriend got an motor accident.

I pull over my car and I get her from the road.

She got some wounds, bruises and scratches.

I take her inside of my car and immediately bring her to the hospital.

When we get in the hospital, I immediately bring Amethyst to the Emergency Room.

"Wait Sir." A nurse stopped me.

"Why?" I coldly asked.

"Are you a relative of the patient?" she asks while holding a nurse stuff.

"Just wait for her family. I don't know her." That's all then I leave.

Before starting the car I texted Amy that I wish she could read as soon as she wakes up.

"Sorry my woman for what I've done."

I start the engine of my car then drove away.


New chapter is coming soon
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