Love In Spring Time/C1 Chapter 1- The beginning.
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Love In Spring Time/C1 Chapter 1- The beginning.
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C1 Chapter 1- The beginning.

I jerk up from bed the next morning and I turn to look at my alarm clock. It didn't go off but, it was already eight thirty in the morning, Shit! I am late, there must be something wrong with my alarm or maybe I was deep in sleep to notice when it went off.

"Oh my! What di i do I am so late, i am really late." I was always fond of thinking out loud to myself, i quickly pick up my towel and ran into the bathroom in a hurry.

"Dennis, are you okay dear?" I heard my mother's voice as I tunlrn on the shower.

"No mom!" I shouted from the bathroom, applying soap all over my body. "I am going to be late, I have to hurry in order not to miss the bus." I put shampoo on my hair and scrub in a hurry.

"I heard your alarm go off and I thought you woke up." She told be, still standing outside my bathroom door.

I knew it! I screamed in my head.

"I over slept and I was so tired from the long trip." We had both gone out on a trip for the weekends to a country side, it was a regular weekend routine for I and my mother, a moment we share together and it was so much fun since it was spring time, one of my favourite seasons.

"Would you like to stay home, i mean if you are still tired?" She asked and I stepped out of the bathroom drying my hair with the towel, I didn't have time to blow dry it, I was sure it will just drip wet on my way.

I toss the towel aside and walked over to my closet. "I am sorry mom, but I don't skip school and I cannot do that now." I put on my underwear and them my uniform, I look at my image on the mirror, honestly I was not really satisfied with it, but who cares, I was still happy, it is spring time like I said.

"Here." My mother hands me a cup of water and a small pill. "Your vitamins." I took that vitamin and drank some water.

"Thanks mom." Honestly i thought one should stop taking vitamins after they turn eighteen years old, but I was naive, I am twenty now and still taking vitamins every morning, my mother is really caring. "I almost forgot about it."

My mother looked at me with a worried expression. "Dennis, you look tired, take a break today." She said again and I faced her thus time with a serious expression.

"Mom, I just started college in the spring, I don't need to take a break, I have to study hard now, in order to help you in the future, I don't want want to waste the money you earned so hard to support me." I told her, I know what my mom have to go through to take care of me.

"I can do anything for you my dear, I can go extra miles working from dawn to twilight because of you." She told me and I know she was going to be sentimental soon.

"Mom, I would also help in anyway I can." I was almost in tears, thinking back at how hard my mother have struggled to raise me made me feel sad each time, I feel like 8 can't do anything for her.

"Don't be sad." My mother touched my face with her warm hands and I close my eyes, letting the warmth spread through my body. "You have to hurry or you will be late."

I opened my eyes immediately. "I almost forgot." I picked school bag and hung it over my shoulder and picked up some cash. "I love you mom!" I called out as I left for the door.

"I love you too Dennis!" That was the last word I heard before leaving the house in a hurry to catch the bus.

This is me, Dennis Mangubat, the only child of my mother, Loretta, a beautiful lady who works as an assistant secretary in the Mackdocs company and gave birth to an angel in form of a human, Me.

I am a very beautiful twenty year old girl, fair skin, blue eyes, two side dimples, brown long hair, possessing good characters, have a lovely personality, a book lover but not a need, I know it is too much too say, but i am pretty and confident about my look.

Well, there was just few disadvantage, I lost my father when i turned 8n a fatal accident, and my mother, Loretta was the only one by my side from then, I am not from a wealthy family, but honestly I have tasted wealth before my father died, now everything crumbled.

Any ways that is all about me, well least I forget I just started college, and the best part of starting college in spring is that you get to meet few friends, and I was given two awesome friends, Salsa and Daisy.

They were both high class girls, friendly and beautiful, also love books, the type of girls many will love to form a bond with, and they love me just as I love them, the three of us should be called the three musketeers, but that should be childish, seeing that we were already twenty years old now.

Luckily I got to get to the bus stop before the bus left. "I am saved." I said out loud as I sat on an empty seat in the bus, trying hard to catch my breath.

I look out of the window and smile, spring is here and this season brings in a breath of fresh air, the bright colours, sound and warmth from the breeze that won't threaten to freeze your bones, it was always around spring time that I have the best and happy moments of my life, and I pray this season brings luck and charms to my soul

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