Love In Spring Time/C2 Chapter 2-
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Love In Spring Time/C2 Chapter 2-
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C2 Chapter 2-

Kierria College.

Kieria college is one of the best and wealthy college in New York City, a college that was filled with rich students and most of it all the rich at times oppresses the poor, but, if you stay away from trouble, you can graduate without anyone noticing you.

This was her dream college and it was even more beautiful now that the flower blooms and the birds chirp, the environment was a sight to behold and it was the best senerio to look at, you could get lost in thought by just watching the beauty.

"Hi Dennis!" I heard my name as I got to the entrance of my department and there were was Salsa, one of my friend, waving me over with a sweet smile on her lips.

"Hi salsa." I smile and ran over to her, adjusting my bag.

"Why are you in such a hurry?" She asked me as she could notice me trying to catch my breath, she must have seen me run over to this area.

"I am actually late for class and this school is too big." I told her honestly and looked around, if you don't know your way, you can easily get lost in it.

"I know you have been in this school for only three days, but, you will get use to it." She told me with a gentle smile, something about Salsa's smile always seems to make me comfortable, she is an awesome young lady.

"I am so grateful I met someone like you and Daisy who will help me get used to it."

"We will make sure you stay peaceful while attending this college." Her word made me smile, I try hard not to be in tears, sometimes I get easily sentimental, maybe, because that was one of the things that make me alike with my mother Loretta.

"Thanks." I told her and she smile, I look around again. "Have you seen Daisy today?"

"No." She shook her head. "I just arrived."

"Alright then, let's get going, before we miss the class." I told her and we both walked into the English department.

Marley POV.

"Marley! Marley!"

I heard my name and soon a knock on the door, but I didn’t bother to get up from the bed. “Are you in?” The voice came again. “I am coming in.” I heard again when I gave no answer and the door opened. “Marley aren’t you going to school?” My mother shouted.

I was holding my phone, headphone on my ear with no music playing, I was chatting and laughing with my friends, and damn yes, I could hear everything my mother had been saying but I acted like I didn’t, this was me, a very annoying young lady.

In order not to make her too angry, I look up.”Morning, mom.” I said quickly and look down at my phone again to continue what I was doing.

“Aren’t you listening?” She shouted at me again. “Take off that headphone this instance, Marley, you are going to be late for school.” She told me and took off the headphone from my ear and toss it down to the bed.

“Who cares.” I rolled my eyes and lay to my side, turning my back at her.

“What! Who cares?” I heard my mother exhaled sharply, I always make her worn out every morning, I do act childish at time, but I just hate school, the only moment I go is either to see my favorite person or to bully a poor social welfare student. “Marley, what exactly have come over you!” she shouted.

“Nothing mom, It is just that everything about school and college bores me.” I told her honestly and sat up to look at her in her face, she seems stressed and I was the cause.

“What about friends?” She asked me and I look down at my phone that was on my hand. “What about Elvis?” She asked me and I look up sharply with a smile on my face.

“Yes I have to go see Elvis in school.” But, in a few seconds my smile disappeared. “But, mom, he loves staying alone and even when I try to talk to him, he always just look at his book seriously.” I pout, yes Elvis is the favorite person I have just mentioned earlier,, the only person I think about whenever I wake up and before I go to bed, the only one who makes me doll up for school.

“Marley, you have to study!” My mother was pissed now as she shouted, I knew she used Elvis and my friends to gain my attention.

I furrowed my brow and look up at her. “Did I hear right?” I raised the corner of my brow. “Study?” I scoffed. “For what?” I shook my head. “Mom, I have all I need, what else do I have to study for?” I flashed her a smile.”Mom, I am sorry, but I hate that word ‘study’ and you know I also hate the sight of all those middle class student.” I push my head backward.

‘I Get it now.” My mother shook her head and I hope she does. “I have pampered you a lot, and you know what?” She raised the corner of her lips. “I am fed up of you giving me silly excuses everyday about school, if you don’t want to see the dark side of me, you better get ready for school in thirty minutes time.” She left my room and bang the door after her.

I put my phone down, well I have worked her up a lot and sure enough she must be downstairs looking at my dead father picture and must be telling him how hard I make things for her and why he had left us early.

Honestly, I don’t hate my mother, she is a wonderful woman who tries her best to provide everything I need and care for me, she was just awesome, but I hate school and that is the only thing that annoys her, and this was a regular thing every morning, maybe tomorrow I just have to lock my room, that way she won’t get inside.

Now the fun was over, I have to get ready for school, I got up and up and put my phone aside, my mother was pissed up and so am I, which means a student will get bullied by me today, or else Elvis is right in time to stop me.

I am a high class lady who hate associating with the poor, I always carry myself high like a queen and no one dares me or open their lips while I talk, I love it this way, so that everyone will know how mighty I am, that the advantage of coming from a wealthy and well known family.

Like I said, I don’t associate with low call, that was why I picked two high class student as a my friends, Magda and Elisa and lastly, I love Elvis, a handsome heir of the Houston group of company.

Elvis father, Vashew Houston is the President of the company and Elvis is well respected because of his wealth and knowledge, he loves book, a total opposite of me, he is quiet and have three friend, Visayan, Ramon and Alex, who are well known as the hottest stars in college.

They are wealthy, the perfect people for me to associate with. and just like Elvis, quiet and girls fall in love with them at first sight. Because of their outstanding beauty, like I said, a perfect people to associate myself with.

I got to college and my friends were already there waiting for me in our little office in school, I slowly sat down and lean back on my chair. “I thought you said you won’t be coming to school today.” Magda looked at me with that curious eyes.

“Well, something came up and I have to come.”I didn’t go into detail, since it will be embarrassing telling then how my mother gave me only thirty minutes to leave home.

“If I should ask, what came up?” Elisa asked and I glare at her, can’t she just shut up and not hear every little missing details.

I raised the corner of my lips and flashed her a tiny smile.”You know, I am like a guardian angel to Elvis and I have to take care of him, and that means being In school.” A perfect excuse I came up with, hoping to silence the curious Elisa.

”I don’t believe you.” Magda said and crossed her leg, still looking at me with a suspicious gaze.

These girls were unbelievable, they were lucky they are wealthy and my friends. “Think whatever.” I exhaled softly and picked up my phone.

“You were forced to come to school right?” Elisa said and I looked at her sharply, this over curious bi**h. “You know I have to study.”

Elisa scoffed and I knew what she is about to say next. “Do you even have that word in your dictionary?”

I rolled my eyes at her. “You can say anything, I am trying to include it.” I told them and look at my phone again and I heard them laugh.

“Talking of who?” Magda scoffed. “I don’t believe a single word from you.” Magda told me and I got up, I was glad I never introduce my friends as a wonderful people, honestly they are the worst set of friends to have, but am I any different? The answer is no.

“Believe whatever.” I picked up my bag and left the office, I have to find Elvis before I go gaga.

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