Love In Spring Time/C3 Chapter three- Hot, Dazzling, Handsome
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Love In Spring Time/C3 Chapter three- Hot, Dazzling, Handsome
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C3 Chapter three- Hot, Dazzling, Handsome

Kierria College

Ramon, one of the hot boys in school was seen sleeping in the library when Dahlia a female student who has a crush on him walked over to him holding a basket of candy with a little note written 'I love you' on it.

Dahlia placed the candy basket on the desk and the little sound made Ramon open his eyes slowly, he first laid eyes on the basket of candy, then he looked at the lady that had just dropped it. "What is this?" He asked as he sat up on his chair.

Dahlia flashed him a smile. "Open it, it is for you." She said softly in order not to disturb some student who were reading.

Ramon picked up note and read it, he lifts the corner of his lips and turn his eyes to Dahlia. "Ypu love who?" He toss the note aside.

"Accept my heart." She blinks and wait for his response.

Ramon exhaled softly and look around the library, he could see other girls watching and it made him wonder if they were not here to study. "Sickening." He turned to look at Dahlia who was still standing in his front. "Are you okay?" He got up from his chair.

"Dahlia stopped smiling. "Me taking this bold steps even with all those stare." She look around and Ramon didn’t bother to follow her gaze.

Ramon smirk. "I got it now." He put his hands in pocket and brought out some cash, he took her hands and put it into her hands before walking out.

"What!" Dahlia looked down at the cash in her hands. "Did i request for money?" She look up and could see other female students giggling and she turn around embarrassed, and left the library.

Dennis was walking out of class with her friend Salsa, when she saw students hurrying over to them and soon after she saw three boys walking over and the female students smiling and whispering things.

Dennis turned to her Salsa and was surprise to see her also like the rest of the students. "Salsa, who are those boys and why are girls looking so lost." There was no response from Salsa. "Hey, Salsa, have you gone nuts?" Dennis exhaled softly. "Aish!" She touched her and Salsa look at Dennis.

"What, were you saying something?" She asked and turn back to continue staring at the boys who were now walking upstairs.

"What were you thinking, and who are those people?"

"You are new here, so you may not know, they are known as the three hottest in school, killer looks and smile, wealthy and sexy." Salsa told her with a dreamy eyes, still staring at them. "But, the presence of one makes everyone go crazy, they end up lost and even forget they are in reality."

Dennis wonder if there was even someone like that who has that much charms to make people go crazy, but main looking at all the people around here who have nut over just three normal boys like them, make her believe a little. "Wake up from your dreams Salsa, who can make someone melt?"

Salsa faced Denise when the three boys were out of sight. "There is someone like that in this college, have you heard about the heir of Houston group of company?"

Dennis wonder if she was suppose to hear about it. "I know that company." Houston group was a very popular group and she has always heard of it in the news and so, it was something that everyone in the city knows, but what she haven't heard of was a heir. "And who is the Heir?"

"He is in our department, those three boys are also in our department." Salsa told her, with a smile. "Just that they are not always seen around, but the heir is so handsome, his face dazzle."

Dennis scoffed, her friend was talking gibberish. "Wake up girl, i don't care to know, whereas we are running late for our next class." She walk ahead, she noticed that the crowd that were gathered her has almost disappeared, she shook her head, wonder why those boys have this much effect on them.

On the rooftop in Kierria College, a male student sat, dark brown hair, well built muscles, straight face, long lashes, broad shoulders and was bathed by the sunlight and looking dazzling, head phone on his ears and his eyes closed as he took in the fresh air, and the sun in his face.

He look at peace here, at peace for the silence and melody ringing in his ears, this was his favourite season, a season of calm, he was in his own peace, like a handsome prince in his castle, until he felt someone standing next to him. "Elvis."

He turn around and look at the female by his side, he gently took off his headphones and his eyesbrow arched. "What are you doing here?"

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