Love In Spring Time/C4 Chapter 4 -memories
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Love In Spring Time/C4 Chapter 4 -memories
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C4 Chapter 4 -memories

Elvis turn around and look at the female by his side, he gently took off his headphones and his eyesbrow arched. "What are you doing here?"

"Won't you ask me to sit?" Marley asked him and Elvis looked away from her.

"Your feet brought you here." He put down his headphones and look at her again. "Why are you here?" He asked her again.

Marley flashed him a smile. "Aren’t you happy to see me, or glad that I am here next to you?"

Elvis rolled his eyes. "You dreamer, you better wake up." He crossed his leg and leans back, supporting himself by placing his back behind his back on the desk.

"Liar." Marley said as she sat next to him, she make sure she was very close as she love being this next to Elvis who was her therapy, she smile softly just thinking of that.

Elvis look at the lady who had just invaded his privacy. "I want to be alone." He told her, but Marley doesn't seems to move to stand.

She face Elvis, as she stare at his handsome face, something about his deep grey eyes makes one lost in it, he is so handsome and she wonder how such person existed. "You want to be alone, I also want to be alone, so we are both alone." She smile again.

Elvis face was expressionless as he look at Marley again. "I ask again, why are you here?"

"To be with the reason I came to school." She told him seriously and Elvis make a smile mocking laughter and look at her.

"Reason?" He scoffed and his face turned serious again. "You are insane, If I be the reason you are here, then you better quit school." He looked aways from her.

"Actually, because of you I want to study." Marley pressed her lips together, she will do anything if it is to stay by his side.

Elvis turn his gaze to her and held her shoulder with one of his hands. "Marley, study and live a good life, but get this straight into that brain of yours, I don't like you, no, i don't love you, so don't do anything because of me, you will end up losing and hurting yourself." He left her shoulder.

"What should I do to make you see me?" Marley who was now angry asked in a loud voice, this was not the first time she has been reject by Elvis before she could even confess her feelings to him, it has been this way for a long time now.

"Nothing." Elvis met her gaze and he stare into her angry eyes. "Absolutely nothing, you can only remain a friend to me and nothing more."

"No!" Marley shouted as she clutch the bench. "No, I want to be more than a friend to you." She told him in tears.

"I am done talking to you, leave now." Elvis put headphone back on his ears and closed his eyes, and Marley knowing that the conversation was over, walked out in anger.


Dennis got home and was surprise to find her mother at home so early, she walked over to Loretta who was sitting on the sofa in the living room, she turn around when she heard footstep. "Dennis you are home." She said with a smile.

Denise sat next to her, looking her all over. "Yes, mom, is anything wrong, you are home early."

"Yes, I just feel a light headache, that's all, I will be fine after I rest." She told her and gave her an assuring smile, but this only made Dennis worried.

"Please, don't get sick, you don't have to work so hard, I will be over with my study soon, so I can help you mom." Dennis said softly, with her eyes searching her mother's.

"It is okay, I can manage." Loretta held her hands and smile, she was really happy to have someone like Dennis no matter what.

"You really miss dad right?" Dennis was in tears, she knew that her mother won't go through all this of he was here, he would have taken care of her and given her all his support, her mother doesn't need to work for anything, because her father was wealthy when he was alive.

"I miss him, but I have you by my side, so it is okay." Loretta embraced her daughter. "Now stop crying and have your lunch, I made you your favourite beef stew."

Dennis smile and leans back. "Alright mom, but first I will go in and take my bath and be back." Loretta nod and Dennis left the living room to her room.

There she put down her bag and on the desk was the picture of her father, she picked it up and touched the face of the man she had called her father, the man that had carried her on his bag and read her stories at night, he was the best dad, but she had lost him.

"Dad, mom and I miss you so much." She exhaled softly. "Keep watching over us, please." With this she put the picture down on the desk and picked up her towel and walked into the bathroom, she turned the shower on and closed her eyes as she remember the smile of her father and mother on their last trip before they lost him to the accident.

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